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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Theatres Des Vampires - Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011 (2012) ([DVD9])
Theatres Des Vampires - Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011 (2012)
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Theatres Des Vampires - Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011 (2012)

Theatres des Vampires is an Italian gothic metal band with strong black metal influences, mostly
noted for the predominant theme of vampirism within their lyrics.

Theatres des Vampires was formed in 1994 by Alessandro "Lord Vampyr"
Nunziati, after leaving the band VII Arcano because of stylistic
differences. Problems with the initial lineup of Theatres des Vampires
meant that the first full length studio album, Vampyrìsme, Nècrophilie,
Nècrosadisme, Nècrophagie (1996) was recorded single handedly by
Alessandro "Lord Vampyr" Nunziati.

By 1999 the band had a stable lineup, and recorded The Vampire
Chronicles as a group effort. The promotion for which saw Theatres des
Vampires employing movie effects to create spectacular live shows. The
band's members expressed a fascination with vampires and anything
connected to them, earning themselves and their music the title
"vampiric metal" from their contemporaries. The band created an image of
vampirism in their stage performance and within the lyrical themes and
atmospheres of their music, which contributed heavily to the gaining of
their fanbase.

The third album 'Bloody Lunatic Asylum' was delivered in 2001 with live
work including dates with Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom and In Flames
amongst others.

The band has produced ten albums in ten years with the English label
Plastic Head, and has gained more recognition within the metal scene in
Europe, South America and Russia, partially because of the band's
participation in various festivals around the world. These include
Vampyria III in London in 1999, Gods of Metal in Italy in 2000,
Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig in 2003 and in 2006, Gotham in London in
2004, and Female Voices Festival in Wieze, Belgium in 2006.

In 2003 the band toured with Christian Death throughout Europe, and
recorded an album with Valor of Christian Death and Gian Pyres of Cradle
of Filth as special guests.

Since 2004 Sonya Scarlet has remained the solo vocalist and front of the band, replacing her previous role as backing vocals.

Scarlet sometimes cuts herself with razors at performances, freely
letting fans drink her blood. In 2005 several English clubs forbade her
performing the display of bloodletting, because it violates English laws
against the incitement to commit suicide.

On 28 November 2005 Aural Music released the album Pleasure and Pain.
Distributors throughout Europe bought the album and it was published
with permission in Europe, South America, the USA, Russia, and Japan.

On 19 March 2007 they released Desire of Damnation. It is a double CD,
with live songs from The Addiction Tour 2006 and some new studio songs
and remixes.

Guitarist Robert Cufaro ["Morgoth"] left the band in 2006 and was replaced by Stephan Benfante.

On May 2008 Aural Music released the album Anima Noir.

On 14 January 2011 Aural Music released the album Moonlight Waltz.

Moonlight Waltz is the ninth studio album studio album. A music video
for the song "Carmilla" was filmed on August 28 and 29, directed by
David Bracci, who worked on most of Dario Argento's films in the past
decade, and has also directed the "Lilith Mater Inferorum" music video.

Uschi Joas at wrote:  (Google translate)

Bram Stoker says hello! Scary, beautiful and above all seriously affects the
tour DVD of the Italian gothic metallers THEATRES DES VAMPIRES. For a
change, one finds something here that has not been infected by the
vampire apparently Kitsch in recent years, has received equally moving
into the bookstores and movie theaters. Who is exaggerated romantic
posturing, captivating, erotic games or gallons of fake blood, which is
distributed across the stage promises, is out of place here, because the
Italians show their recorded in Europe "Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011"
actually "only" their skills without the need to polish up with
countless gimmicks the whole show.

The DVD provides over 16 songs across an impression of what has been
rightly baptized in the name of Vampiric Metal: The five musicians,
vampires have explained to her hobby and otherwise marked with their
musical interpretation of the theme of this genre like no other band.
Since 1994, the Italians occupy both privately and on stage with this
issue and set the scene optically accordingly. For the creepy feeling
makes frontwoman Sonya, which provides variations for voice and mood
either with tight coat outfits or kettenbehangenen "bikini", here and
there, her sharp canines can be flashed and with indescribable mixture
of operetta songs, shaky pop vocals and soft- Growling the quantities
furor. Thus they not only steals their rather inconspicuous acting
bandmates the show, but leads the audience through a world where the
vampires seem to be awakened by the energetic music to life. Starting
with "Keeper Of Secrets" on "Sangue" and "Carmilla" powert across the
band what it's worth. From the first to the last second of the song
selection appears successful, no song stands out particularly negative
out of the setlist and the result is an exciting and energetic package,
which "Dance Macabre Du Vampire" is his crowning and official
statements. It should hardly be mentioned that two encores are given in
the form of "Cain" and "Pleasure And Pain" for the best, which is also
classified internally consistent and reinforce the conclusion once more
the impression of a very solid, but not earth-shattering concert.

Who now for scarce 90 minutes is still not enough, can feast on bonus
material. Includes a detailed, english subtitled backstage tour was not
only packed on the disk, but also the music video for "Carmilla", as
well as a short trailer for "Cult Of Lamia," a film for which the band
has much contributed to musical material. A nice goodie for those who
want to take away from Wikipedia, Facebook, the official website and Co.
a more detailed picture of yourself THEATRES DES VAMPIRES.

So far, so good. Only in the production of the spectacle there is a
little exposed. Although a dimly lit stage is in the style of the
vampire theme and creates live probably a much more effective atmosphere
as brightly lit rooms. However, at least temporarily reduces the joy of
home television if only partially schemes, shadows and smoke may be
inspected. But whom it comforts: the darkness for it can be admired from
all angles and positions.

Anyone interested in the booklet design, can look forward to a little
picture book here. In the book, the DVD and CD style comes along,
surrounded by some partly blurred or rather non-informative images,
mainly of the singer. What actually is missing and must be indicated as a
thick minus point is the unique overview of the song sequence of the
DVD or CD. The only clue to the live show presents a photographed
setlist of the concert, at which the titles of the songs, however, are
partially reduced and not even the inexperienced listener learns what
are the full titles of the songs. Because even a chapter selection can
not be used on the DVD, as this was apparently also forgotten.
Fortunately, the correct title is displayed each time you start a new
piece and it does not depend completely in the air. However, as the
concept is to work with the accompanying bonus CD, I do not personally a
mystery. The title of the audio CD does not agree with the sequence of
live gigs, nor anywhere else to find a note on the songs. So little else
left but to shimmy song by song through the plate and to make himself
notes this, or to give the precedence of surprise.

We come to the conclusion: A live show without significant highs and
lows, which still leaves a positive impression, earning a DVD case with a
pretty but completely undurchdachtem artwork, and a perfect quality CD
with selected pieces of the concert benevolent

File Details:

Source: DVD
Format: DVD9
Video: MPEG2 Video, 720x480 (16:9), 29.97fps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz, stereo, 192kbps

Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011 Live In Moscow, Plan B Club, 16th April 2011

01. Keeper of Secrets
02. Bring me Back
03. Lilith Mater Inferorum
04. Angel of Lust
05. Sangue
06. Le Grand Guignol
07. Wherever You Are
08. Unspoken Words
09. Rain
10. Dracula Theme
11. Сarmilla
12. Medousa
13. Blood Addiction
14. The Gates of Hades
15. La Danse Macabre du Vampire
16. Kain
17. Pleasure and Pain

Bonus Material:

Behind The Curtains - Backstage Tour 2011
Cult of Lamia (teaser trailer)
Carmilla (music video)

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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Theatres Des Vampires - Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011 (2012) ([DVD9])
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