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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » AC/DC - Family Jewels (2005) ((2xDVD9))
AC/DC - Family Jewels (2005)
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AC/DC - Family Jewels (2005)

Video: NTSC, MPEG-2 at 7 255 Kbps, 720 x 480 at 29.970 fps | Audio: PCM 2 channels at 1 536 Kbps, 48.0 KHz
Genre: Rock | Label: Metal Mind | Copy: Untouched | Release Date: 28 Mar 2005 | Runtime: 150 min. | 5,51+5,35 GB (2xDVD9)

“Long Hair” rock has always been a staple of popular music - with The Darkness
proving that face-melting guitar riffs, and bass-heavy ballads can still
prosper in an era of political unrest. Any fan of Jack Black will tell
you that rock’s main purpose is to “stick it to the man”; something that
AC/DC take to heart. After 30 years, their brand of heavy power-chords
and playful lyrics is still going strong. With DC’s entire back
catalogue available in re-mastered form, new fans are spawning all the
time. While they never quite reached the heights scaled by their
contemporaries - Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, or even Queen - their
popularity was never in doubt. It’s rather odd then, that Kerrang! and
its fellow music channels barely give them the air time they deserve. In
fact, “classic” rock (particularly from the 70’s), is usually swept
Seeing AC/DC on television is pretty rare these days. Of course, it was
always a necessary evil during their rise to stardom, but since then,
their profile has dwindled. It’s a shame, since when AC/DC did take to
the stage, the atmosphere was always electric. They were one of the most
influential hard rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s; rebelling against
“art rock” and pop-enthused records. AC/DC’s music is minimalist in my
eyes - despite the booming guitars, there’s a genuine sense of purpose
to their tunes; with the tracks boasting space and restraint. It’s loud,
balls-to-the-walls confection, but it’s not meaningless. Therefore, I’d
rather see them on Kerrang! than Good Charlotte or Blink 182 - prime
examples of how unthreatening rock music has become. It’s growing
ever-more commercial, and “sticking it to the man” is now largely left
to rappers. Therefore, it’s pretty enlightening to see Family Jewels on
DVD. This set collects all of AC/DC’s television appearances, putting
modern alternatives to shame...
AC/DC began life in Australia, in 1973. Guitarist Malcolm Young formed
the group after his previous troupe, The Velvet Goldmine, collapsed (not
to be confused with the seminal American group). His younger brother
Angus became the lead guitarist, aged only 15. Therefore, his sister
suggested that he wear his school uniform during performances. Somehow
the look worked, and Angus continues the trend to this day. During their
time in Sydney, they cut the single "Can I Sit Next to You," and later
moved to Melbourne. It was here, that the group unleashed two albums -
High Voltage and TNT - in 1974 and ‘75 respectively. This led to tours
in the UK and America, with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap following soon
after. It was in the fall of 1977, that AC/DC finally cracked the U.S.,
with their barnstorming album Let There Be Rock. And there was plenty of
the latter, with nearly a dozen records to their name by 1993.
Family Jewels is overflowing with highlights, and it’s wonderful to see
them performing their most renowned tracks. It’s impossible not to get a
buzz when hearing “Highway to Hell” and “Girls Got Rhythm” performed
live (in this case, on Spanish TV). It brought back memories of
listening to Back in Black in high school - easily their most famous
contribution to music. Regulars like “It’s a Long Way to the Top...” and
“Hells Bells” are all present and correct; sitting beside some of their
more obscure compositions. We also get the anarchic “Jailbreak” video,
and a fully charged rendition of “High Voltage”. It’s all rather cheesy -
most of the clichés associated with 80’s rock are readily apparent -
but the quality of these tracks hasn’t diminished. DC’s cheeky
reputation (especially during the Bon Scott era), makes them easy to
like; particularly in the first track, in which Scott takes to the stage
dressed as a rather ugly schoolgirl. Even when Brian Johnson replaced
the dead frontman, the band took pride in their self-deprecating nature.

Rock has always been an acquired taste, so AC/DC isn’t a band that will
appeal to everyone. Yet, for those familiar with the Aussie rockers,
Family Jewels is clearly worth a look. Very much a no-frills affair
(like the band itself), it's probably not the best introduction to their
music (the "Live at Donnington" DVD is more appropriate), but as a
collection of their video output, it’s the best - and only - release
there is.

Disc 1:
01. Baby Please Don’t Go (live, April 1975)
02. Show Business (live, June 1975)
03. High Voltage (promo clip, June 1975)
04. It’s A Long Way To The Top (promo clip, February 1976)
05. T.N.T. (live, 1976)
06. Jailbreak (promo clip 1976)
07. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (live, December 1976)
08. Dog Eat Dog (promo clip, 1977)
09. Let There Be Rock (promo clip, 1977)
10. Rock N Roll Damnation (promo clip, 1978)
11. Sin City (from The Midnight Special, September 1978)
12. Riff Raff (live from Glasgow, April 1978)
13. Fling Thing/Rocker (live from Glasgow, April 1978)
14. Whole Lotta Rosie (Live from BBC show “Rock Goes To College,” October 1978)
15. Shot Down In Flames (promo clip, July 1979)
16. Walk All Over You (promo clip, July 1979)
17. Touch Too Much (promo clip July 1979)
18. If You Want Blood (promo clip, July 1979)
19. Girls Got Rhythm (live from Aplauso TV Show, February 1980)
20. Highway To Hell (live from Aplauso TV Show, February 1980)

Disc 2:
01. Hells Bells (promo clip, 1980
02. Back In Black (promo clip, 1980)
03. What Do You Do For Money Honey (promo clip, 1980)
04. Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (promo clip, 1980)
05. Let’s Get it Up (live promo clip, 1981)
06. For Those About To Rock (live promo clip, 1983)
07. Flick Of The Switch (promo clip, 1984)
08. Nervous Shakedown (promo clip, 1984)
09. Fly On The Wall (promo clip, 1985)
10. Danger (promo clip, 1985)
11. Sink The Pink (promo clip, 1985)
12. Stand Up (promo clip, 1985)
13. Shake Your Foundations (promo clip, 1985)
14. Who Made Who (promo clip, 1986)
15. You Shook Me All Night Long (promo clip, 1985)
16. Heatseeker (promo clip, 1988)
17. That’s The Way I Wanna Rock & Roll (promo clip, 1988)
18. Thunderstruck (promo clip, 1990)
19. Moneytalks (promo clip, 1990)
20. Are You Ready (promo clip, 1991)
- Discography

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- Interactive Menu

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Mil Gracias  wink
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AC/DC Family Jewels (2005)

2x DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | AVC @ 8.8 Mbps, 30.0 fps | 720 x 480 | 150min | 10.8 GB
English PCM 2.0 @ 1636 Kbps, 48 KHz, 16-bits | Subtitle: none
Genre: Music, Rock n Roll

Disc 1

All songs by Bon Scott, Angus Young and Malcolm Young except where noted.

1. "Baby, Please Don't Go" (Williams)
Filmed live on ABC's Countdown in April 1975.
2. "Show Business"
Filmed on 16 June 1975.
3. "High Voltage"
High Voltage promo clip filmed on 16 June 1975.
4. "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)"
Countdown promo clip filmed on 23 February 1976.
5. "T.N.T."
Filmed live on ABC's Countdown in early 1976.
6. "Jailbreak"
Countdown promo clip filmed in March 1976.
7. "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
Filmed live on ABC's Countdown on 5 December 1976.
8. "Dog Eat Dog"
Filmed for ABC's Countdown on 3 April 1977.
9. "Let There Be Rock"
Let There Be Rock promo clip filmed in July 1977.
10. "Rock 'n' Roll Damnation"
Powerage promo clip filmed on 30 April 1978.
11. "Sin City"
Filmed for ABC's The Midnight Special on 6 September 1978.
12. "Riff Raff"
[Live At The Glasgow Apollo] [1978]
13. "Fling Thing/Rocker"
The above two live tracks were filmed on 30 April 1978 at the Glasgow Apollo - See If You Want Blood You've Got It
14. "Whole Lotta Rosie"
Filmed on 28 October 1978 on BBC's Rock Goes to College. (10 November, University of Essex, Colchester, Essex, according to the Rock
Goes to College article)

15. "Shot Down in Flames"
16. "Walk All Over You"
17. "Touch Too Much"
18. "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)"
The above four tracks are Highway to Hell promo clips filmed in July 1979.
19. "Girls Got Rhythm"
20. "Highway to Hell"
The above two tracks were filmed live on TVE1's Aplauso on 9 February 1980.

Disc 2

All songs by Brian Johnson, Angus Young and Malcolm Young except where noted.

1. "Hells Bells"
2. "Back in Black"
3. "What Do You Do for Money Honey"
4. "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution"
The above four tracks are Back in Black promo clips filmed in July 1980.
5. "Let's Get It Up" (live)
Filmed on 21 December 1981.
6. "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" (live)
Filmed on 17 November & 18, 1983.
7. "Flick of the Switch"
8. "Nervous Shakedown"
The above two tracks are Flick of the Switch promo clips filmed in October 1983.
9. "Fly on the Wall"
10. "Danger"
11."Sink the Pink"
12. "Stand Up"
13. "Shake Your Foundations"
The above five tracks are from the Fly on the Wall home video filmed in June 1985.
14. "Who Made Who"
Who Made Who promo clip filmed on 27 February & 28, 1986.
15. "You Shook Me All Night Long"
Who Made Who promo clip filmed in 1986.
16. "Heatseeker"
Blow Up Your Video promo clip filmed on 3 December & 4, 1987.
17. "That's the Way I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll"
Blow Up Your Video promo clip filmed on 7 March 1988.
18. "Thunderstruck" (Young, Young)
The Razors Edge promo clip filmed on 17 August 1990.
19. "Moneytalks" (Young, Young)
The Razors Edge promo clip filmed on 6 November 1990.
20."Are You Ready" (Young, Young)
The Razors Edge promo clip filmed on 18 March 1991.

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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » AC/DC - Family Jewels (2005) ((2xDVD9))
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