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Forum » Albumes » Discografias » Alias - Discografía (1990-2009) (AOR de los 90, de lo mejor.)
Alias - Discografía (1990-2009)
topekeFecha: Domingo, 2010-10-24, 1:40 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Alias es una banda de A.O.R. Hard Rock formada en 1988 por el vocalista Freddy Curci y por el guitarrista Steve DeMarchi que provenían de la banda canadiense Sheriff, junto con algunos miembros de la banda Heart como Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen y Mike DeRosier.

Su álbum debut se llamó simplemente Alias y fue lanzado en 1990, contenía temazos como “Say What I Wanna Say”, “Haunted Heart”, “Waiting For Love”, “Heroes” o la baladaza “More Than Words Can Say”. De más está decir que la perfecta voz de Freddy Curci es lo que hace que cada tema sea extraordinario. Uno de los mejores discos que tengo en mi colección.

Lamentablemente la banda se separó luego de este disco, no se sabe realmente que sucedió, pero según Freddy Curci, Alias nunca se separó, solo que en ese momento era el auge del grunge y parece ser que las productoras no querían saber nada de la música Hard Rock y por esa razón decidieron disolver la banda. Dejaron grabados algunos temas inéditos que luego se llegaron a lanzar en un par de EP’s y en un álbum inédito titulado “The lost second álbum”.

Ahora y tras casi 20 años, la banda vuelve a reunirse ante la mayor diversidad por parte de las compañías y vuelven a editar en 2009 parte de aquel disco perdido más algunos temas nuevos, para alegría de los amantes del buen AOR.

- Formación:
· Freddy Curci - Lead Vocals.
· Steve DeMarchi - Guitars.
· Roger Fisher - Guitars.
· Mike DeRosier - Drums.
· Steve Fossen - Bass.

Alias - Alias (1990)

- Lista de Temas:
01. Say What I Wanna Say. 4:45
02. Haunted Heart. 3:52
03. Waiting For Love. 4:38
04. The Power. 4:26
05. Heroes. 5:22
06. What To Do. 4:18
07. After All The Love Is Gone. 4:17
08. More Than Words Can Say. 3:54
09. One More Chance. 3:37
10. True Emotion. 4:59
11. Standing In The Darkness. 4:34
12. Haunted Heart (AOR Mix). 3:59 (Bonus, solo en el 320kbps)

Alias - II (The Lost Second Album)

- Lista de Temas:
01. XTCOI. 3:46
02. Woman Enough. 4:37
03. How Much Longer Is Forever. 4:12
04. Diamonds. 4:13
05. Wild Wild One. 4:44
06. Play Me A Song. 2:02
07. Bare Necessity. 4:11
08. All I Want Is You. 5:03
09. The Warden. 5:11
10. The Call Of The Wild. 5:34
11. No Pleassure Without The Pain. 4:48
12. We Want It All. 5:19
13. Life Goes On. 4:57
14. Call Me. 5:19
15. Perfect World (Don't Tell Mom B.S.O. soundtrack). 4:36
16. Who Do You Think You Are. 4:11

Alias - Never Say Never (2009)

- Lista de Temas:
01. Woman Enough. 4:31
02. XTCOI. 3:44
03. How Much Longer Is Forever. 4:10
04. Give Me a Reason to Stay. 4:36
05. Wild Wild One. 4:47
06. Pleasure and Pain. 4:50
07. The Warden. 5:12
08. Bare Necessity. 4:06
09. All I Want Is You. 5:03
10. Call of the Wild. 5:36
11. Diamonds. 4:15
12. Play Me a Song. 2:20
13. We Want It All. 5:23
14. Perfect World. (Bonus Track) 4:33
15. Into the Fire. (Bonus Track) 4:37
16. Who Do You Think You Are. (Bonus Track) 4:09
17. When I'm With You. (Live Acoustic - Bonus Track) 3:45

Enlace operativo en TORRENT, mas abajo

La diferencia entre la Genialidad y la Estupidez es que la Genialidad tiene límites.
ojotigreFecha: Domingo, 2010-10-24, 10:23 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Otro grupo que el grunge se cargo, impresionante su primer disco, obligado tenerlo en tu colección.
Gracias topeke, por recordar bandas como estas, que la mayoria de gente no las conoce, pero que tuvieron una calidad extraordinaria y por culpa de put.. grunge, muchas bandas se quedaron sólo con el debut.

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tiuFecha: Sábado, 2011-03-19, 3:29 AM | Mensaje # 3
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el album en su momento tuvo mucho exito. yo me tire varios años esperando el segundo que nunca llego

Añadido (2011-03-19, 3:29 Am)
realmemte nadie nos supo decir si la banda seguia existiendo o no

ojotigreFecha: Domingo, 2013-08-04, 11:39 AM | Mensaje # 4
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Alias - Discography (1990-2009) 


Alias was a Canadian/American Album-oriented rock/hard rock, supergroup, band, formed in 1988 by vocalist Freddy
Curci and guitarist Steve DeMarchi of the Canadian arena rock band
Sheriff ('When I'm With You', along with Heart founding members Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen, and Mike DeRosier.
The band released its self-titled debut album in 1990 which went gold in
the US and platinum in Canada, scoring hits with power ballad "More
Than Words Can Say" (#2), "Waiting For Love" (#13) and "Haunted Heart"
(#18). They also recorded the Tonio K song "Perfect World" for the
Christina Applegate film, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead.
Alias toured extensively through 1990, including touring with REO
Speedwagon. The band also performed twice on The Tonight Show, once with
Johnny Carson and once with Jay Leno.
BMI presented Freddy Curci with the "Million-air award" for "More Than
Words Can Say". According to BMI’s web site, only 1,500 songs have
achieved Million-air status (one million air plays) among the 4.5
million songs by 300,000 BMI represented artists. One million
performances is the equivalent of approximately 50,000 broadcast hours,
or more than 5.7 years of continuous airplay.
Alias was featured in the Top 20 AOR Records of All Time, ranked at
number 17. The impressive list includes Def Leppard, Foreigner, Toto,
Boston and Journey.
In early 2005, an acoustic version of the band's hit ballad "More Than
Words Can Say" was released on a VH1 compilation disc, Classic Metal
Mania: Stripped.
Also in early 2005, "More Than Words Can Say" was featured in a Subway commercial aired during the Super Bowl.
In January 2009, Alias announced the release of their long awaited
second album. This album, appropriately titled “Never Say Never”, was
recorded in 1992 and was planned to follow their highly praised debut
album, but due to the rapidly evolving music scene of that time where
grunge was the on the rise and metal was fading, it was never released. A
few of the songs from this album were re-recorded and appeared on lead
vocalist Freddy Curci’s solo album Dreamer’s Road, however many tracks
remained unreleased. In support of the release of the album, Alias have
planned a series of performances for 2009, but the band member lineup
for the tour has yet to be announced.

Alias was founded in the late 1980s by two Canadian musicians,
songwriter / lead vocalist Freddy Curci and songwriter / lead guitarist
Steve DeMarchi.

Before Alias, Curci and DeMarchi were members of a Canadian rock band
Sheriff, from 1979-1985. Sheriff's popularity in the club circuit
garnered the attention of Capitol Records, which led to their
self-titled album Sheriff. Sheriff's singles received a large amount of
air play and reached the No. 1 spot in Canada, due to the success of
"When I'm with You". Although promotion and distribution problems
stalled the record's initial American momentum, the song reached a
respectable No. 61 on the Billboard charts. Reports of fans not being
able to buy the record in their local shops plagued Sheriff's American
tour. Rigorous touring, frustrations, and disappointments caused
tensions that split the band in two. In 1985 Sheriff disbanded.

After Sheriff, Curci and DeMarchi teamed up to pursue their music. With
the financial backing of friends and family, and with the help of
DeMarchi’s brother Denny, they built a recording studio in the DeMarchi
family home basement. They worked as couriers during the day, while
continuing to write and record at night. Most of these songs are on the
Alias debut album.

In 1988, 3 years after Sheriff split up, their song "When I'm with You"
re-entered and climbed the US billboard chart for a second time. A DJ
named Jay Taylor in Las Vegas had played this song on his radio station,
resulting in massive audience response and requests for the song.

In January 1989, Capitol Records made an unprecedented move and
re-released the Sheriff album in the US. "When I'm with You" hit No. 1
on the Billboard chart in February 1989. Curci and DeMarchi tried to get
Sheriff back together, but the other members of Sheriff were not
interested. Curci and DeMarchi moved on and joined forces with
ex-members of Heart: Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen and Mike Derosier, to
form Alias.

In 1990, Alias released its first album, a self-titled debut recorded
under the Capitol Records label. The polished album went gold in the
U.S. and platinum in Canada, while several tracks enjoyed radio airplay
in both countries. The power ballad "More Than Words Can Say" proved to
be the band's biggest hit, climbing to number one on the Billboard Hot
AC chart and number two on the Billboard Hot 100. A tour followed
(including a stint as the opening act for REO Speedwagon), but while
touring, the trio of former Heart musicians decided to leave the band
due to musical differences.

In an interview with Strutter Magazine, Curci indicated that Alias was never formally disbanded:
"Alias never split. Music changed. We couldn't get our music out there. No one wanted to hear it anymore. Grunge was in and, you know
what, that's OK, 'cause music needs to do that. It needs to change all
the time. That's how it stays fresh. Alias is still Steve and I. Alias
will always be Steve and I. Steve and I will do a record tomorrow if the
fans need one!"


Original Line-up:
Mike Derosie -- Drums
Roger Fisher -- Guitars
Freddy Curci -- Vocals
Steve DeMarchi -- Guitars
Steve Fossen -- Bass

Members involved in 'Never Say Never':
Freddy Curci -- Vocals
Steve DeMarchi -- Guitars
Denny DeMarchi -- Keyboards
Robert O'Hearn -- Keyboards
Larry Aberman -- Drums
Marco Mendoza -- Bass

On this discography:

1990 -- Alias (Full-length) -- Capitol Records --- [CBR320]
1. "Say What I Wanna Say" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (4:45)
2. "Haunted Heart" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi, S. Diamond) (3:52)
3. "Waiting For Love" (B. Walker, J. Paris) (4:38)
4. "The Power" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (4:26)
5. "Heroes" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (5:22)
6. "What To Do" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (4:18)
7. "After All The Love Is Gone" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi, R. Neigher, J. Paris) (4:17)
8. "More Than Words Can Say" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (3:54)
9. "One More Chance" (R. Neigher, F. Waybill, J. Dexter) (3:37)
10. "True Emotion" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (4:59)
11. "Standing In The Darkness" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi, D. DeMarchi) (4:34)

Total time: 48:41

1993-1994 -- Unreleased 2nd Album (Full-length) --- [CBR192]
01. XTCOI (3:46)
02. Woman Enough (4:33)
03. How much longer is forever (4:10)
04. Wild wild one (4:48)
05. Play me a song (2:05)
06. Bare Necessity (4:08)
07. The warden (5:13)
08. The Call Of The Wild (5:34)
09. No pleasure without the pain (4:44)
10. We want it all (5:26)
11. All I Want Is You (4:56)
12. Life Goes On (4:55)
13. Diamonds (4:17)
14. In The Heat Of The Night (Bonus Track) (4:13)

Total time: 01:02:48

2005 -- II (Full-length) --- [VBR~182]
01. Perfect world (4:34)
02. Bare necessity (4:07)
03. Worth the wait (6:00)
04. Call me (5:22)
05. Who do you think you are (4:16)
06. Call of the wild (5:35)
07. All I want is you (4:56)
08. Wild wild one (4:48)
09. Play me a song (2:05)
10. No Pleasure Without The Pain (4:45)
11. We Want It All (5:26)
12. Woman Enough (4:34)
13. The Warden (5:14)
14. Into The Fire (4:13)
15. How Much Longer Is Forever (4:11)
16. XTCOI (3:47)
17. When I'm With You (live) (4:04)

Total time: 01:17:55

2009 -- Never Say Never (Full-length) -- EMI Canada --- [CBR320]
1. "Woman Enough" (Curci, DeMarchi, Baker, Dei Cicchi) (4:31)
2. "XTCOI" (Curci, DeMarchi, Baker, Dei Cicchi) (3:42)
3. "How Much Longer Is Forever" (Curci, DeMarchi, Ribler) (4:10)
4. "Give Me A Reason To Stay" (Diamond, Lorber) (4:36)
5. "Wild Wild One" (Curci, DeMarchi, Meissner) (4:47)
6. "Pleasure And Pain" (Baker, Dei Cicchi) (4:47)
7. "The Warden" (Curci, DeMarchi, Baker, Dei Cicchi) (5:12)
8. "Bare Necessity" (Curci, DeMarchi, Schwartz) (4:04)
9. "All I Want Is You" (Harms) (5:03)
10. "Call Of The Wild" (Curci, DeMarchi, Burgess) (5:36)
11. "Diamonds" (Curci, DeMarchi, Stewart, DeMarchi) (4:13)
12. "Play Me A Song" (Curci, DeMarchi) (2:00)
13. "We Want It All" (Curci, DeMarchi, Baker, Dei Cicchi) (5:23)
Bonus tracks:
1. "Perfect World" (Krikorian, Burtnick) (4:33)
2. "Into The Fire" (Curci, DeMarchi) (4:37)
3. "Who Do You Think You Are" (Curci, DeMarchi) (4:07)
4. "When I'm With You" (Lanni) (live acoustic version) (3:46)

Total time: 01:15:26

Genre:Rock Subgenre:AOR / Classic Hard Rock / Melodic Rock Bitrate:Vbr Size:491.64 MB

Disponible sólo a los usuarios

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thank u  sdfsduivi!!!!!!!!!!
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