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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Gojira – The Flesh Alive (2012) ([2xDVD9])
Gojira – The Flesh Alive (2012)
unica723Fecha: Miércoles, 2012-07-04, 4:11 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Gojira – The Flesh Alive (2012) [2xDVD9]

Genre: Progressive/Groove/Death Metal
Origin: France
DVD1: 4,35 gb (10 x 449 mb + 1 x 422 mb)
DVD2: 7,10 gb (16 x 450 mb + 1 x 76 mb)

DVD 1:
Garorock Show: 1-13
Les Vieilles Charrues Show: 14-17

DVD 2:
Documentary: The Way of All Flesh Inside: 1
Bordeaux Show: 2-9


DVD 1:
1. Oroborus
2. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
3. Backbone
4. Love
5. From the Skye
6. A Sight to Behold
7. The Art of Dying
8. Drum Solo
9. Clone
10. Flying Whales
11. The Way of All Flesh
12. Terra Incognita
13. Vacuity
14. Lizard Skin
15. Indians
16. Toxic Garbage Island
17. World to Come

DVD 2:
1. Documentary: The Way of All Flesh Inside
2. Oroborus
3. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
4. Backbone
5. Flying Whales
6. Toxic Garbage Island
7. The Way of All Flesh
8. Terra Incognita
9. Vacuity

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AJASFecha: Miércoles, 2012-07-04, 6:50 PM | Mensaje # 2
Pide asilo
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Muchas gracias, que buena banda
unica723Fecha: Miércoles, 2013-08-28, 10:21 AM | Mensaje # 3
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Gojira - The Flesh Alive [BluRay](2012)

Gojira is a French metal band from Ondres, close to Bayonne in the South West of France. Formed in 1996,
the band was known as Godzilla until 2001. Gojira is composed of Joe
Duplantier on vocals and rhythm guitar, his brother Mario Duplantier on
drums, Christian Andreu on lead guitar, and Jean-Michel Labadie on bass.
Since their first studio album, Gojira has had no changes in lineup,
written five studio albums and produced two live DVDs. They are known
for their environmentally-themed lyrics and have gone from "utmost
obscurity" to being mentioned regularly "amongst the genre's leading new
millennium upstarts", according to Allmusic.

Early years and Terra Incognita (1996−2002)

Gojira are from Ondres, France, a village close to Bayonne. Gojira's music combines elements of death
metal, groove metal, thrash metal and progressive metal. The band
started touring and recording under the name Godzilla and released their
demos Victim, Possessed, Saturate and Wisdom Comes in 1996, 1997, 1999
and 2000, respectively. After touring, supporting Cannibal Corpse, Edge
of Sanity, Impaled Nazarene and supporting Immortal in September 1999,
legal problems forced Godzilla to change their name. They changed their
name to Gojira, the rōmaji spelling of the fictional monster Godzilla.
Their debut album Terra Incognita was released under the new name in

The Link and From Mars to Sirius (2003−2007)

The band released their second studio album in 2003, The Link (reissued in 2007 with remastered audio
and new booklet artwork). After the success of the first two albums and
their live performances they made a DVD in Bordeaux produced by Gabriel
Editions. Since 19 May 2004, The Link Alive has been on sale in France.
In 2005, Gojira decided to sign with French-based Listenable Records to
help give them exposure outside of France with the album From Mars to

Gojira was featured on Children of Bodom's US tour in late 2006, joining
Amon Amarth and Sanctity as the openers. Furthermore, Gojira supported
Trivium on the UK dates of their European tour in 2007 with Sanctity and
Annihilator. Later they supported Lamb of God on their 2007 American
tour along with Trivium and Machine Head. In late 2007 they took part in
the Radio Rebellion Tour, featuring co-headliners Behemoth and Job for a
Cowboy, as well as Beneath the Massacre. In October 2007, Listenable
Records re-released Gojira's 1997 demo Possessed as a limited edition.

The Way of All Flesh (2008−2010)

The Way of All Flesh was released on 13 October in Europe via Listenable Records and 14 October in North
America through Prosthetic Records in 2008. On 25 July 2008, the band
announced the track listing and revealed the final cover art for the
record. Joe Duplantier told Revolver magazine, "I would say that it's
the logical next album. It's more intense, more brutal, and more melodic
at the same time — it's more everything! I'm very happy with the new
songs and the recording is very good. I think it was a good thing for us
to come to the States to work with Logan [Mader]on the drum tracking
because it really brought something — it's more tight, it's more
powerful. I'm very positive about the new production, and even the
writing is more straight to the point, more one tempo. We still have a
lot of double bass, very fast, and at the same time there are melodies."
Joe Duplantier also stated about the album: "This record is a lot
darker — like, a lot darker, I would say. The music is darker and more
violent." The album will be "more intense, more brutal, and more
melodic" than its predecessor. "That's the theme — it's about death
itself," he explained. "It's also about the immortality of the soul.
That's the main subject for us". Randy Blythe from the American band
Lamb of God appeared as a guest vocalist on the song "Adoration for
None" The album took four months to write and record, and three months
to mix. On 17 March 2009, the band's first North American headlining
tour was announced. Opening bands were The Chariot and Car Bomb. Gojira
accompanied Metallica on their tour 14 September – 18 October,
performing before Lamb of God. Gojira entered a Los Angeles,
California-area studio in early November 2010, with producer Logan Mader
to begin recording a new non-profit four-song EP, the proceeds from
which will benefit Sea Shepherd, an anti-whaling organization. According
to Joe Duplantier, the EP will feature guest appearances from the
international metal scene. "Of Blood And Salt" will feature Devin
Townsend and Fredrik Thordendal. The other tracks will feature Randy
Blythe, Anders Fridén, Jonas Renkse and Max Cavalera.

L'Enfant Sauvage, Sea Shepherd EP & DVD (2011–present)

As a preview of their Sea Shepherd EP, Gojira released the song "Of Blood And Salt" in May 2011, featuring
Devin Townsend as a guest vocalist and a guest guitar solo performed by
Fredrik Thordendal. They were acquired by Roadrunner Records. and
released L'Enfant Sauvage on 4 April 2012 on that label. The title
translates to "The Wild Child." The album features 11 tracks, and was
released on 26 June 2012. The title song "L'Enfant Sauvage" was released
as a single along with a video to support it followed by a release of
the song "Liquid Fire" as a free download on Gojira's official website.
The album was released 26 June 2012 through Roadrunner Records.

In a recent interview with Metal XS, Joe Duplantier, revealed that the
concert on 24 March at the O2 Academy Brixton in London, England was
professionally filmed for DVD release.

Setlist for the show was as follows: Explosia, Flying Whales, Backbone,
The Heaviest Matter of the Universe, L’Enfant Sauvage, Toxic Garbage
Island, Wisdom Comes, Oroborus, Drum Solo, The Axe, The Gift of Guilt.

A review taken from for the DVD version:

There was a dark and miserable time when record labels saw fit to release
music DVDs of such lamentable quality that they listed as 5.1 surround
sound (now more or less a given) in the special features section.
Happily acts such as Nine Inch Nails raised the bar on what was (and was
not acceptable) in the realms of the music DVD and in recent years
we’ve been treated to a wide variety of excellent value packages from
the likes of Lamb of God, Black Country Communion and Arch Enemy which
have demonstrated just how far the format can be stretched.

Gojira, doyens of the burgeoning French metal scene were never going to
let the opportunity to show themselves off in the most glowing of lights
pass them by, however, and ‘the flesh alive’, the band’s second foray
into the realms of visual media (the first being 2004’s ‘the Link
alive’), is a veritable feast of live shows and documentary footage that
comes bundled in some ace packaging (neatly aping the artwork to ‘the
way of all flesh’) with a CD and a poster thrown in for good measure.

Of the DVDs, the first features footage from Garorock as the main
feature along with a brief exert (three songs) from Les Vieilles
Charrues, all of which totals up to some 100 minutes of beautifully
filmed, perfectly recorded live footage which does an amazing job of
capturing the intensity and energy of the live Gojira experience, a task
that is no mean feat. Watching the DVD for the first time, as the band
tear into ‘Oroborus’, you are struck by the quality of the audio.
Available as a PCM stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 track, the sound is
crystal clear and for those of you with a home cinema set up the audio
is a treat indeed, Remy Delliers’ authoritative mix making good use of
the surround speakers and capturing every instrument with devastating
clarity. The visuals, filmed in high definition, are also of stunning
quality although the pace of the editing is less appealing, director
Fabrice Michelin somewhat missing the point of a live show and thus
desperately trying to make it ‘more interesting’ by utilising endless
jump cuts, high speed tracking shots, black and white portions and fake
grain, all of which merely serve to detract from what is a blistering
performance before a crowd of loyal and devoted fans. This should not,
however, put you off the DVD as a whole as the schizophrenic editing
calms down over the course of the show, allowing a more natural view of
proceedings and a more enjoyable experience in general as a result. The
set list, meanwhile, is a dream – drawing five tracks from ‘the way of
all flesh’, four from ‘from Mars to Sirius’ and a handful from debut
album ‘Terra Incognita’ – with the highlight being the remarkable,
demented ‘a sight to behold’ complete with robotic vocals and awkward
time signatures. To add to that, the three tracks from Les Vieilles
Charreues are not found elsewhere on the first disc making them a
valuable bonus (the furious attack of ‘Indians’ in particular) whilst
the more conventional filming style offers a better view of the band’s
remarkable stage set and backdrops.

The second disc offers up a whole second concert, this time taken from
Bordeaux, with a further eighty minutes of live footage proving to be a
real gift to fans, and although it doesn’t offer any extra or different
tracks, for those who find the <ahem> enthusiastic editing of the
first disc a touch over the top, the straight-forward nature of the
recording on this disc will provide a welcome retreat, whilst the audio
is, once again, stunning. Indeed, for fans of the band, this excess of
material is an unmitigated treat – an opportunity to witness the
remarkable Gojira in action in a variety of settings and it’s hard to
think of a band who have been more generous with their fans with regard
to live footage and extra features on a DVD release. The real meat of
the second disc, however, is the behind the scenes documentary which, at
sixty-odd minutes, takes you right to the heart of the band and the
recording of ‘the way of all flesh’, not to mention the subsequent tour.

Journeying to a studio that looks for all the world as if it should be
populated by an incestuous family used to feasting off the flesh of
their mutilated victims, it is here, far from civilisation that Gojira
set to work on their universally praised progressive-metal opus.
Typically oblique, the documentary is a mixture of fly-on-the-wall
footage and random shots of nature with the highlights proving to be the
moments that show exactly how the band developed their innovative
sound. From the recording process we move into the tour pre-production
where we see the band preparing their gear, their set and themselves
before jetting off to North America for the first leg of their tour to
pay to packed, sweaty clubs full of fans overjoyed to see their heroes
in the flesh. The documentary then moves onto the summer tour, all
festivals and huge crowds before taking us behind the scenes of the
monumental Metallica tour of 2009 for which Gojira were the support act
of choice. Clearly a remarkable experience for the band, what is truly
impressive is that Gojira seemingly never allow the scale of the
concerts to overwhelm them or overshadow the music, and back stage
they’re still the same musicians we saw at the outset of the album
recording, partaking of a group hug before taking to the stage to
unleash holy hell upon the unsuspecting Metalli-fans. The down to earth
nature of the band is further emphasised by footage of them taking to
the stage in a local cafe in 2010, clearly intent on simply having an
awesome time with a small selection of their lucky friends and fans.
Another stint with Metallica (this time in Europe) is documented next
and this is where we leave Gojira, enraptured by the music, unfazed by
the scale of their success and clearly ready to move on to the next
chapter of their remarkable story. It is a brilliant road movie, short
on commentary and allowing, instead, the pictures and the music to do
all the talking. In any other hands a portrait of such intimacy could
have gone horribly wrong, exposing all the wrong traits, but the picture
that emerges is that Gojira are every bit as in love with their music
as fans would wish them to be. Funny, charming, even poignant in places,
it is a brave and brilliant movie that will repay repeated viewings.

Overall this is a package that can’t be faulted. Everything from the
video content to the animated menus have been meticulously constructed
whilst a welcome addition to the set is the CD which features the bulk
of the band’s live show on a twelve-track, sixty-five minute disc. The
poster is also cool, and a decent size, and a handy booklet provides the
song-writing credits and DVD info. In short, what you have is a package
that will have Gojira fans weeping with delight, beautifully presented
and available on both DVD and BluRay for those who want the best quality

With ‘the way of all flesh’ Gojira thrust themselves into the limelight.
A remarkable album, it is no surprise that it featured in many end of
year polls as a top album and what this DVD makes abundantly clear is
that Gojira have the live presence, the passion and the commitment to
back up that furious statement of intent. As blistering a reminder as
you could wish to have should you have been to a live show, and all the
encouragement you should ever require to go and see them the next time
they hit town, on the strength of this DVD Gojira should be well on
their way to becoming one of the biggest bands in the world by now.

File Details:

Source: Blu-ray
Format: BDMV
Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC
Audio Codec: DTS
Video: 1080i / MPEG-4 AVC Video / 19999 kbps / 29,970 fps / 16:9 / High Profile 4.1
Audio: English / LPCM Audio / 2.0 / 48 kHz / 1536 kbps / 16-bit
Audio 2: English / DTS-HD High-Res Audio / 5.1 / 48 kHz / 3456 kbps / 16-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 16-bit)

BluRay Contents:

Garorock Show (62 minutes)

The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
From The Sky
A Sight To Behold
The Art Of Dying
Drum Solo
Flying Whales
The Way Of All Flesh
Terra Incognita

Les Vieilles Charrues Show (15 minutes)

Toxic Garbage Island
World To Come

Bordeaux Show (80 minutes)

The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
From The Sky
A Sight To Behold
The Art Of Dying
Drum Solo
Flying Whales
Toxic Garbage Island
The Way Of All Flesh
Terra Incognita

Documentary - The Way Of All Flesh Inside (60 minutes)

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