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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Six Feet Under - A Decade In The Grave DVD
Six Feet Under - A Decade In The Grave DVD
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Six Feet Under - A Decade In The Grave DVD

Current members:

Chris Barnes ? vocals (1995–present)
Steve Swanson ? guitars (1998–present)
Terry Butler ? bass (1995–present)
Greg Gall ? drums (1995–present)

Former members:

Allen West ? guitars (1995–1998) - Jailed

1. Lycanthropy
2. Manipulation
3. Victim of the Paranoid
4. The Day the Dead Walked
5. Amerika the Brutal
6. Bringer of Blood
7. Dead and Buried (Living in the Grave)
8. Shadow of the Reaper
9. Shadow of the Reaper (live)
10. Murdered in the Basement (live)
11. When Skin Turns Blue (live)
12. No Warning Shot (live)
13. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane (live)
14. Victim of the Paranoid (live)
15. Deathklaat (live)
16. The Day the Dead Walked (live)
17. Hacked to Pieces (live)
18. Hacked to Pieces (live)
19. No Warning Shot (live)

Six Feet Under buries the competition with “Decade In The Grave”, a fully
comprehensive collection that proves why this Chris Barnes-led outfit is
such a crucial band in the entire death metal genre today. When
consumed in such substantial quantities, the band’s hauntingly grinding
sonic violence becomes all the more lethal. Singer Barnes is well known
for intending to create the kind of music that will “…rip people’s
fucking heads off” and with “Decade In The Grave”, the brash and wholly
intense frontman has achieved the fullest realization of his creative
ambitions to date. A raging battlefield of death awaits the listener
with this enormous offering, as SFU stack the corpses to the sky with no
less than four discs packed with over seventy of the band’s best works,
rare tracks and a seventeen cut DVD that will bring grave-digging
devotees of the group through the band’s entire blood-soaked career of
brutalizing graveyard metal.

Six Feet Under often comes across as being very harsh. But it is that
harshness that often makes the band’s songs appealing. Less production
is more for SFU and that makes the demo tracks, early recordings and
rare cuts all the more enticing to hear. Although many compilations of
this sort are more geared toward diehard fans of a group, this decade of
death stuffed into a box becomes the perfect medium to discover the
group for the first time as well. This set runs the gamut of diversity,
showcasing each of the varied aspects of the group’s sound from the punk
metal stomping of “Revenge Of The Zombie”, to the blunt force trauma
attack of “Victim Of The Paranoid.” When the doomy, Sabbath influenced
darkness of “Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane” begins to deeply set
in, you’ll know exactly why 1999’s “Maximum Violence” record is one of
the most revered death metal albums of all time and by the time the
cut’s bludgeoning verse kicks in, you’ll be overtaken by the bruising
sonic demolition that only Six Feet Under can deliver. As this set rolls
through two discs of the band’s album highlights, tracks like “Murder
In The Basement”, “War Is Coming”, “Torture Killer” and “The Day The
Dead Walked” are prime examples as to why Six Feet Under has remained
the most noteworthy act of this type for the past ten years.

More recent material is represented well, with standouts from the
group’s 2005 “13” record bearing a major presence. Fan favorite “Shadow
Of The Reaper”, that albums, nastily grinding “Decomposition Of The
Human Race” and the thrashy, markedly grim sounding “Deathklaat” each
underline the band’s dominant, skull-blasting venom. A full fledged
death-tank of an album, “13” shows the band to be in their prime, but
for those who haven’t picked it up as of yet, the best material is to be
found in this collection. The inclusion of Barnes’ pair of Leviathan
demos shows that he is an artist which deeply desires to express himself
with varied forms of metal and these legendary metal hallmarks are
almost the icing on the cake. With more than enough audio to satisfy any
follower of these Godfathers of death metal, the inclusion of a
comprehensive DVD makes this set mandatory. Chris Barnes is truly a
luminary in the creation of this style of music and this excellent
package confirms the storied underground vocalist’s band as being the
preeminent force in all of death metal. Prepare to be buried alive.

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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Six Feet Under - A Decade In The Grave DVD
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