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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Rammstein - 5 Albums (1997-2009) (2xDVD-5+2xDVDRip+ Flac(Image) + Cue + Log)
Rammstein - 5 Albums (1997-2009)
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Rammstein - 5 Albums (1997-2009)+DVD

Industrial/Techno-Metal | EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Scans(png) -> 427 Mb | Polydor, Universal | ~ 2848 or 2860 or 1118 Mb
2xDVD-5: NTSC 720 x 480 (4:3), VBR | PCM, 2 ch, 1536 Kbps -> 1.25 + 1.11 Gb
2xDVDRip: MKV, 640x480 (4:3), VBR | AAC, 2ch -> 286 + 267 Mb

Albums: Sehnsucht; Mutter; Reise, Reise; Reise, Reise(SHM-CD); Rosenrot(SHM-CD) and Liebe Ist für Alle Da(SHM-CD).


A sextet of Germans who sing about death, blood, and sexual trauma
entirely in their own language, backed by thunderous metal guitar chords
twinned with the synthesizers of dance music, would seem an unlikely
act to find an audience in North America. But Rammstein merged several
disparate elements going on inside the European music scene and achieved
huge success there as a result; a spectacular stage show involving
numerous pyrotechnic stunts also added to their reputation and helped
create a buzz about them overseas. Though extremely successful in
Germany and across Europe’s northern lands, Rammstein has been
criticized in the press as a "fascist" band, a charge they vehemently

Rammstein took their name from an infamous 1988 air-show disaster in
Germany that killed several onlookers. Its members—guitarist Richard
Kruspe, singer Till Lindemann (a onetime Olympic swimmer), drummer
Christoph Schneider, bassist Oliver Riedel, second guitarist Paul
Landers, and keyboardist Flake Lorenz—all hail from the Berlin and
Schwerin area. With the exception of Riedel, all were well into their
twenties in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down as the Communist bloc
collapsed. The following year ceremonies were held that officially
rejoined the states of the former Communist-bloc East Germany with those
in its affluent European Union counterpart in West Germany. An array of
new social ills was the unexpected result, and the resentment simmering
on both sides led to a rise in the number of violent right-wing groups.
Their fury found a target in Germany’s large immigrant population.
Numerous incidents of terrorism and violence carried out by a
well-organized network of fascists of varying stripes and allegiances
became a staple of the nightly news. Western Germans commonly blamed the
disenfranchised youth of the former eastern lands for Germany’s
shameful new reputation as an emerging neo-fascist land, but the
skinhead movement was not without disenchanted teens on the other side
as well.

Rammstein grew out of such social and economic ills, and their huge
commercial success as well as vilification in the media owe to this
divide. When they formed in Berlin in early 1994, they were already
seasoned musicians in the thriving German metal-goth-industrial scene.
In an interview with Christopher Pearson for the Dartmouth Review, the
band noted that before they coalesced as Rammstein, "we were each
playing in different bands but we found that each of us was frustrated
in their band. We couldn’t express what we wanted to express musically
in our old bands."

The members of Rammstein liked the hard, synthesizer-based music of
contemporary bands like KMFDM—a sound very popular in Germany and
referred to as "EBM," for "electronic body music"—but shared a passion
for metal as well. When they were teens, it was extremely difficult to
obtain rock records in the heavily-censored climate of East Germany. As
Kruspe told Paul Gargano in an interview for Metal Edge, "You didn’t
have records at all.... You had to make tapes from second or third
copies. KISS, for example, was an absolute phenomenon. They represented
capitalism in its purest sense, and every child was KISS infected
because they were so big." Kruspe also recalled that to even write the
band’s name on one’s notebook at school could be grounds for expulsion.
"I used to have a poster of them in my room," Kruspe told Gargano, "and
when I was 12 years old my stepfather tore it down and into a thousand
pieces. I was up all night trying to put it back together, and you can
be sure it was hanging the next day."

Conquest of Europe
Rammstein was taken on by a management company in the spring of 1994,
and signed with Germany’s Motor Music, a part of Polygram Records, in
early 1995. In March of that year they traveled to Sweden to record
their first album, Herzeleid. The first single, "Du riechst so gut"
("You smell so good") was released in Europe in August of 1995, and the
entire LP the following month. They then toured Germany with a popular
EBM act, Project Pitchfork,

and in early 1996 opened for the Ramones. They spent the following
summer playing the massive openair festivals that are an integral part
of the German alternative music scene, and found success in countries
like Holland, Sweden, and Norway.

The seeds for Rammstein’s invasion of the American alternative/metal
scene were planted when two of their songs appeared on the soundtrack to
the 1997 David Lynch film, Lost Highway. When it came time to do their
first video, as the band told the Dartmouth Review, "we thought of whom
we would most want to direct it and we came up with the name of David
Lynch. All of us like his work a lot. Then we contacted him and sent him
one of our tapes, asking if he would be willing to direct our video."
Lynch was busy with his film at the time, but liked Rammstein’s sound so
much he included two songs, "Heirate mich" and "Rammstein," on the
soundtrack to his film, which, like other odd works of his, was a hit
with disaffected youth.

By this point Rammstein were a huge commercial success in Germany, but
were critically disparaged in the music press. Assumed to be right-wing
Ossies, some of the band’s pronouncements and imagery played into such
rumors, but much of their music revolved around nonpolitical themes of
sexual lust and dysfunction. Guitarist and spokesperson Kruspe even went
to far as to term the German media irresponsible when he was
interviewed by NY Rock. "Accusing a band of having fascistic tendencies
attracts a fascistic audience even if the band is not fascistic at all,"
Kruspe said, comparing it with the far less wary reception they
received in America. "Germany can be really uptight about things... a
show with a lot of pyrotechnics is simply that—a good show. Not
everything is political, but it is a very German thing to try and find
the proverbial fly in the soup. Plus we’re German. So, of course, they
can’t like us," Kruspe joked. Rammstein also became infamous for its
treatment of the media in return: in one reported incident, the band
taped an MTV Europe employee to a chair and set off a smoke bomb near
him before a show in Germany.

After the Lost Highway songs attracted a cult fan base overseas, it was
decided to release Sehnsucht ("Longing"), their second LP, as
Rammstein’s debut in North America. Sehnsucht was already a huge success
in Germany. It debuted in the States in early 1998, and by the
following summer had sold over 100,000 copies and broken the Billboard
Top 100. Perhaps most surprising of all was the amount of radio play its
first single, "Du Hast" ("You Hate"), received on both rock and
alternative stations. The group was also beginning to court controversy
Stateside as well: a video clip for "Du Hast," roughly based on the
Quentin Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs, was initially rejected by MTV
because of its heavy gore content.

Hit a Nerve with U.S. Teens
Rammstein made their U.S. concert debut at the College Music Journal
(CMJ) Marathon, an insider convention well-known for launching new
bands, in New York City in September of 1997. They returned to Germany
and played numerous shows that year, and in December of 1997 came back
to North America for another brief tour. By the time they came back for a
third visit, in the spring of 1998, Sehnsucht had been selling well and
the media was ready, fed by rumors of an unbelievable live show in
which Lindemann set himself afire in a special 140-pound chain-mail suit
coated with a flammable paste. As he erupts, the singer makes reference
to the air-show disaster as he intones, "Rammstein is the placewhere
hope crashed to the ground." Such sentiments sound particularly ominous
delivered in the German language in a deep voice. Even more enthralling
to Rammstein’s growing number of fans were the mock sado-masochistic and
homoerotic rituals that band members perform on one another.

Yet again, the media were anything but complimentary. In one of his
milder statements, New York Times writer Ben Ratliff called Rammstein "a
prolonged, not-soclever caricature of the German temperament’s dark
side, all severity and kinkiness." Ratliff termed them a Teutonic
send-up of Gwar, the theatrical metal band, "but Rammstein isn’t nearly
as loony or inventive." Village Voice writer Sia Michel also reviewed
the same sold-out show at the Roxy in New York and lauded the band for
their marketing savvy, for "without the smoke and s/m hijinks, no one
would pay much attention to yet another bunch of angry young men
combining cockrock riffage with pedestrian techno-industrial flourishes,
especially ones who sing solely in German," declared Michel.

Their American label, London, asked them to re-record one track in
English, and they did so because they just wanted to hear what it would
sound like. Yet in a surprising turn, the radio DJs preferred to play
the German version. Kruspe told NY Rock that during their live shows, he
was "really surprised how many people could sing along. But, you know,
most of us grew up behind the iron curtain. When we started to listen to
music, and especially American music, we didn’t understand the lyrics
and it wasn’t really important. I think the feeling they get from the
songs is what is really important. Maybe hearing them in another
language helps to add some mystery."

~ Answers
Немецкая группа «Рамштайн» образовалась в 1993 году.

Исходный состав:
Тиль Линдеманн (4.01.1963) — вокал;
Пауль Ландерс (9.12.1964) — гитара;
Кристиан «Flake» Лоренц (11.06.1966) — клавишные;
Рихард Круспе — Бернштайн (24.06.1967) — гитара;
Кристоф «Doom» Шнайдер (11.05.1966) — ударные;
Оливер Ридель (11.04.1971) — бас.

Группа, впоследствии названная Rammstein, была образована в начале 1993
года Рихардом Круспе, Кристофом Шнайдером и Тилем Линдеманном. Костяк
команды был собран весной 1994 года, после чего состав ни разу не
За все тексты взялся Тиль, а музыкой занимались коллективно. В 1994 году
их заметила фирма Motor GmbH, и ребята занялись поиском названия.
«Мы были вынуждены быстро придумать какое-нибудь название. Кто-то из нас
сказал: Rammstein. Это название сочли очень хорошим: Ramm („таран“) и
Stein („камень“) выражают движение, силу и твердость».

Но в одном из интервью, Тиль все-таки признал другую версию образования
названия: «Наше название произошло от крупной катастрофы в Рамштайне
(военная база — прим. автора), где американцы устроили авиа-шоу. В
результате аварии было ранено и убито свыше 80 человек. И наша первая
песня была как раз об этой трагедии. Кругом только и было слышно:
„Рамштайн, Рамштайн!“, и само слово прочно засело в наших головах.
Поэтому мы просто немного изменили название, добавив вторую „m“…»

Свой дебютный альбом они записывали в Швеции на «Polar Studio»
(Стокгольм) под руководством Якоба Хелнера (продюсера Clawfinger). 17
августа 1995 года появился первый сингл — «Du Reichst So Gut», а уже 24
сентября вышел альбом «Herzeleid». Начались гастроли, и для того, чтобы
удивить публику, немцы стали придумывать свой личный стиль живых
выступлений: грохот, огонь, извращенческое поведение. Страсть к огню
объясняется пиротехническим образованием Тиля и Кристофа. Однако ни один
концерт не обходиться без обожженных пальцев, а то и чего похуже.
«Когда Тиль обжигается огнем, он стискивает зубы и задерживает дыхание —
это помогает, но когда — горячим газом — говорит Кристиан Лоренц, — тут
он чуть не в окно прыгает»

Разослав свой альбом многим известным режиссерам, для того, чтобы снять
клип, немцы оказались в руках культового режиссера Дэвида Линча. Таким
образом, в саундтреке к киноленте «Lost Highway» прозвучали композиции
«Heirate Mich» и «Rammstein».

1 апреля 1997 года вышел новый сингл «Engel» ко второму альбому
«Sehnsucht», 21 июля — второй сингл — «Du Hast», наверное, самая
известная песня у Rammstein. Альбом сразу же прыгнул на первую строчку в
немецком хит-параде. А тем временем группа отправляется в свое первое
американское турне, поддерживая выступления KMFDM.

29 октября 1999 года в личной жизни одного из участников группы
случилось знаменательное событие: Рихард Круспе женился на красивой
еврейской актрисе Карен Бернштайн. Сразу же был нанесен удар по
обвинениям в фашистских идеях, Рихард взял фамилию жены (по закону это
можно), а церемония бракосочетания проводилась по иудейскому обряду

В этом же 1999 году композиция «Du Hast» была использована
кинорежиссерами братьями Энди и Ларри Вачовски в саундтреке к
нашумевшему потом фильму «The Matrix».

С января 2000 года группа засела в душную студию. Запись проходила на
юге Франции («Studio Miraval»), а также в Бельгии («Galaxy Studios») и
Германии («Nukleus Studio»). В итоге получился самый успешный альбом —
«Mutter», треки для которого выбирали фанаты на сайте

Не на шутку группа подошла к оформлению диска. Фотосъемки проходили в
аквариуме с неприятной зеленой водой, которая была еще и густая.

Сейчас Rammstein, еще совсем недавно никому не известная группа из
Восточной Германии, входит в элиту мирового шоу-бизнеса. Их пластинки
проданы тиражом более трех миллионов экземпляров. Они номинанты
«Грэмми», лауреаты европейских и американских премий.
Rammstein - 5 Albums (1997-2009) [7CD and 2 Bonus DVD, Japanese press]:

CD01: Rammstein - Sehnsucht (1997)
Industrial/Techno-Metal | EAC Rip | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Scans -> 52 Mb | Plydor, POPCP-7299 | ~ 466 or 462 or 170 Mb
Rammstein's second album, Sehnsucht, finds the German prog metal band making a great
leap forward. While the group still sounds a little unfocused in
places, their blend of industrial noise, grinding metal guitars, and
operatic vocals is staggeringly powerful. No other European metal band
sounds like Rammstein, nor does any American metal group -- this is
powerful, gothic metal that is unlike anything else in late-'90s metal.
Sehnsucht may be an acquired taste, but it's one worth acquiring.

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG


1. Sehnsucht (4:04)
2. Engel (4:24)
3. Tier (3:47)
4. Bestrafe Mich (3:38)
5. Du Hast (3:55)
6. Bück Dich (3:22)
7. Spiel mit Mir (4:46)
8. Klavier (4:24)
9. Alter Mann (4:24)
10. Eifersucht (3:37)
11. Küss Mich [Fellfrosch](3:31)
12. Engel (English Version) (4:25)
13. Du Hast (English Version) (3:54)


CD02: Rammstein - Mutter (2001)
Industrial/Techno-Metal | EAC Rip | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Scans -> 55 Mb | Motor/Universal, UICO-1012 | ~ 446 or 448 or 175 Mb
With the first Rammstein album you hear, it's hard not to be slightly amazed by the
sheer chutzpah of it all. The German lyrics, the prog rock tendencies,
the classic metal guitars, and the ridiculous basso profundo vocals --
you either fall for it, spurn it, or are utterly bemused by the
extremeness of it all. Unless you're a fanatic, it wears a little thin
the second time around. And for most listeners, Mutter, the group's
third album and sequel to their inexplicable commercial breakthrough
Sehnsucht, will be the second time around since it's their first release
since becoming a high profile act. Thing is, if you've heard that
record, you've pretty much heard Mutter, since all the trademarks are in
place, without much noticeable variation. Yes, there are slight
differences, chief of which is the cleaner production, which streamlines
everything so the guitars don't seem as heavy, the songs not as epic,
and the whole enterprise not as ridiculous. That's not the same thing as
stripping the group to the basics, however; it's more like wrapping up
the music in nice, shiny paper and putting a ribbon on it. That's not
really good for a group like Rammstein, but it doesn't dilute their
impact, either, because they are what they are and no amount of polish
will make them mainstream (nor will it make it possible to take them
seriously). So, that does mean that Mutter isn't as good as Sehnsucht,
but it isn't a stumble either -- and if you liked the first, you'll like
this (not the same thing as being amused by the first -- in that case,
this will try your patience). That still doesn't answer the question
whether anybody outside of diehards needs more than one Rammstein album,
but that's just a question of personal taste.

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG


1. Mein Herz Brennt (4:39)
2. Links 2 3 4 (3:36)
3. Sonne (4:32)
4. Ich Will (3:37)
5. Feuer Frei! (3:11)
6. Mutter (4:32)
7. Spieluhr (4:46)
8. Zwitter (4:17)
9. Rein Raus (3:39)
10. Adios (3:49)
11. Nebel(10:33)


CD03: Rammstein - Reise, Reise (2004)
Industrial/Techno-Metal | EAC Rip | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Scans -> 63 Mb | 2005 | Universal, UICO-1080 | ~ 497 or 499 or 200 Mb
Taking three years to release their follow-up to Mutter is a good idea since Reise,
Reise is more of the same -- the same grit, the same growl, and the same
dramatic, orchestra choruses. There's a bit more ingenuity in the
production and a little more focus in the songs but not enough for the
nonfaithful to pick up on. Unfortunately the lead single, "Mein Teil,"
is no "Du Hast," but the damning "Amerika" almost equals their
breakthrough track. Whether or not Rammstein's label has the guts to
release the band's acerbic "Coca-Cola/Sometimes War" view of the States
as a single is another question, but it's the key track to the album, an
album that has a couple more, minor surprises. The loose, bluesy guitar
on "Los" adds some quirk to the band's stern, Teutonic palette, while
the sinister "Stein Um Stein" creeps more than stomps in parts. That's
it for twists and turns, but few bands can industrially grind as
convincingly as Rammstein. Same as it ever was, Reise, Reise won't do
much to increase the band's fan base, but being a tight, free-of-filler
album, it'll satisfy the faithful.

by David Jeffries, AMG


1. Reise, Reise (4:11)
2. Mein Teil (4:32)
3. Dalai Lama (5:38)
4. Keine Lust (3:42)
5. Los (4:25)
6. Amerika (3:46)
7. Moskau (4:16)
8. Morgenstern (3:59)
9. Stein um Stein (3:56)
10. Ohne Dich (4:32)
11. Amour (4:54)
12. Mein Teil (You Are What You Eat Edit) Remix by Pet Shop Boys (4:06)
13. Amerika (Digital Hardcore Mix) by Alec Empire (3:49)


CD04 & DVD01: Rammstein - Reise, Reise (2004)
Industrial/Techno-Metal | EAC Rip | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Scans -> 70 Mb | 2009, SHM-CD | Universal, UICY-91513 | ~ 510 or 512 or 206 Mb
DVD-5: NTSC 720 x 480 (4:3), VBR | PCM, 2 ch, 1536 Kbps -> 1.25 Gb
DVDRip: MKV, 640x480 (4:3), VBR | AAC, 2ch -> 286 Mb

Tracklist CD:

1. Reise, Reise (4:11)
2. Mein Teil (4:32)
3. Dalai Lama (5:38)
4. Keine Lust (3:42)
5. Los (4:25)
6. Amerika (3:46)
7. Moskau (4:16)
8. Morgenstern (3:59)
9. Stein um Stein (3:56)
10. Ohne Dich (4:32)
11. Amour (4:54)
12. Mein Teil (You Are What You Eat Edit) Remix by Pet Shop Boys (4:06)
13. Amerika (Digital Hardcore Mix) by Alec Empire (3:49)

Tracklist DVD:

20 Min. Exclusive Footage Taken From The Rammstein-DVD " Lichtspielhaus"


CD05 & DVD02: Rammstein - Rosenrot (2005)
Industrial/Techno-Metal | EAC Rip | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Scans -> 93 Mb | 2009, SHM-CD | Universal, UICY-91512 | ~ 446 or 448 or 206 Mb
DVD-5: NTSC 720 x 480 (4:3), VBR | PCM, 2 ch, 1536 Kbps -> 1.11 Gb
DVDRip: MKV, 640x480 (4:3), VBR | AAC, 2ch -> 267 Mb
o date, Rammstein haven't been able to equal the excitement and power of their
breakthrough 1998 album, Sehnsucht, and while Rosenrot suffers that
fate, there's an EP's worth of brilliance and one track that towers
above them all. Just as exciting as their massive hit "Du Hast," "Te
Quiero Puta!" is a glorious blend of the group's usual Teutonic crunch
and mariachi music that earns the exclamation point in its title. It's
loco to hear Rammstein with bright horns and Latin vocalists and just
about as odd to hear them with Sharleen Spiteri -- lead singer for the
classy pop act Texas -- whose sweet and somber vocals make "Stirb Nicht
Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I Do)" sound very dreamy, very Nightwish. The
out of control "Zerstören" and "Benzin," with its biting social
commentary on the world's addiction to oil, are the final two tracks for
the hypothetical four-star EP, since the rest of Rosenrot sounds a bit
too formulaic. Most everything is tense during the verses, then blows up
during the choruses, but if there's one area the band has made giant
steps, it's with the lyrics. Greed, irresponsible hedonism, and
modern-day interpretations of Goethe are touched upon through wordplay
and metaphor, all of it lost on the non-Deutsch speaking set. It still
doesn't make up for the stale turns the music takes on a good portion of
the album, but there are signs that Sehnsucht's worthy follow-up is
more possible than ever.

by David Jeffries, AMG

Tracklist CD:

1. Benzin (3:46)
2. Mann Gegen Mann (3:50)
3. Rosenrot (3:54)
4. Spring (5:24)
5. Wo Bist Du (3:55)
6. Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I Do) (4:05)
7. Zerstören (5:28)
8. Hilf Mir (4:43)
9. Te Quiero Puta! (3:55)
10. Feuer und Wasser (5:17)
11. Ein Lied (3:43)

Tracklist DVD:



CD06-07: Rammstein - Liebe Ist für Alle Da (2009)
Industrial/Techno-Metal | EAC Rip | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Scans -> 94 Mb | SHM-CD | Universal, UICO-1176/7 | ~ 483 or 486 or 161 Mb
Anyone familiar with the industrial metal band's dark sense of irony should take one
look at the title of Rammstein's 2009 album Liebe Ist für Alle Da (Love
Is There for Everyone) and conclude that this one is a mean monster.
Combining the tightness and punch of their 1998 album, Sehnsucht, with
the musicianship and elaborate textures of their later work, Liebe Ist
is a grand achievement, skillfully dividing its time between razor sharp
metal rockers like "B********," or the opening theme song "Rammlied"
and nostalgic cabaret pieces that conjure the spirits of Weil and Brecht
at a goth club. The best of the latter is the naked and haunting closer
"Roter Sand," but little touches of a sinister yesteryear are
everywhere, like the fake vaudeville music in "Haifisch," or the
soundtrack strings of "Wiener Blut," which are eventually overcome by a
guitar-crunching juggernaut. This strange mix of styles is more
effective here than it has been for about a decade, and there's no
threat of the album becoming ponderous, either, as an economical track
list and purposeful songs wipe away the sins of their previous album,
2005's Rosenrot. The group's loyal fans have remained loyal throughout
the past decade and have braved all the difficult but ultimately
rewarding efforts that came with it. To them, Liebe Ist für Alle Da is
the big payoff and an instant classic. For the rest of the world, this
is that once-a-decade, perfectly balanced Rammstein album that's
immediately accessible but wide and deep enough to explore for years to

by David Jeffries, AMG

Tracklist CD1:

1. Rammlied (5:18)
2. Ich Tu Dir Weh (5:01)
3. Waidmanns Heil (3:32)
4. Haifisch (3:44)
5. B******** (4:14)
6. Frühling in Paris (4:44)
7. Wiener Blut (3:52)
8. Pussy (3:59)
9. Liebe Ist für Alle Da (3:28)
10. Mehr (4:10)
11. Roter Sand (3:59)


Horizontal thick line = 5 khz; thin line = 1 Khz

Tracklist CD2:

1. Führe Mich (4:33)
2. Donaukinder (5:17)
3. Halt (4:20)
4. Roter Sand (Orchesterlied Version) (4:07)
5. Liese (3:55)

All thanks go to Einsatzleiter and lapuire

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