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Immolation - Bringing Down the World (2004)
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Immolation - Bringing Down the World (2004) DVD9

Immolation is an American death metal band from Yonkers, New York, United States.

The band formed in May 1986 by Andrew Sakowicz (bass guitar, vocals) and
Dave Wilkinson (drums) under the name Rigor Mortis (NY). After
recording the Warriors of Doom demo, the band changed their name to
Immolation in April 1988. The band signed a record deal with Roadrunner
Records and released their debut album Dawn of Possession. Immolation
was dropped when Roadrunner Records dropped nearly all of the death
metal bands on its roster. The band was then signed by Metal Blade
Records and released the three albums: Here in After, Failures for Gods,
and Close to a World Below. After their second album Here in After,
drummer Craig Smilowski left the band and was replaced by Alex
Hernandez. Their next three albums, Unholy Cult, Harnessing Ruin, and
Shadows in the Light were released by French label Listenable Records.

In May 2001, the band were the headliners for a tour in Europe with
supporting bands: Deranged, Deströyer 666, Decapitated and Soul Demise.
Unholy Cult saw the departure of guitarist Thomas Wilkinson and the
installation of ex-Angelcorpse guitarist Bill Taylor. Steve Shalaty
replaced Hernandez on Harnessing Ruin. In February 2008, Immolation
toured the US alongside bands such as Rotting Christ, Belphegor and
Averse Sefira. During January and February 2010, Immolation toured with
headliner Nile along with Krisiun, Rose Funeral, and Dreaming Dead.

In March 2010, Immolation released Majesty and Decay through Nuclear
Blast. In 2011, they released the 5-track Providence EP through Scion
A/V as a free download. In May 2013, Immolation released Kingdom of
Conspiracy, again via Nuclear Blast, and toured with Cannibal Corpse and
Napalm Death on a tour sponsored by Decibel Magazine.

chaossphere at wrote:

Close To A No Cigar - 80%

Well, well.... after seemingly endless delays, Immolation's long-awaited DVD offering finally surfaced
with less fanfare than I would've expected. Still, maybe they were aware
that it doesn't quite have the impact that one would wish. To be
honest, I was expecting to be blown out of my armchair by this thing,
but it merely left me wishing to see the band in a live environment. But
preferably not the sort that the shows on this were filmed in.

The main problem here is that the central show is from a support slot -
namely, an appearance from the Cradle Of Filth tour they were on in
2003. Thus, a few problems surface - for one, the crowd obviously
doesn't give a fuck, most of them being there to see an effeminate
midget strut around screeching like a tormened chipmunk while a bunch of
gothed-up session musicians play directionless pseudo-metal tripe and
half-naked fat chicks masturbate in cages. This also explains the second
problem - the sound, although decent, is rather fuzzy and indistinct,
and Alex Hernandez's percussive thunder is often very buried. Especially
his ravenous double-kick work, which is practically inaudible.

The camera work is decent, except a camera technician is often visible,
which is annoying. We want to see the band, not some guy fiddling with a
camera. The picture quality is also inconsistent. Some shots
(especially close-ups) are often mildly pixelated, although that's only
noticable if you're seated only a few feet from a 29" TV set like I was
when watching it for the second time.

Then there's the biggest problem of all. NOT ONE FUCKING SONG FROM
FAILURES FOR GODS!!!! OK, so they're obviously in love with Close To A
World Below and especially Unholy Cult, but to omit epics like "Once
Ordained", "No Jesus No Beast" and "The Devil I Know" is quite simply
criminal. There's also a mere one song from Here In After, but that's
better than nothing.

Then there's the bonus material: two shorter shows, filmed in varying
quality. The French show is amusing - the sound quality is utter shit,
it's filmed with a single camera from a side-of-stage balcony, and the
fans are insane. Unlike the plastic mannequins from the Dreidle of Filth
crowd, this lot are constantly thrashing around and many of them keep
climbing onto the stage (and are subsquently thrown back by two roadies
perched on the edge of the stage - refer to the camera-guy complaint
regarding the main show). The LA show, meanwhile, appears to have been
filmed through the eyes of the decapitated head of Syd Barret circa 1969
- the colours and focus are completely whacked out here, the band
members appear to be moving underwater, and the sound is quite cool in a
basement-demo-from-1984 way. There's also a couple of bonus tracks,
which are nicely filmed and makes me wish they'd included the entire
Tilburg show. Rounding things off, we get a decent interview with Ross
Dolan and Bob Vigna, and some shaky footage of the band acting like
asshats. Oh, and a video clip for "Of Martyrs and Men", which is also
the opening track for the 3 shows and thus is utterly superfluous,
because by the time you've watched those 3 shows you'll be getting sick
of hearing it.

Despite all my bitching, this is a good DVD. It just could have been a
lot better. Still, I don't hestitate recommending that you buy it, get
drunk and crank the fucker to 11 and sit there screaming along with the
words. Immolation still owns you and everything else.

File Details:

Source: DVD9
Video: PAL 4:3 (720x576) VBR 25.00fps 4800Kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3, 2 ch, 48000Hz stereo 224Kbps

DVD contents:

Live At Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam, Holland 18th April 2003

1.1 - Of Martyrs and Men
1.2 - Father You're Not a Father
1.3 - Unholy Cult
1.4 - A Kingdom Divided
1.5 - Those Left Behind
1.6 - Reluctant Messiah
1.7 - Unpardonable Sin
1.8 - Christ Cage
1.9 - Bring Them Down

2. Interview
3. Photo Gallery
4. Credits

5. Bonus Material:

-Sinful Nature (Live at the 013, Tilburg, Holland, 22.12.2002)
-Into Everlasting Fire (Live at the 013, Tilburg, Holland, 22.12.2002)

-LA Show (Live at the Key Club, Los Angeles, USA, 10.06.2003)
1 - Of Martyrs and Men
2 - Sinful Nature
3 - Father You're Not a Father
4 - Unholy Cult
5 - Furthest From the Truth
6 - Dawn of Possession

-Paris Show (Live at the Locomotive, Paris, France, 10.12.2002)
1 - Of Martyrs and Men
2 - Father You're Not a Father
3 - Unholy Cult
4 - Into Everlasting Fire
5 - Wolf Among the Flock
6 - Bring Them Down

-Videoclip  Live-  "Of Martyrs and Men"

Total Running Time: 02:26:19

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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Immolation - Bringing Down the World (2004) (DVD9)
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