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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Monsters Of Metal Vol 2 (2004) (2xDVD9)
Monsters Of Metal Vol 2 (2004)
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Various Artists - Monsters Of Metal Vol. 2 2xDVD
2004 Nuclear Blast 1211-9


   Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (Dimmu Borgir)
   King Of Fools (Edguy)
   Liquid (Mnemic)
   Syndrome (Deathstars)
   The Quiet Place (In Flames)
   Metal Is Forever (Primal Fear)
   I Know Them (Ektomorf)
   Watch Out (Raunchy)
   Damage Zone (Re:aktor)
   Sixpounder (Children Of Bodom)
   As I Slither (Kataklysm)
   Unsterblich (Subway To Sally)
   To Mega Therion (Therion)
   Always Will Be (HammerFall)
   Enemies Of Reality (Nevermore)
   Grim And Frostbitten Kingdoms (Immortal)
   Wolverine Blues (Entombed)
   Flatline (Fireball Ministry
   Cain (Tiamat)
   Rain Of A Thousand Flames (Rhapsody)
   The Reckoning (Iced Earth)
   Mass Appeal Madness (Napalm Death)
   Until We Touch The Burning Sun (Thunderstone)
   The Grotesque Special (Benediction)

   Bonus Material: Studio Reports:



   Greed (Crematory)
   Light The Torch (Soilwork)
   Taking Back The Music (Anthrax)
   Stay Like This Forever (Farmer Boys)
   War Is My Shepherd (Exodus)
   Küss Mich (In Extremo)
   At The Mountains Of Madness (Orphanage)
   Used To The Truth (Sinner)
   If I Could Fly (Helloween)
   Desecrators (Of The New Age) (Destruction)
   I Walk To My Own Song (Stratovarius)
   Down (Rage)
   Infa Galaxia (Samael)
   We Will Rise (Arch Enemy)
   Roswell 47 (Hypocrisy)
   Cenotaph (Bolt Thrower)
   Transfixion (Meshuggah)
   Chaos Vs. Order (Darkane)
   Awaiting The Shining (Graveworm)
   Monochromatic Stains (Dark Tranquillity)
   To The Sky (Disbelief)

   Special Bonus Material Live Chapter:
   5 Steps To Freedom (Death Angel)
   Soul Poison (Dew-Scented)
   Angst Isst Die Seele Auf (Misery Index)
   Mystic Prophecy (Mystic Prophecy)
   Toxic Waltz (Exodus)

   Audio Part: Upcoming & New Stuff On Nuclear Blast
   Break The Emotions (Thunderstone)
   Like Jesus Wept (Farmer Boys)
   Blacklist (Exodus)
   I Get What I See (Raunchy)
   Slave To The Parasite (Hypocrisy)
   Suicide And Mania (Primal Fear)
   Greed (Crematory)
   Destroy (Ektomorf)
   The Ambassador Of Pain (Kataklysm)
   Borders And Shading (In Flames)
   Pieces (Single Edit) (Prime sth)
   Beyond The Fall (Orphanage)
   Al-Ghanor (Golem)
   Three Ships Of Berik Part I (Therion)

Playing time: Aprox 240 mins.
Format: NTSC
Region:  All Regions

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Monsters of Metal is a DVD series created by Nuclear Blast to showcase
metal videos by artists, both old and new.  Some are signed to Nuclear
Blast, other artists allow their videos to appear in the series.  All
forms of metal are represented, from power to doom to black.

8.5 of 10

Well, this seems like the new “Death Is Just The Beginning” comp. Since
that hasn't been out for a while now, the MOM seems to have taken over
and it's unlikely that it will die out anytime soon and I say many
thanks for that. Vol. 3 just made the rounds in Europe, but part two has
just landed in America. While, I love this comp. to death, I do have
some problems with it and perhaps the Nuclear Blast office will read
this and pay attention to me. First up! DIMMU is on here again with
"Progenies." They started this video off on the first volume. Why does
the label feel compelled to put this on again? Overkill, I say! There
are a shit load of other videos that can be on here.

DIMMU already (anti)christened the first one. Let others get a chance.
EDGUY jumps on here with "King Of Fools" which is the first video I have
ever seen from these German Power Metal maniacs. The video is not only
shot well, but they have a concept to go along with it with cool props. I
have heard that EDGUY have more videos in existence and hopefully they
will make it onto future MOM comps. MNEMIC is new to the Nuclear label
and they have already pumped out a second video for their debut and
"Liquid" is just pimped out to the max with special effects. Glad to see
that the NB camp is shelling out some decent scratch for videos. Also
new to the label is DEATHSTARS which features former members of
DISSECTION and the direction for these Swedes is more Industrial. This
is also their second video for the label and the concept is once again
rooted in sci-fi. It's creative!

IN FLAMES is no stranger to the scene anymore and they have been pumping
out many videos as of late and now we are graced with "The Quiet
Place." This one is also loaded to the hilt with F/X, but the song
sucks. I am so sad that these guys have become disappointing over the
past few releases with their Nu-Metal sound. NB, do me a favor and put
out the videos for "Artifacts Of The Black Rain" that was once on Beauty
In Darkness Vol. I. That was the shit! I don't think Ralf Scheepers is
in PRIMAL FEAR anymore. It's David Draiman from DISTURBED. Has anyone
else picked up on that besides me? Anyway, The PF crew are on here
proving that "Metal Is Forever." This is the first vid on here to be
void of any effects. It's just them in a dirty warehouse with some
broads and other people. It's cool that they are on here, but when you
are after about five videos that are extravagant, you feel let down with
this one, but hey, to each their own. SEPULTURA/SOULFLY wannabes
EKTOMORF were virgins to this scene until now and we are given "I Know
Them" complete with catchy, riffs, rhythms and tribal drumming. One of
my new favs RAUNCHY are riding the FEAR FACTORY wave, but only better
with their intense, yet melodic and catchy as hell number "Watch Out."
This is a bizarrely animated video. Pretty cool! I don't know why
everyone is making such a big deal out of RE:AKTOR. They are really
nothing more than MACHINE HEAD clones in the wave of groove Metal. The
video is once again tricked out with F/X and while it's easy to get
into, it's not a big deal.

COB has been winning more fans over the years the world over and they
strike hard here with the retardedly titled "Sixpounder." After ten
tracks of melodic Metal, Death Metal and what not, KATAKLYSM are primed
and ready to deliver some heavier than hell licks in a live performance
of "As I Slither." I've never paid much attention to Germany's SUBWAY TO
SALLY even though I saw them at Wacken in 2001, but now I am soaking
their video in for "Unsterblich" and it's pretty cool. The vocals are
about as distinct as say UDO except all of their Industrial songs are in
German. THERION make their way on here with an old clip that was once
on “Beauty In Darkness Vol. I” or II. "To Mega Therion" is an oldie, but
a goodie. This was my introduction to the band and have loved them ever
since. What's a NB comp without HAMMERFALL. The cheesy "Always Will Be"
just screams "skip." NEVERMORE are back with the heavier than all
"Enemies Of Reality." Black Metal legends IMMORTAL are on here with the
Godly Hellhammer pounding away on "Grim And Frostbitten Kingdoms." It's
very appropriate that this video was shot in the arctic (I'm only
guessing) while they are covered in Oreo cookie makeup.

Ok, ENTOMBED is here with "Wolverine's Blues" which kicks ass, but
couldn't you have done something with the sound production? It still
sounds like shit and could have used a big boost because I have to crank
my volume to 100 just to hear it. Once again, here's where NB fucks up
again by using the same video. FIREBALL MINISTRY'S "Flatline" was on the
other comp. Either use another video like "King" or replace this with
something else completely. TIAMAT are on here with their Goth jam "Cain"
which has been getting some decent exposure. RHAPSODY was nothing, but a
joke with their debut video on he first MOM. Now, they are back with a
video that is slightly in production, but still reeks with comedy. The
acting is abominable, but at least there is a hot chick that is topless.
ICED EARTH makes their way with a video for the first time. Although,
it's just them in a confined room, we'll take it. More Death Metal
crashes the party with NAPALM and BENEDICTION. If you like STRATOVARIUS,
then you will have no problem with THUNDERSTONE. At the end of DVD I,
there is an extra goodie like studio reports of your favorite bands.

Now, we jump onto disc two and CREMATORY gives us "Greed" from their
latest release. Thank God it's not another rehash of "Tears Of Time" or
"Temple Of Love." The melodies and industrial feel continues to further
with these Krauts. SOILWORK are gaining a lot of momentum thanks to
their evolution of sound and videos. We now are treated to "Light The
Torch" from Figure Number Five. This one is computer animated. I am
pissed here because the version NB chose for "Taking Back The Music" was
the live one from their DVD instead of the one that was filled with
zombie. Next time around on the compilation I want the fucking zombies,
damnit! FARMER BOYS are either a hit or miss as they make their NB debut
and a second video off of their release. "Stay Like This Forever" may
be too commercial for some, but I will leave that up to the individual.
EXODUS pump out a new video for once with "War Is My Shepherd." Once
again, the sound needs to be greatly improved! IN EXTREMO are another
batch of fine folks that take music into different directions. "Kuss
Mich" combines Industrial, German lyrics, melody, bag pipes and Metal
for something that is fun and catchy. Too bad I can't sing along.

Dutch Doom/Gothsters ORPHANAGE make from what I can tell a video debut
with "At The Mountains Of Madness." This complete with growly male
vocals and feminine female vox. Jesus fucking Christ! How many times do
we need to see SINNER's "Used To The Truth, DESTRUCTION's "Desecrators.
and HYPOCRISY's “Roswell 47”? HELLOWEEN along with Andy Deris' crooning
ways makes it onto this piece of plastic. The STRATO boys provide a live
clip for their latest. RAGE offers a cool video for "Down." SAMAEL is
on here with an old clip of "Infa Galaxia" which was computer animated.
"We Will Rise" is an anthem song from ARCH ENEMY that we will all sing
for the rest of our lives. Legendary Death Metal Gods BOLT THROWER make
the rounds and Math Metal/Thrashcore MESHUGGAH gives us a "Transfixion."
Insane Thrashers DARKANE should have a new CD arriving soon, but until
then, "Chaos Vs' Order" will have to do. CRADLE OF DIMMU worshipers
GRAVEWORM offer a live track in the form of "Awaiting The Shining." DARK
TRANQUILLITY have been adding more fans to their club everyday and when
you see/hear the video for "Monochromatic Stains", you'll know why.
Metalcore/Thrashers DISBELIEF are relentless and unforgiving as "To The
Sky" proves. The video is funny because it shows the band in mud as if
they were a bunch of cannibals living in the jungle. I thought primitive
living was in South America or New Guinea, not Germany. More special
features grace the disc after the vids.

Ok, the end result is another batch of videos that will probably never
see the light of day at MTV. Only a select few will make it. I love
these things and will continue to support them because there are a lot
of bands out there who need exposure and this is the best place to
showcase your talent. My only problem is like I pointed out before, the
sound of some videos and the repetitiveness of certain bands/videos.
Let's fix this problem now before I have to take over the production for
these DVDs. (Online March 18, 2005) - Metal Observer
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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Monsters Of Metal Vol 2 (2004) (2xDVD9)
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