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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Imaginaerum by Nightwish (BDrip) (2013) (Fantasy / Musical / 720p-DVD5)
Imaginaerum by Nightwish (BDrip) (2013)
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Imaginaerum By Nightwish is a 2012 Finnish-Canadian musical fantasy film co-written and directed by Stobe
Harju. It was developed with and features music from Finnish symphonic
metal band Nightwish's seventh studio album of the same name;
Nightwish's keyboardist and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen co-wrote the
film. Imaginaerum, which is produced by Markus Selin from Solar Films
Inc. along with Nightwish, is the feature film debut of Stobe Harju.

It received grants from the Finnish Film Foundation, a Finnish
government institution. The film received $575,000 toward its $3.7
million budget. The film was originally titled Imaginarium, but the
title was later changed to Imaginaerum in order to avoid mix-ups. The
film was released on November 23, 2012 in Finland.

A plot synopsis taken from Wikipedia:

The film opens on an orphan boy named Tom Whitman, who is building a
snowman. He dresses it with an aviator hat, goggles and a compass, and a
female voice is heard remarking how creepy the snowman looks. Later as
the young Tom is going to bed, a girl asks him if he is "the new guy".
He tells the girl that his mother died due to illness and his father is a
hero, a pilot and will pick him up soon. The girl tells him that they
are in an orphanage, a place for those with no parents. Tom keeps an
airplane toy, and a glass ball with a dancer, a princess named
Arabesque. The girl is revealed to be Ann (later Ann(ette) and Old Ann).

While the boy sleeps, the snowman comes to life and wakes up Tom by
opening the window and invites him on an adventure. Thus the ride on the
snowman begins.

The scene fast forwards to an old Tom sitting at a piano trying to
remember chords, but he falls off the bench and into a coma. It is
implied that he is suffering from dementia. At the hospital, the doctor
calls Toms estranged daughter Gem, telling her that there is little hope
for her father.

Meanwhile in Tom's mind, his younger self flies with the snowman, but he
loses his balance and falls into a surreal world with an old, broken
down roller coaster. There he unknowingly meets his daughter (who
appears younger) and an aged Ann, who warn him about the snowman. Young
Tom flees from the snowman to a "dollhouse" filled with mannequins,
where he meets his adult self, playing with his band while an adult Ann
sings "Slow Love Slow". Alternately the scene switches from elderly Ann
to adult Ann(ette) and they praise and mock him. Young Tom calls her
crazy, and she again warns him that the snowman is evil and it is the
reason for his memory loss and he should turn away from it.

Young Tom comes across a room in which he meets his father, Theodore
Whitman, who is drinking heavily due to the death of Tom's mother.
Theodore berates his son for being scared of clowns, and the door

Meanwhile, an adult Gem arrives at Tom's house, where she meets Ann, who
broke into the house. Gem gets annoyed and tells Ann that Tom would
have done anything for the band and his music at the expense of his
family. It is revealed that while he was with Ann, Tom's wife had a
fatal accident when Gem was a child. Ann informs her that he had been
with her because she had attempted to commit suicide, as it reminded him
of when his father took his own life.

Back in his mind, Young Tom is chased into a big top where he is taunted
and assaulted. He sees an adult Ann sing 'Scaretale'. He also sees an
adult Gem reading a story to an old Tom, then saws his head open. Young
Tom sees his older self smash his Arabesque glass ball, which he had
given young Gem, by throwing it against the wall, while he sees his
father hold a gun to his chin and fire.

Back in reality, Ann opens a safe, finding a bunch of seemingly
incomprehensible writing. Gem reads through and realizes that her father
did care for her after all. Ann makes Gem realize that in time Tom grew
as bitter as his own father. As a result, he pushed her away in order
not to hurt her as his father did.

Back in his mind, Tom rediscovers his memories of Gem and becomes
determined to hold onto them. He briefly confronts the Snowman, who in
turn begins to melt, and escapes on the roller coaster.

In the real world, after going through her father's notes, Gem discovers
that he wrote down all his memories when he found out that he is
suffering from dementia. Afterwards, Gem has Ann to drive her to the

In the dream world, The Snowman pursues a fleeing Tom, and when it
reaches him, the Snowman transforms into Theodore. Tom finally
relinquishes his grip on his father. In turn, he lets go of his last
memories of Theodore, and holds onto his memories of Gem. Shortly
afterwards, he reaches the end of the roller coaster ride, and awakens
from his coma with Gem and Ann by his bedside. Weakly, Tom reconciles
with his daughter before passing away.

In the final scene Gem plays the piano, and the repaired Arabesque dancer begins to spin inside the ball.

File Details:

Video: MKV...1280x544...6533 kbps
Audio: English...DTS...754 kbps
Runtime: 1hr 25min

Disponible sólo a los usuarios

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Forum » Videos » Videos en DVD » Imaginaerum by Nightwish (BDrip) (2013) (Fantasy / Musical / 720p-DVD5)
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