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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Echolyn - As The World (1995) (DVD-5)
Echolyn - As The World (1995)
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Echolyn - As The World (1995)

EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & iPod M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
2005 | Velveteen Records, VR00011 | ~ 484 or 486 or 104 Mb | Scans -> 104 Mb
DVD-5: NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR | Dolby AC3, 2 ch -> 2.38 Gb
Progressive / Art Rock
As the World comes off much stronger than Echolyn's first few releases, with an
instrumental barrage that is full and flourished, sounding more dynamic
than 1991's Echolyn and 92's Suffocating the Bloom. With As the World,
Echolyn's progressive tendencies take root in the quick-changing rhythms
and in the musical momentum altogether, much like Yes's structure but
without the intricate string work. Many of the tracks harbor a
jazz-ridden flow to their sound, with smatterings of folk cropping up
here and there. "The Cheese Stands Alone," "Never the Same," and "My
Dear Wormwood" initiate a stable, neo-progressive feel, with time
signatures that appealingly fluctuate and shift without notice. As the
World implements more melodies in it's songs as well, giving the album a
much tighter impression and a more accomplished progressive groove than
its predecessors. Individually, Christopher Buzby's keyboard playing
steals the show, but not by putting his instrument at the forefront, but
rather by texturing the sound and coming in behind many of the tracks,
presenting them with an effective curtain of layered notes for the rest
of the music to lean against. Unlike a number of other neo-progressive
groups, Echolyn's instrumental and vocal prowess are at an equal level,
instilling cogent harmonizing throughout the album's tracks with regard
to the surrounding music. As The World presents Echolyn in their most
complete stage, tying any loose ends together that existed in their
earlier recordings.

by Mike DeGagne

As the World is simply one of the best prog releases during the 1990's.
Powerhouse tunes like the title track, Dear Mr. Wormwood, Uncle and the
Cheese Stands Alone, are wonderful pieces that should be played loud
from every progholes car when idling at a streetlight on a warm summer
day. Hell, if it's snowing, roll down them wndows and crank it! These
are songs of rebellion, standing up in the face of mediocrity, facing
your fears, expressing your individuality. Playing prog in an age when
sex sells. Get the point?

The DVD is a low budget local access cable station recording this event
and the camera work shows. Just when Brett Kull rips into his SG, they
pan to Ray Weston reaching for a cup of water, or some liquid beverage.
No close ups of Tom Hyatt on bass and Paul Ramsey stays hidden behind
his kit throughout. A few good close ups of Chris Buzby's busy fingers
pop up here and there. But what is really important, at least for me, is
the chance to see Echolyn at this point of their career, right before
SONY gives them the big wazzoo. These guys are tight. Not just because
the are crammed on a small stage, but musically and vocally, they
explode and bring these tunes to life. Kull and Weston are one of the
best singing duos I've heard in a long time. Pulling off tough
harmonies, hitting high notes with power. Sure, there's a few clams, but
they rock on without looking back. Tom Hyatt really smokes whenever the
mix smooths out enough to hear him clearly. The audio track is pretty
good for a raw show, such as this. "Here I Am" and "21" from Suffocating
the Bloom are played along with many of the ATW tracks.

The packaging is new, but I would have to say that the shrunken head
cover of the original was much better. Unfortunately, the lyrics aren't
included. No real extras in the packaging, except for an excerpt from
Greg Kulls poem, the Anatomy of Man. I hate to say it, but expected more
in the packaging, like photos, or lyrics.

To sum it up. If you already own ATW, this is NOT essential, unless you
really want to see them live. If you don't, this is a MUST for a true
proghole. As the World is one of the best modern prog albums, period.

by Dan Bobrowski
Echolyn - As The World (1995)

Tracklist CD:

1. All Ways the Same (0:36)
2. As the World (4:50)
3. Uncle (6:54)
4. How Long Have I Waited (4:43)
5. Best Regards (4:11)
6. The Cheese Stands Alone (4:48)
7. Prose (1:45)
8. A Short Essay (4:34)
9. My Dear Wormwood (3:34)
10. Entry 11.19.93 (6:33)
11. One For The Show (4:31)
12. The Wiblet (0:47)
13. Audio Verite (4:19)
14. Settled Land (5:41)
15. A Habit Worth Forming (4:24)
16. Never The Same (7:54)

Tracklist DVD:
Live from the Ritz, Detroit, MI (March 4, 1995)

1. Uncle
2. A Short Essay
3. My Dear Wormwood
4. Here I Am
5. 21
6. The Cheese Stands Alone
7. As the World
8. Interview with Brett and Ray


Christopher Buzby - keyboards, backing vocals
Tom Hyatt - bass, midi pedals
Brett Kull - guitars, lead & backing vocals
Paul Ramsey - drums and percussion
Ray Weston - lead and backing vocals

All thanks go to tatuk

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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Echolyn - As The World (1995) (DVD-5)
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