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Forum » Albumes » Recopilatorios » V.A. - DEATH ZONE Vol. 1 & 2 (Compilation) (Black / Technical / Metalcore / Death Metal)
V.A. - DEATH ZONE Vol. 1 & 2 (Compilation)
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V.A. - DEATH ZONE Vol. 1 & 2 (Compilation)


Death Zone Compilation Vol. I is a compilation album released byDomestic Genocide Records (Indonesia) consisting tracks from 16 bands from Canada, USA, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia and India.

Domestic Genocide Records (Indonesia)  is an independent, donation run record
label, focusing on musicians who have been oppressed, who have not been
given the opportunity to deliver their message of creativity through
music. We are 100% online based and located in various parts of the USA,
but we service the world. Our name reflects some of the harshest
realities our artists and staff have had to endure throughout their
lives. We celebrate solidarity, respect, and offer a platform for their
voices to be heard.
We hope that our message of positivity in these difficult times is
infectious, so help us spread the word, and make these artist dreams
come true.
Live it. Breathe it. Express it!!
Death Zone Compilation Vol. I

Death Zone Compilation Vol. I is a compilation album released by
Domestic Genocide Records (Indonesia) consisting tracks from 16 bands

Members of the collection:
Ascariasis (Canada Technical Death Metal)
She Was Dead When I Got There (USA Technical Death Metal)
Beheading Machine (Poland Death Metal)
Upheaval (Turkey Black Metal)
Viscral (Indonesian Death metal)
Vision Eyes (Indonesian Metalcore)
Bloody Symphony (Indonesian Death metal)
Cinematic Machine (Indonesian Metalcore)
Defragment Otak (Indonesian Death metal)
Bastard (Indonesian Death Metal)
Knell (Indonesian Metalcore)
The all Prosthesis (Indonesian Metalcore)
Touch of Eden (Indonesian Metalcore)
Spartan (Indonesian Deathcore)
Unblessing Remains (Indonesian Metalcore)
Solar Deity (India Black Metal)

released 03 May 2012
Media Partners:
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Extreminal Webzine (Turkey Webzine)
Underground Music Unites (USA webzine)
Indonesian Metalcore (Indonesian Metalcore Community)
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Metal Four The Masses (USA Metal Blogsite)
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Compilation Vol. I
Track List:

1. Ascariasis (Canada) - Against The Tempest
2. She Was Dead When I Got There (USA) - Fish Named Vagina
3. Beheading Machine (Poland) - Perfect 3rd Eye
4. Upheaval (Turkey) - Falsehood Castle
5. Viscral (Indonesia) - Pareidolia Haze of Illusory
6. Vision Eyes (Indonesia) - Falling Skies
7. Bloody Symphony (Indonesia) - Keterpurukan Jiwa
8. Cinematic Machine (Indonesia) - Which Satis Faction You Betray
9. Defragment Otak (Indonesia) - Definisi Kemunafikan
10. Bastard (Indonesia) - Definition God's
11. Knell (Indonesia) - Novus Ordo Seclorum
12. The All Prosthesis (Indonesia) - Sahabat Berkarat
13. Touch of Eden (Indonesia) - Pasukan Jubah Putih
14. Spartan (Indonesia) - Welcome To The War
15. Unblessing Remains (Indonesia) - Ruin
16. Solar Deity (India) - Blasphemous Chanting On A Moonless Night

Compilation Vol. II

Death Zone Compilation Vol.II is a compilation album released by
Domestic Genocide Records (Indonesia) in 2012 featuring 19 bands from USA, INDONESIA, ITALY, ISRAEL, POLAND, RUSSIA, ENGLAND, SWEDEN, ARGENTINA and INDIA.
Almost two months after the release of the first compilation of Death
Zone, Gilang Hadi Saputra of the Indonesian group BLOODY SYMPHONY
produced a second collection. This time to participate in it are more
groups from different countries, in particular, with its track lit up
the domestic group SHTURM.
Members of the collection:
VALE OF PNATH (USA, Death Metal)
BLOODY SYMPHONY (Indonesia, Death Metal)
LAGO (USA, Death Metal)
VISCRAL (Indonesia, Death Metal)
SYMBOLIK (USA, Melodic Death Metal)
AGNOSTIC (India, Death Metal)
IN CASE OF CARNAGE (Italy, Technical Death Metal)
ARSENIDE (Israel, Death Metal)
WRITHING (USA, Death Metal)
DEATH STUMBLE (Indonesia, Death Metal)
ESCAPE FROM (Poland, Death Metal)
SHTURM (Russia, Melodic Death Metal)
BALESREAM (Austria, Melodic Death Metal)
DARK DESOLATION (India, Black Metal)
ANACHRONAEON (Sweden, Dark Metal)
LEGACY OF SUFFERING (Argentina, Deathcore)
KERKHOF (Indonesia, Metalcore)
STARK DENIAL (India, Black Metal)


1. Isolation In Infamy (USA) - Theory of Flight
2. Vale of Pnath (USA) - The Prodigal Empire
3. Blood Symphony (Indonesia) - Hieroglyphs Reincarnation
4. Lago (USA) - Youma
5. Viscral (Indonesia) - Pareidolia Haze of Illusory
6. Symbolik (USA) - Pathogenesis
7. Agnostic (India) - Maggot Infest
8. In Case of Carnage (Italy) - Two Sides of A Man
9. Arsenide (Israel) - Broken Angel
10. Writhing (USA) - Death of Your Dream
11. Death Stumble (Indonesia) - Sycophant
12. Escape From (Poland) - Zainfekowany Ob+e-Odem
13. Shturm (Russia) - Solitude Beside
14. Balesream (England) - Cyclonic Terror
15. Dark Desolation (India) - Futile Dogma
16. Anachronaeon (Sweden) - Mary
17. Legacy of Suffering (Argentina) - Legacy of Suffering
18. Kerkhof (Indonesia) - Mati Dengan Dosa
19. Stark Denial (India) - The Unknown Word

Disponible sólo a los usuarios
Disponible sólo a los usuarios

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Forum » Albumes » Recopilatorios » V.A. - DEATH ZONE Vol. 1 & 2 (Compilation) (Black / Technical / Metalcore / Death Metal)
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