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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » U.D.O. - Navy Metal Night (2015) ([DVD9])
U.D.O. - Navy Metal Night (2015)
unica723Fecha: Viernes, 2015-08-07, 6:11 AM | Mensaje # 1
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U.D.O. - Navy Metal Night (2015)

Genre: Heavy Metal
Quality: DVD Video, MPEG2, 720*480 (16:9) / NTSC / 29.970 fps / 6900 kbps,
Audio1: AC3 / 448 kbps / 48.0 KHz / 6 channels, Audio2: DTS / 755 kbps /
48.0 KHz / 6 channels, Audio3: PCM / 1536 kbps / 48.0 KHz / 2 channels
Size: 7,12 Gb


01. Das Boot
02. Future Land
03. Independence Day
04. Animal Instinct
05. The Hall Of The Mountain King
06. Heart Of Gold
07. Man And Machine
08. Dancing With An Angel
09. Faceless World
10. Ride
11. Days Of Hope And Glory
12. Cut Me Out
13. Trainride In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii)
14. Stillness Of Time
15. King Of Mean
16. Book Of Faith
17. Animal House

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unica723Fecha: Martes, 2015-08-11, 6:07 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Heavy metal from Germany, music DVD released in 2015.

U.D.O. started back in 1987. Since then a couple of years have past, and U.D.O. has become a well known
name in the heavy metal world. Within a short period of time U.D.O.
became to be a global presence, with pure sound and the unmistakable
voice of Udo Dirkschneider. Closely tied to the name U.D.O. is ACCEPT,
founded by Udo Dirkschneider and Michael Wagner (later to become a top
producer) in Solingen, which was the predecessor of U.D.O. Already back
then, Udo gave the band the label "unmistakable". The path ACCEPT took
was marked with classics like "Breaker", "Restless and Wild" and "Balls
to the Wall". After the breaking up of ACCEPT in 1987, a large fan
community followed Udo Dirkschneider to U.D.O.. The loyal fans were not
dissapointed, for Udo amazed them with new U.D.O..

Starting with the first albums "Animal House" in 1988 and "Mean Machine"
in 1989 U.D.O. proved to be pure heavy metal without any "Trend-Sound"
influences. Both Albums continued where ACCEPT had left of in 1986 with
"Russian Roulette". "Animal House" was played in by Peter Szigeti
(guitar), Frank Rittel from WARLOCK (bass), Mathias Dieth from SINNER
(guitar),Thomas Franke (drums) and of course Udo Dirkschneider (vocals).
When "Mean Machine" was released in '89 U.D.O. had a totally different
look. From the line-up which had played on "Animal House", remained
besides Udo only Mathias Dieth (guitar). New were Andy Susemihl
(guitar), Thomas Smuszynski (bass) and Stefan Schwarzmann (drums).

Even though the unwritten U.D.O. law "No-Keyboards" was broken, U.D.O.
achieved a amazing success, with the album "Faceless World" ", produced
by ex-ACCEPT drummer Stefan Kaufmann. At first disputed, it turned out
to be, with Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Mathias Dieth (guitar), Wolla
Boehm (guitar), Thomas Smuszynski (bass) and Stefan Schwarzmann (drums),
U.D.O.'s most sold album so far.

After "Timebomb" in 1991 U.D.O. , with a slightly new crew (Frank Fricke
now played the guitar in place of Wolla Böhm), was temporarily put on
ice by Udo Dirkschneider, to bring ACCEPT back to life. From 1992 'til
1996 ACCEPT performed in a highly watched over reunion, and Udo released
three albums together with his old ACCEPT colleges, until the definite
end was called for ACCEPT and U.D.O. was revived. For this Udo
Dirkschneider called Stefan Kaufmann (guitar), Jürgen Graf (guitars),
Fitty Wienhold (bass) und Stefan Schwarzmann (drums) to him. Udo
Dirkschneider and Stefan Kaufmann then went, together with the new
line-up, "back to where we started" and with that to recording on the
"Tribute to Judas Priest". On this compilation of JUDAS PRIEST cover
songs U.D.O. performed the track "Metal Gods". On this track everything
just fits together. This was not only through Stefan Kaufmann's input,
but also do to his acting as an counterpart to Udo Dirkschneider.
A successful mix, which was improved on "Solid" in 1997. This is when
the rythmic guitar tracks and Stefan Kaufmann's solos came from. The
other parts besides Dirkschneider and Kaufmann were taken by Jürgen Graf
(guitar), Fitty Wienhold (bass) und Stefan Schwarzmann (drums). The
title of the album shows what kind of music Udo always wanted to play:
hard and heavy. And the success proved U.D.O. right. Solid was placed on
the "Rock Hard" reader charts for more than a year.

"Solid" was followed by "No Limits" in 1998; another U.D.O-Master-Piece.
The songs are full of power and continue were U.D.O. had left of with
last album. Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Stefan Kaufmann (guitar), Stefan
Schwarzmann (drums), Jürgen Graf (guitar) and Fitty Wienhold (bass) -
the guys from U.D.O. amaze the fans with their enjoyment to play - and
that world wide.

Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Stefan Kaufmann (guitar), Lorenzo Milani
(drums), Igor Gianola (guitar) and Fitty Wienhold (bass). With the
release of "Holy" Udo and Stefan decide to go back to the roots and get
the original sound out of the cellar. The reaction of fans and
journalists left no doubt that this was the right step. A World Tour has
been the logical consequence of this album. There are important lineup
changes, on the second part of the "No Limits" tour (1999), Igor
Gianola, former guitar player of the swiss band GOTTHARD, replaces
Jürgen Graf. When the "No Limits" Tour is finished Stefan Schwarzmann
quit the band, and on the "Holy" Tour (2000) Lorenzo Milani take its
place. This lineup goes further succesfully 'till 2004.

U.D.O. Official Site

2015 Navy Metal Night DVD


01. Das Boot
02. Future Land
03. Independence Day
04. Animal Instinct
05. The Hall Of The Mountain King
06. Heart Of Gold
07. Man And Machine
08. Dancing With An Angel
09. Faceless World
10. Ride
11. Days Of Hope And Glory
12. Cut Me Out
13. Trainride In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii)
14. Stillness Of Time
15. King Of Mean
16. Book Of Faith
17. Animal House

Label: AFM Records

Love them or hate them U.D.O have made a huge impact on the Metal music scene for the past few decades and
continue to do so. For those who are new to the Metal community; U.D.O
are a Heavy Metal quintet hailing from Germany founded by Udo
Dirkschneider, one of Metal’s iconic vocalists. They are due to bring
fourth their new live album tomorrow and I must say after listening to
it back to back for the past few days it’s safe to say this CD made me
wish I was there to experience this seemingly breathtaking event.

This event in question took place in February 2014 and it had sold out.
U.D.O were accompanied by the German Navy orchestra, The
Marinemusikkorps Nordsee; this orchestra along with the tight sound of
the band made the evening incredibly grand and memorable.

Sometimes you do forget to turn off the shuffle function on your iPod so
when you listen to a brand new release for the first time you wouldn’t
know any differently if this was the correct running of the record. This
was exactly what I did and I wondered why it didn’t flow smoothly at
first. Luckily when I turned off shuffle the record was a silky course.

The album is an outstanding masterpiece from start to finish; I must
admit I am still fairly new to U.D.O’s music and still getting to know
that unique sound. The accompaniment from the navy orchestra intensifies
U.D.O’s already grand sounding tracks such as “Man And Machine”,
“Future Land” and “Days Of Hope And Glory”.

I wasn’t sure if it was the draft on the bus ride home but I felt sudden
chills and goosebumps appeared on my arms as the live rendition of duet
“Dancing With An Angel” played. For those who aren’t familiar with
U.D.O’s sound this duet is normally performed with Doro Pesch, one of
Heavy Metal’s leading and iconic vocalists, she performed it for this
particular live performance for the live recording. If I’d have been
there experiencing the live show I actually think I would have had tears
streaming down my face from the sheer beauty of a harmonious gathering
between two extremely talented individuals who have one common goal; the
outcome being such an amazing one.

This album did contain some out of character moments where vocalist Udo
Dirkschneider performed soley with the navy orchestra on the track “Cut
Me Out” this was a solid demonstration of two polar opposites working
together cordially to produce a fantastic result.

I am hoping from this glowing report I highly enjoyed this masterpiece
and highly recommend it for die-hard fans of U.D.O or new listeners
looking for something spectacular.

Split tracks: yes
Quality: DVD9
Format: DVD video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: AC3
Video: MPEG2 VIDEO / 720*480 (16:9) / NTSC / 29.970 fps / 6 900 Kbps
Audio 1: AC-3 / 448 Kbps / 48.0 KHz / 6 channels
Audio 2: DTS (Digital Theater Systems) / 755 Kbps / 48.0 KHz / 6 channels
Audio 3: PCM / 1 536 Kbps / 48.0 KHz / 2 channels

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saulmetal8Fecha: Domingo, 2015-08-16, 1:58 PM | Mensaje # 3
Pide asilo
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Agregado (2015-08-16, 1:58 PM)
no aparece enlace

unica723Fecha: Lunes, 2015-08-17, 6:37 AM | Mensaje # 4
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arreglado.....esque lo había metido mal

un saludo

jarpomarxFecha: Lunes, 2015-08-17, 9:02 PM | Mensaje # 5
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Gracias, Uni. Yo ya lo he descargado y está bastante bien. El sitio es pequeño y el montaje no es demasiado espectacular, pero los arreglos orquestales están bastante bien.

metalmaniacFecha: Jueves, 2015-08-27, 6:45 PM | Mensaje # 6
Se engancha al metal
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muchas gracias!! genial el Brutal UDO !!
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