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Power Metal Ballads (2013)
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Power metal is a subgenre of heavy metal combining characteristics of
traditional metal with speed metal, often within symphonic context.
Generally, power metal is characterized by a more uplifting sound, in
contrast to the heaviness and dissonance prevalent in styles such as
doom metal and death metal. Power metal bands usually have anthem-like
songs with fantasy-based subject matter and strong choruses, thus
creating a theatrical, dramatic and emotionally "powerful" sound.The
term was first used in the middle of the 80s and refers to two different
but related styles: the first pioneered and largely practiced in North
America with a harder sound similar to speed metal, and a later more
widespread and popular style based in Europe (especially Germany,
Finland, Italy and Scandinavia), Latin America (Argentina, Brazil) and
Japan, with a lighter, more melodic sound and frequent use of keyboards.


Anthropologist Sam Dunn traced the origins of power metal back to the
late 1970s, when the groundwork for power metal lyrical style was laid
down by Ronnie James Dio. The fantasy oriented lyrics he wrote for
Rainbow, concentrated around medieval, renaissance, folk and science
fiction themes, directly influenced modern power metal bands. Some even
consider the song "Stargazer", from the 1976 album Rising, to be the
earliest example of power metal. In his 2011 documentary series Metal
Evolution, Dunn further explained how Rob Halford of Judas Priest
created a blueprint for power metal vocal delivery. His almost constant
high-pitched singing became one of the main characteristics of power
metal. The twin-guitar sound promoted by duo of K.K. Downing and Glenn
Tipton highly influenced this sub-genre. Another British band, Iron
Maiden, brought epic and melodic sensibility to metal, creating
anthemic, singalong music, an approach widely embraced by modern power
metal musicians. The emergence of the early German power metal scene in
particular was made possible by Scorpions and Accept. Swedish guitarist
Yngwie Malmsteen made a significant impact on many future power metal
guitarists, with his accurate and fast neo-classical style. His bandmate
Jens Johansson modernized the keyboard sound of Deep Purple's Jon Lord,
which was further incorporated into the genre. American band Manowar's
mythological sword and sorcery lyrics influenced a number of power metal
Musical characteristics
Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray during a show in Barcelona, Spain. Hansen is widely regarded as the "godfather of power metal."

Power metal is today associated with fast tempo and melodic harmonies,
the sound tempered by characteristics of speed metal, power metal's
musical forerunner.


Power metal is highly focused on the vocalist, with "clean" vocals being
much more prevalent than the growling vocals often associated with
extreme metal. Inspired by Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Rob
Halford, Geoff Tate and other heavy metal vocalists, power metal vocals
are often in a high register, and the singers vocal range is usually
wide. The majority of the genre's vocalists sing in the tenor range,
capable of hitting very high notes, for example Timo Kotipelto of
Stratovarius, Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween) and Andre Matos (ex-Angra).
There are however many exceptions who sing in either baritone or bass
range. Some vocalists sing in a harsh, thrash metal style, like Chris
Boltendahl of Grave Digger, Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray and Peavy Wagner of
Rage, or even make use of growls, like Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom
and Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää. Many power metal vocalists record
multi-layered vocals reminiscent of Queen, most notably Hansi Kürsch of
Blind Guardian, creating a choral effect.

Lyrical themes

Power metal's lyrical themes, though as varied as metal itself, often
focus on fantasy and mythology, camaraderie and hope, personal struggles
and emotions, war and death, or combinations of the listed themes. Many
Power metal bands based their concept albums on fantasy books and
national epics; for example Blind Guardian based their Nightfall in
Middle-Earth on The Silmarillion by Tolkien and Kamelot based Epica and
The Black Halo on Goethe's Faust. Historical wars inspired numerous
bands, like Sabaton, Grave Digger or HammerFall. Some bands have even
written their own imaginary stories, like Rhapsody of Fire's Emerald
Sword Saga and The Dark Secret Saga, Iced Earth's Something Wicked Saga
or Avantasia by Edguy's Tobias Sammet. Many otherwise typical metal
themes such as religion and politics are comparatively rare but not
unheard of.


Power metal guitarists and bassists generally play rapid streams of
notes, but change chords comparatively slowly, with a harmonic tempo of
once per measure or slower. Fast and demanding guitar solos, however,
are almost guaranteed. The slow changing of chords are significant in
defining power metal just as the fast rapid chord changes often define
traditional thrash metal. Power metal often makes use of Major chord
progressions as well as circle progressions. Some of the most
influential and imitated power metal guitarists are Kai Hansen of Gamma
Ray, Michael Weikath of Helloween, and Timo Tolkki formerly of
Stratovarius. It is a common trait in power metal for the bass guitar to
take a back seat, so to speak; often simply providing the chord root
notes and being drowned out by the more prevalent rhythm guitars.
However, some power metal bands incorporate bass that is more audible
with colorful patterns distinct from the rhythm guitars, such as
Helloween, Hibria, and Symphony X.

Many power metal drummers play double bass patterns with either two bass
drums, or utilize a double bass pedal or using them to play a constant
stream of sixteenth notes (semiquavers) with snare drum accents on the
beat, a style not restricted to, but most often associated with, power
metal. The style was used by drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg of Helloween,
setting a blueprint for many other drummers to follow. Others, such as
the drummers of Blind Guardian and Iced Earth, use a more thrash metal
style of drumming with rapid bursts of double bass that involve three to
six beats with the double kick. Even more uncommon, but not unheard of,
is the use of the blast beat.

Power metal bands often incorporate keyboards into their musical
arrangements, something popularized by Jens Johansson of Stratovarius,
though their usage varies from subtle accents to a full-blown melody
line. Some power metal bands also record with symphonic elements, and as
such, they utilize a full orchestra to fill the role usually played by
the keyboardist.

VA - Power Metal Ballads

001-Suidakra-The Spoils Of Annwn
002-4th Dimension-landscapes vestige of the earth
003-Adorned Brood-Jenseits des Horizonts
005-Artension-endless days radio edit
007-Chronology-Hidden Memories
008-Cruachan-I Am Tuan
009-Def Leppard-Love
010-Desert-lament for soldiers glory order 227
011-Eden’s Curse-Guardian Angel
012-Grave Digger & Doro-the ballad of mary
013-Great White-Love Is A Lie
014-Helloween-if i knew
015-Highland Glory-Diary Of The Dying
016-Imperia-Hold On
017-Krypteria-Come Hell or High Water
018-Liquid Horizon-to the stars
019-Night Mistress-Leaves Of September
020-Northern Kings - Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits cover)
021-Praing Manits-The Escape
022-Shadows Fade-first love song
023-Sons Of Seasons-Yesteryears
024-Stargazery-Everytime I Dream Of You
026-The Poodles-Can’t Let You Go
027-Tommy Vitaly-Eternal
028-Vinnie Moore-between then and now
029-Within Temptation-Fire And Ice
030-Adorned Brood-Magic Nights
031-Attica Rage-Altea
032-Battle Beast-savage and saint
033-Chastain-its still in your eyes
034-Danger Zone-thats why i fell in love with you
035-Desert-release me
036-Doro-im in love with you
037-Fliyn Freak-a future without good bye
038-GammaRay-Rebellion in dreamland (Acoustic)
039-Imperia-Let Down
040-Juicio De Dios-nomadas del mar
041-Krypteria-Hurt So Bad
042-Lizzy Borden-The Darker Side
043-Northern Kings - Hello (Lionel Richie cover)
044-Opera Magna-mas alla de la muerte
045-Shadows Fade-i wont look back
046-Six Magics-its not the way
047-Sonata Arctica-mary lou acoustic vers
048-Suidacra-Ar Nasc Fola
049-Supreme Majesty-one more promise
050-The Poodles-Crying
051-Tommy Vitaly-Just Me (Orchestral Version)
052-Virtuocity-without you
053-Windrow-Twilight In Dark
054-Within Temptation-Lost
055-4th Dimension-winters gone
056-Ceti-Black Curtain (instr)
057-Chronology-Neverending Dreams
058-Cruachan-Ride On ( ft. Shane McGowan)
059-Cuatro Gatos-lo que hay detras
060-Desert-soul of a wanderer
061-Golden Resurrection-Proud To Wear The Holy Cross
062-Great White-Save Your Love
063-Highland Glory-Alone (Heart cover)
064-Imperia-My Sleeping Angel
065-Kolizey-a way home
066-Krypteria-Liberatio 2011
067-Majesty-freedom heart
068-Nelson-Nobody Wins in the End
069-Northern Kings - I Just Died In Your Arms (Cutting Crew cover)
070-Praying Manits-If Tomorrow
071-Rampart-age of steel
072-Suidakra-And The Giants Dance
073-Symfonia-Don’t Let Me Go
074-The Poodles-Into The Quiet Night
075-Throne Of Chaos-reason to be
076-Tommy Vitaly-Passion
078-Within Temptation-Stairway to the Skies
079-Zonata-in the chamber
080-Adorned Brood-Tierra del Fuego
081-Attica Rage-Lost
082-Chronology-The Coldest Day
084-Danger Zone-walk away
085-Def Leppard-Love (Acoustic Version)
086-Desert-star of delusive hopes
087-Dorian Opera-Two Hearts
088-Doro-metal tango
089-GammaRay-Send me a sign (Acoustic)
090-Grave Digger & Doro-the ballad of mary(unplugged version)
091-Guardians Of Time-Sleep Eternal
092-Highland Glory-Without You
093-Imperia-Out Of Sight
094-Krypteria-Live To Fight Another Day
095-Legenda Aurea-its over
096-Moonlight Fear-no quiero regresar
097-Northern Kings - In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover)
098-Praying Manits-Whenever I’m Lost
099-Shadows Fade-run to me
101-Six Magics-they
102-Suidakra-Feats Of War
103-Symfonia-In Paradisum
104-The Poodles-We Are One
105-Tommy Vitaly-Air (Theme By J.S.Bach)
107-Wicked Jester-champagne in the rain
108-Within Temptation-Where Is The Edge
110-Nicodemus-so i wont be let down
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Forum » Albumes » Recopilatorios » Power Metal Ballads (2013)
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