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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Eric Clapton - Sessions For Robert J (2004) [DVD] (DVD9)
Eric Clapton - Sessions For Robert J (2004) [DVD]
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Eric Clapton - Sessions For Robert J (2004) [DVD]

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 (720x576) 25.00fps | Audio: Dolby AC3, 2 ch, Dolby AC3, 6 ch, DTS, 6 ch | 5% Recovery | 7.21 GB
Blues | Length: 02:24:23 | Uploaded/Uploadable | Links are interchangable

The DVD features 19 acoustic and electric performances recorded in rehearsal
spaces in Dallas and in England, as well as in the 508 Park Ave. in
Dallas, a studio Johnson himself recorded in, in 1937. There is one more
segment, a recorded solo acoustic in a hotel room in California. The
band that joins Clapton in the rehearsal studios is comprised of guitar
master Doyle Bramhall, organist Billy Preston, Steve Gadd on drums,
pianist Chris Stainton and Nathan East on bass. The electric
performances, particularly "Milkcow's Calf 's Blues," "Stop Breakin'
Down Blues," and especially "I Wish I Had Possession Over Judgment Day,"
have some real life and stomp in them. Of the acoustic tracks,
"Terraplane Blues" works best. The DVD also contains a selection of
behind-the-scenes footage that will be of interest only to those fans
who need to see everything.


1. Play Session 1
2. Kind Hearted Woman Blues
3. They're Red Hot
4. Hell Hound on My Trail
5. Sweet Home Chicago
6. When You Got a Good Friend

1. Play Session 2
2. Milkcow's Calf Blues
3. Judgment Day
4. Stop Breakin' Down Blues
5. Little Queen of Spades
6. Traveling Riverside Blues

1. Play Session 3
2. Terraplane Blues
3. Hell Hound on My Trail
4. Me & the Devil Blues
5. From Four Until Late
6. Love in Vain

1. Play Session 4
2. Ramblin' on My Mind
3. Stones in My Passway
4. Love in Vain

DVD bonus: "Little Queen of Spades," "Traveling Riverside Blues," behind-the-scenes footage

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Eric Clapton - Sessions For Robert J (2004) [DVD+CD Edition]

DVD9 | Video: PAL, MPEG-2, 720 x 576 at 25.000 fps | Audio: AC-3 2ch., AC-3 6ch., DTS 6ch | 7,21 GB | Time: 97 min.
CD | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 101 MB | Time: 43 min.
Genre: Blues | Label: Wea | Release Date: 07 Dec 2004

But I have for a very long time liked what Eric Clapton liked, the Delta Blues, and in
particular Robert Johnson, the Delta bluesman who would be more myth
than fact if it were not for the incomparable legacy of recordings we
were lucky enough to be left to posterity. So it was therefore with some
trepidation (and the faint hope that I might actually like it) that I
came to hear 2004's Me and Mr. Johnson (Reprise, 2004). Call me
prejudiced, but I was right. Immaculately recorded, perfectly played, I
hated it.
Was the album a well-intentioned 'homage?' Or was it a cynical attempt
by an already fairly well to do musician – even though he has on
occasion had to sell on some of his very well used guitars and has had a
life not without personal tragedy – to cash in on the myth of Johnson?
Or was it my own snobbery and preference for the scratchy LP of even
scratchier recordings I bought in junior high school? Or was it just
that Eric Clapton's too perfect renditions of Johnson's less than
perfect but startlingly original songs of despair, sexual longing and a
deep unhappiness that belied Mr. Johnson's relatively young age seemed
false when played by Clapton? I think it is all these things.
Clapton's renditions of Mr. Johnson's songs are inversions. The words
and the chords are the same, but the presentation is opposite. And
whereas Mr. Johnson may never have had the pleasure of receiving a
monthly bill from the electric company, they definitely know Clapton's
number at the local electric company. I doubt Robert J – even I am
writing it that way now – even had a single piece of ID in his wallet.
And I am not saying that the blues are incompatible with electric
amplification – witness John Lee Hooker to name one – or cannot be
played by living musicians – too many to witness here – or even that
Delta Blues should be preserved in aspic. If a tradition is to continue
it must be practiced. And if it is to live, it must evolve.
But you know what? I still thought it was just snobbery that prevented
me from appreciating Mr. E.C. and that is why I decided to give Clapton
one last chance with Sessions with Mr. J (Reprise, 2004), a CD and DVD
set and I am glad I did. The CD is still a love it or hate it affair. If
you love what Clapton does today, you'll pretty much by definition love
it. But what piqued my interest was firstly that I have really been
enjoying music DVDs lately. Heresy I know, but I am even becoming
interested in surround sound for music and not just for movies.
The CD is typical Clapton. Even Clapton's out-takes are disgustingly
perfect. There is no doubt, this much is obvious, and it is a wonder
that I even raise the question, that Clapton knows Johnson through
Johnson's songs inside out. I dare say that no Delta Musicologist who
may or may not know more facts, such facts as there are, about Mr.
Johnson, so clearly has seen into Mr. Johnson's soul as Clapton has.
But this CD, as ever with Clapton, is a Clapton CD and it still bears
all the hallmarks of that sickening perfection that all of Clapton's
later solo work embodies. Even Clapton's Unplugged bares a gloss that
would embarrass a bonnet painter at the old Aston Martin body shop. The
Mr. Johnson on this album is Mr. Clapton's Mr. Johnson. Not mine. Not
yours. Not either of the Lomaxes. Not anyone other than Eric's, which is
no bad thing if you like that sort of thing and it is of course
Clapton's album.
Mainly electric, Clapton's renditions are faithful to Clapton. Brilliant
session musicianship, impeccable mastering, and absolutely on the beat.
It is as if Steely Dan chose to cover W. C. Handy. Many of the
Johnson's most famous songs are here including "Kind Hearted Woman
Blues," "Traveling Riverside Blues," "Milkcow Blues," and "Terraplane
Blues." About as close to Robert J as I will ever come is that on my
mother's side great grandfather's first car was a Terraplane, quite an
exotic bit of machinery for Sault St. Marie I have been given to
But, and this is a big butt (not quite as big as the one in Finding
Nemo) the CD leaves me cold. Very cold. Where this CD/DVD combo comes to
life is in the DVD. It is here where we begin to understand how Clapton
has come to understand Johnson and it is at this point in the review
where I become generous.
The accompanying DVD is in fact worth a view, even two. It is not as
intrinsically interesting as the wonderful DVD of the Dark Side of the
Moon (2003) with its delicious outtakes and interviews, but it is still
worth watching. Recorded in stereo PCM, 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS,
Sessions with Robert J should accommodate the most modest to advanced
setup. I watched it both in two channel and DTS, finding the DTS version
far the more interesting as the mix seemed to place you not so much in
the middle of the band as in the middle of the recording studio.

01. Play Session 1
02. Kind Hearted Woman Blues
03. They're Red Hot
04. Hell Hound on My Trail
05. Sweet Home Chicago
06. When You Got a Good Friend

01. Play Session 2
02. Milkcow's Calf Blues
03. Judgment Day
04. Stop Breakin' Down Blues
05. Little Queen of Spades
06. Traveling Riverside Blues

01. Play Session 3
02. Terraplane Blues
03. Hell Hound on My Trail
04. Me & the Devil Blues
05. From Four Until Late
06. Love in Vain

01. Play Session 4
02. Ramblin' on My Mind
03. Stones in My Passway
04. Love in Vain

01. Sweet Home Chicago
02. Milkcow's Calf Blues
03. Terraplane Blues
04. If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day
05. Stop Breakin' Down Blues
06. Little Queen Of Spades
07. Traveling Riverside Blues
08. Me And The Devil Blues
09. From Four Until Late
10. Kind Hearted Woman Blues
11. Ramblin' On My Mind

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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Eric Clapton - Sessions For Robert J (2004) [DVD] (DVD9)
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