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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Beth Hart - Live At Paradiso (2005)
Beth Hart - Live At Paradiso (2005)
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Beth Hart - Live At Paradiso (2005)

Blues rock from USA, music DVD released in 2005.

Beth Hart (born January 24, 1972) is an American singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She rose
to fame with the release of her 1999 single "LA Song (Out of This Town)"
from her sophomore album Screamin' for My Supper. The single was a
number one hit in New Zealand, and was a US Adult Contemporary Top 5
hit, having aired during Episode 17 of the 10th and final season of
Beverly Hills, 90210.

Early career

While playing the Los Angeles clubs, she enlisted bassist Tal Herzberg
and guitarist Jimmy Khoury. In 1993, Hart appeared on Ed McMahon's Star
Search several times, ultimately winning the Female Vocalist competition
for that season.

Beth Hart and the Ocean of Souls was recorded in 1993. It includes "Am I
the One" and a pop-rock cover of the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with

Hart released her album Immortal with her band Beth Hart Band in 1996.
Screamin' for My Supper: Career Breakthrough

Her next album, Screamin' for My Supper (Atlantic, 1999), featured "LA
Song (Out of This Town),", a #1 hit in New Zealand and a top-5 Adult
Contemporary Chart hit. At the same time, Hart was singing the lead role
in "Love, Janis," an Off-Broadway musical based on Joplin's letters
home to her mother.
Leave the Light On, Live Album and 37 Days

Hart's Leave the Light On was released in 2003. Hart released "Live at
Paradiso" in 2005. Her album 37 Days was released in Europe July 2007.
"Learning to Live" was used as the theme song to "Losing It with Jillian" on NBC.

Hart at Notodden Blues Festival, Norway 2009

Hart did a song with Slash called "Mother Maria", released on the iTunes version of Slash's solo album, Slash.
In 2011 she worked with Joe Bonamassa, first providing vocals for the
track "No Love On The Street" on his album Dust Bowl (March 2011), and
on a 2011 album of blues classics, entitled Don't Explain. The duo
released Seesaw in 2013.


Hart collaborated with "Born" on the single "It Hurts", released in February, 2012.

On July 31, 2012, (Oct 4, 2012 in Europe) she released "My California".
On the same date, she released an EP "Introducing Beth Hart". On August
23, 2012, her song 'Take it Easy on Me' from that album was used in the
first episode of the 8th series of the BBC-TV drama Waterloo Road.

In December 2012 she appeared with Jeff Beck at the Kennedy Center Opera
House, along with a group of blues/rock musicians, performing "I'd
Rather Go Blind" in tribute to Buddy Guy, who received a 2012 Kennedy
Center Honor for his lifetime of contributions to American Culture.

In December 2012, it was announced that Beth and Joe Bonamassa were
planning a tour in Europe, a live DVD to be made during the tour and a
new studio album.
In 2012 she released "Bang Bang Boom Boom" in Europe (2013 in US).
Personal life

Hart is married to roadie and stage manager Scott Guetzkow, and
currently resides in Los Angeles. Her band includes lead guitarist Jon
Nichols, bassist Tom Lilly, and drummer Todd Wolf. Her manager is David
Wolff. She has overcome drug addiction.

Live at Paradiso is a live album by Beth Hart. It was recorded at a live
performance at the music venue Paradiso in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A
DVD version is also available. DVD contains 3 more songs. The album
peaked #88 in the Netherlands.

Beth Hart At MySpace

2005 Live At Paradiso DVD


1 Hiding Under Water
2 Delicious Surprise
3 Guilty
4 Leave The Light On
5 Lifts You Up
6 Broken & Ugly
7 Get Your Shit Together
8 Immortal
9 Lay Your Hands on Me
10 Monkey Back
11 Am I The One
12 Mama
13 L.A. Song
14 World Without You
15 Whole Lotta Love

Bonus 35 minute Rockumentary, Bonus "I Dont' Need No Doctor"

Label: Koch

I don't know why I'm writing a review of this dvd, as I agree wholeheartedly with all the reviews
already posted here. But, I feel compelled to add my two cents about
this most phenomenal of artists. Either God or Satan, I'm not sure which
(maybe it was a collaborative effort)must have been bored one day and
decided to create magic. Taking the best parts of Janis Joplin, Tina
Turner, Otis Redding, John Lee Hooker, Carole King,
Robert Plant, and a dash of Edith Piaf, they combined with atomic
energy, several forces of nature such as hurricanes and tornadoes, the
pure unapologetic sexuality of the most sensual of strippers, the
humanity of mankind, coated the whole mess with nitro glycerine, then
dropped it from the sky...waiting to see what would happen.The result
was Beth Hart. From the first time I saw the image of this
uninhibited,then sickly looking little creature slink onto the Star
Search stage those many years ago, and unleash the first notes from her
incredible voice, I was hooked. Then, she disappeared for years. While
she did develope a loyal following, she was basically in obscurity. I
simply couldn't understand how such a huge talent was almost completely
unknown. I have since learned of course that the general masses prefer
no talents like Brittney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, both of whom would
justly scamper off into their own blessed obscurity should they ever be
in the presence of Beth Hart. I have unfortunately never seen Beth Hart
perform live. When I recently discovered this "Live At Paradisio" dvd, I
ordered it immediately. What with my huge admiration for her, and the
consistently glowing reviews of others here, I had no doubts about being
pleased with it. I still wasn't prepared for the rush I received upon
viewing, however. There are very, very few performers who truly excite,
they range from boringly offensive, to pleasently talented, to
enjoyable, to outstanding. But, the ones who make your mouth hang open
in awe, your eyes roll back in your head, and your nipples get hard, are
few and far between. This dvd is a perfect example of the unbelievable
talent of this woman. Not only is she incredibly bright, a survivor, but
she is a brilliant songwriter. Her voice, of course, is the real
head-shaker though. She has,without a doubt, the most rangeful,
controlled, masterful, powerful voice in rock history. That she can take
classics, such as Humble Pies "Doctor", and Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta
Love" and actually better them, is a feat not usually pulled off. She
slinks around the stage, spewing water from her bottle, writhing,
twisting,shaking, and doing everything with her audience short of
official sexual consummation. Listen, I'm (...), and watching her makes
me want to turn straight. That she can turn right around hot off the the
tail of her renditions of these rock anthems and perform the most
tender, beautiful, soul searching self-penned ballad is further proof of
her singular power. Beth Hart does not perform, there is nothing about
what she does that is "staged." She is possessed. I don't know by what,
but, there is no earthly explanation for what this girl does. The magic
extends in the way she connects with her audience. Getting right down in
there with them, but never for an instant losing her hold on the song
she is singing, looking directly into their eyes in a mutual wallowing
of love, appreciation, and admiration, she leaves all present under the
magic of her spell, being at once so totally human yet so totally
supernatural.I could go on and on with what to some may sound like
ridiculous anologies, but, I guarantee that if you were to buy this dvd,
you'd agree with the thousands who already know that this girl is not
the greatest, most talented and important female rock star of all time.
She is THE greatest, most talented and important rock star EVER, male or
female. The bonus addition here, of Beth in interview, at home,
backstage, a welcome extra to those who will learn what her
ardent fans are also already aware of, that Beth is a warm,
compassionate, "real" person... there is no *Star* present here in this
contradictorily most glorious of stars. I hope the incredible light
shining from this girl lasts a long, long time. There have been so few
like her, in any form of the arts. She is one of the phenomenons of the
century, her talent a gift to humanity, and that's no exaggeration.

Quality: DVD9
Format: DVD Video
Video Codec: MPEG2
Audio Codec: AC3
Video: NTCS 16:9 (720x480) VBR Auto Pan&Scan, Auto Letterboxed 29.97fps 7801-7816Kbps
Audio: English (Dolby AC3, 2 ch) 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps; English (Dolby AC3, 6 ch) 48000Hz stereo 448Kbps

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Esta tia tiene algunos discos con Bonamassa y no es que sea buena, es que es buenisima. Tiene registros que me recuerdan a Tina Turner, otros a voces de soul y otros a cosas de jazz.
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un pokito de info en español

Beth Hart es una cantante y compositora estadounidense de blues, rock, soul y jazz. Es una de las contralto más respetadas por su potente voz y su intensidad al interpretar. Artistas como Robert Plant, Ella Fitzgerald, Chris Cornell, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, entre otros, influenciaron en su particular estilo. Todas estas influencias se ven claramente plasmadas en su discografía a lo largo de su carrera musical.
ha grabado con guitarristas de la talla de Jeff Beck, Slash y Joe Bonamassa. Junto a Slash grabó una canción titulada "Mother Maria", lanzada en la versión del álbum solista de Slash en iTunes, Slash. Tiempo después conoció a Bonamassa en el pasillo de un hotel e instantáneamente comenzaron a trabajar en un álbum de clásicos del Blues que sería lanzado en 2011, titulado Don't explain . Este álbum fue un éxito rotundo. Ocupó un puesto entre los mejores discos de 2011 de la revista UK’s Classic Rock magazine. Más tarde, hizo una aparición como invitada especial en el show de Joe Bonamassa en vivo en el Beacon Theatre de Nueva York, interpretando temas de dicho álbum

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Justo lo que queria decir pero no me salia con esas palabras. biggrin
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hombre eaque nosotros algo sabemos, pero la wisskipedia es mas sabia biggrin

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