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Forum » Albumes » Discografias » The Poodles: Discography (2006-2013)
The Poodles: Discography (2006-2013)
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The Poodles: Discography (2006-2013)

The Poodles es una banda de hard rock/heavy metal procedente de Suecia formados en el año 2006, esta formada por Jakob Samuel en las voces,
Henrik en la guitarra en substitución de Pontus Norgren (actual
guitarrista de Hammerfall), Pontus Egberg en el bajo y Christian
Lundqvist en la bateria.

EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & iPod M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbp's
5CD | King Records, Spinning | ~ 2066 or 2077 or 643 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 494 Mb
Melodic Hard Rock / Glam Metal

- 5 Albums on 5 CD. Japanese Pressing with Bonus Tracks -

The Poodles: Discography (2006-2013):

The Poodles - Metal Will Stand Tall (2006)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & iPod M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbp's
King Records, KICP-1197 | ~ 342 or 344 or 110 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 105 Mb
Melodic Hard Rock / Glam Metal
There is a real renaissance happening in Europe, with some young guns doing great
business actually playing traditional melodic hard rock. What a concept!

The Poodles are 4 of Sweden's best session guys (members of Talisman,
Lions Share, Zan Clan, Dalton), who first started playing together as a
cover band to huge audiences. Best known to readers to this site will be
guitarist Pontus Norgen who is famous for his work in Humanimal and
Great King Rat among other things, and incidentally is also Europe's
live sound guy.

Metal Will Stand Tall is an apt title. Along with the two aforementioned
artists, this album sees the guys deliver the best style and attitude
of the classic era of commercial hard rock mixed with an updated and
gigantic production sound.

There is no reason why any fan of the old school glory days shouldn't like all three albums as all three are equally brilliant.

Where The Poodles are a little different from Wig Wam and perhaps even The Darkness is their approach to the music.

The Poodles are a little darker, a little more serious and a little
heavier than Wig Wam and more guitar orientated than Brother Firetribe.

A few tracks stand out first time around, but a dozen listens in proves
there are no fillers present at all. This is a pretty varied album and
the change in vibe between tracks takes a little getting used to.

At first glance, you would perhaps deduct that the album is not as
consistent or cohesive as the awesome Wig Wam album, but after living
with this for a few weeks I'm inclined to think it is every bit as good.

I generally prefer things a little darker and moodier and while there
are a couple of great feel-good party rockers here (Metal Will Stand
Tall, Number One), the overall vibe is more serious and tracks like
Echoes From The Past, Night Of Passion and Shadows all rock hard and
feature very memorable choruses, but also have a serious edge to them.

The band has their own way of doing things. Take the intense moody rock
ballad Song For You. It features the same dark groove apparent
throughout the album, but in a twist features guest vocals from Jonas
Samuelsson-Nerbe, who I guess is the Swedish answer to Pavarotti!

The uptempo and anthemic Lie To Me has a strong contemporary edge and
Rockstar is a brilliant melodic pop rocker with a slow beat and quirky
melody. Even the cover of Ultravox's 80s new wave pop hit Dancing With
Tears In My Eyes has a darker, more menacing twist.

The big power ballad of the album closes things out. Crying is a radio
hit in waiting and complete with orchestral parts ensures the album ends
on the highest of highs.

I love the crunchy guitar sound, I love the very melodic but powerful lead vocals and i love the pounding rhythm section.

In a word - essential. For all those that crave fresh talent, but with
the attitude, sound and energy of the classic era of melodic hard rock -
these guys are for you. I would recommend this to all fans of the
genre, be it American or European or elsewhere. The guys have major
crossover appeal and the huge wall of sound featured here, mixed with
some classic rockers makes for a truly joyous record.

~ melodicrock

1. Echoes From The Past - 4:11
2. Metal Will Stand Tall (feat. Tess) - 3:21
3. Night Of Passion - 2:59
4. Song For You - 4:43
5. Shadows - 3:01
6. Lie To Me - 3:33
7. Rockstar - 3:22
8. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - 3:36
9. Don't Give Up On Love - 3:46
10. Number One - 3:14
11. Kingdom Of Heaven - 3:12
12. Crying - 3:59

Bonus Track:
13. Night Of Passion (Acoustic Version) - 3:52


· Jakob Samuel: Vocals
· Pontus Norgren: Guitars
· Christian Lunqvist: Drums
· Pontus Edberg: Bass


The Poodles - Sweet Trade (2007)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & iPod M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbp's
King Records, KICP-1270 | ~ 370 or 372 or 113 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 105 Mb
Melodic Hard Rock / Glam Metal
The Poodles stormed onto the scene along with Brother Firetribe and Wig Wam as a breath of fresh melodic air from Europe.

On album number two the feedback has been mixed. I hear some don't like
it as much and I hear others like it more. That's what happens when the
formula of the debut is changed and that is what happened here.

The band doesn't sound radically different or anything like that. But
their sound has been toughened up and now sounds a little more European
melodic metal than the debut album which featured a few different
approaches with the song delivery.

This album is tighter, more urgent and heavier…but left behind is a
little of the variety and instant chorus melodies of the debut.

Still, what we do have is another fine record filled with in your face
uptempo melodic hard rockers as only the Scandinavian's can deliver.

Something that attracted me to the band in the first place was their
thumping rhythm and heavy beats and the opening three songs of Sweet
Trade cash in on that again.

The songs get better and better with repeat listens, but it is only
seconds before the beats crash through the speakers and belt the
listener about the head.

Flesh And Blood and Streets Of Fire both rock with urgency, but it is
the more melodic and anthemic Seven Seas which gives me chills.

Other highlights are the barnstorming hard rock of the suitably titled
Thunderball; the fast rocking but melodic Reach The Sky; the huge
lighters-in-the-air ballad We Are One; the harmony filled melodic rock
of Without You; the monstrous anthemic Band Of Brothers (brilliant and
both songs more like the debut) and the balladesque anthem Shine which
closes the album.

Highlights as you can see are numerous and the production quality of the album is once again unquestionably great!

The Poodles have their own sound and style after just two albums. Both
are fine releases – this new album is more consistent in approach, but
the debut remains my favourite for being more melodic and a little
lighter overall. Still, perhaps the third album will mix the best of
both worlds and if so – a masterpiece is just round the corner.

~ melodicrock

1. Flesh And Blood - 3:09
2. Streets Of Fire - 3:25
3. Seven Seas - 3:26
4. Walk The Line - 3:36
5. Thunderball - 3:50
6. Reach The Sky - 3:12
7. We Are One - 3:11
8. Without You - 3:45
9. Band Of Brothers - 4:31
10. Heaven's Closing In - 3:42
11. Kiss Goodbye - 4:31
12. Shine - 3:47

Bonus Track:
13. Flesh And Blood (Live Version) - 3:38


· Jakob Samuel: Vocals
· Pontus Norgren: Guitars
· Christian Lunqvist: Drums
· Pontus Edberg: Bass


The Poodles - Clash Of The Elements (2009)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & iPod M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbp's
King Records, KICP-1443 | ~ 495 or 497 or 153 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 117 Mb
Melodic Hard Rock / Glam Metal
Their debut Metal Will Stand Tall was a sensational, attention grabbing slice of
melodic hard rock Scandinavian style, but the heavier follow up Sweet
Trade lost a little of that magic, although still got played almost as
much as the debut.

Clash Of The Elements sees the band back on top with an album that
blends the best of both worlds – a heavier, punchier sound, but equal
attention paid to the quality of the song writing and making sure those
choruses really deliver.

My one problem here is that the band kicks off the album with a really
poor choice of song. Too Much Of Everything hasn't got the punch or the
quality of the rest of the album and in my view, the attempt here to be
commercial up front fails the album as a whole.

Second track Caroline is a far superior track and a true ass-kicker. Its
monster beat, monster chorus and contagious spirit would be a perfect
album opener. I skip track 1 each time this CD goes on.

And Like No Tomorrow is the perfect follow-on from Caroline. Less intense, but another huge chorus and immediately likeable.

One Out Of Ten is a monster ballad as most will know by now, followed up by another ear crunching rocker in I Rule The Night.

Elsewhere on the album Give Me A Sign is as good as anything off the
debut – perfect commercial hard rock with an anthemic chorus; the moody
ballad Can't Let You Go follows 3 individually diverse album tracks; and
then the best track of all – the absolute monster anthem that is Don't
Rescue Me. Brilliant!

The album closes with a double shot of hard rock and then another anthem
ballad Wings Of Destiny, which features some fantastic vocals and
harmonies. Another killer track from an album that already delivers
several classics.

The new general release version of this album from Blistering Records
contains an acoustic version of the track I Rule The Night and two
additional video clips (I Rule The Night and Like No Tomorrow).
The Bottom Line

In a word - essential! This is simply a great hard rock record and for
me puts the band back on the map as far as anticipating what will come
next. Fans of European melodic hard rock should not be without. Their
best and most consistent record to date.

~ melodicrock

1. Too Much Of Everything - 4:56
2. Caroline - 3:47
3. Like No Tomorrow - 3:24
4. One Out Of Ten - 3:48
5. I Rule The Night - 4:07
6. Give Me A Sign - 3:36
7. Sweet Enemy - 4:48
8. 7 Days & 7 Nights - 3:59
9. Pilot Of The Storm - 3:52
10. Can't Let You Go - 4:03
11. Don't Rescue Me - 4:09
12. Heart Of Gold - 4:24
13. Dream To Follow - 3:40
14. Wings Of Destiny - 4:14

Bonus Tracks:
15. I Rule The Night (Acoustic Version) - 6:26
16. I Rule The Night (Live Version) - 4:04


· Jakob Samuel: Vocals
· Henrik Bergqvist: Guitars
· Christian Lunqvist: Drums
· Pontus Edberg: Bass


The Poodles - Performocracy (2011)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & iPod M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbp's
King Records, KICP-1563 | ~ 428 or 430 or 133 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 106 Mb
Melodic Hard Rock / Glam Metal
This Swedish quartet has been around for some years now. After 3 albums and a single
live release, they have a new record by the name of “Performocracy” and
it’s sounds killer! The first thing you will notice about THE POODLES is
that they look like they were taken out from the L.A. Glam Metal scene
of the 80s; dyed hair, makeup, tight pants - all the deal. But on the
other hand, they have a modern sound and a modern feel that made them
sound unlike it. Their sound is like a twist of MOTLEY CRUE, IRON
MAIDEN, BON JOVI and even the early U2 especially on the mellow songs.

From the first track, “I Want It All”, this is an original song not to
be confused with the QUEEN classic; you will hear that these guys really
know what they’re doing. The song has an awesome intro that works
really well as the album's intro and set the vibe for the record. In
addition, we can also see that the band knows really good how to write
catchy choruses even though, the track's chorus is not as strong as the
rest of them, but it still sits well.

From the beginning to end, this album will take you on a journey through
the worlds of Hard Rock, Glam Metal, and Heavy Metal with a very
melodic and formidable structure. The songs are catchy, yet not in a
Justin Beeber sort of way. These guys can rock hard as seen for example
on “Your Time Is Now”, which is the heaviest song on the record, a very
powerful Heavy Metal song with a badass riff. On the other hand, they
have the power ballads like “As Time Is Passing” that is a great power
ballad that truly shows what a great voice Jakob has and so it his
range. However, one thing is missing in this song and that is the guitar
solo, instead of a guitar solo after the break they go into this catchy
vocal break that is cool but from my end, it ruined the build up of the
song. So as you all can see, THE POODLES can do it all and do it good.

Production wise, the album sounds amazing! All four of the band members
are incredible musicians and know how to make the band sound good and
not only themselves. Henrik Bergqvist's guitar work is very good, he can
do it all and he does it without taking the focus out of the other band
members. I especially liked his use of delay and other effects in his
rhythm sections. The production of Mats Valentineis great, he achieved a
sound that is a mix of a live filling yet very produced and full of
effects and synth stuff that make the songs sound depth, and off course
with an excellent job. Tobias Lindell did the mixing of the album, this
one is really a treat!

music they grow up listening to but put their stand on it and it sounds
great, fresh and fun to listen if you like the sub-genre. The only thing
that I noticed is that THE POODLES don’t have a line, the songs sound
great but their all over the place, which can be good, yet, if this was
the debut album of the band it could have gotten the impression that
these guys don't have a style of the own. However, their style is Rock
N' Roll, and everything that they have done is Rock N' Roll just as
MOTORHEAD and IRON MAIDEN always said all throughout their careers.

by Federico Taich, metal-temple

1. I Want It All - 4:02
2. Until Our Kingdom Falls - 3:03
3. Father To A Son - 4:12
4. I Believe In You - 4:10
5. Cuts Like A Knife - 4:09
6. As Time Is Passing - 5:13
7. Love Is All - 4:49
8. Your Time Is Now - 4:43
9. Action! - 4:06
10. Bring Back The Night - 5:14
11. Vampire's Call - 3:56
12. Into The Quiet Night - 4:23

Bonus Track:
13. Ship Of Fools (Demo Version) - 4:35


· Jakob Samuel: Vocals
· Henrik Bergqvist: Guitars
· Christian Lunqvist: Drums
· Pontus Edberg: Bass


The Poodles - Tour De Force (2013)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & iPod M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbp's
Spinning, SPIN-053 | ~ 431 or 434 or 134 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 61 Mb
Melodic Hard Rock / Glam Metal
THE POODLES is a Glam / Hard Rock band from Stockholm in Sweden. They were formed in the
fall of 2005. The debut album “Metal Will Stand Tall” was released in
2006, second effort “Sweet Trade” was released in 2007, third album
"Clash of the Elements” in 2009, in 2011 album “Performocracy” and now
coming in with the fifth album, "Tour de Force".

I have to share it with you that I was thrilled to review this new album
as a fan of the band that has been enjoying the power and the energy of
their songs. “En För Alla För En”, came as a bonus, took me by surprise
that I really liked. It is the official theme song for the Swedish
hockey team which will be used when the 2013 World Championships of Ice
Hockey visit Stockholm this month. This powerful sing-along result is
collaboration between songwriters Anders Wikström (TREAT) and Fredrik
hear the band singing in Swedish. This is amazing lively track and
melodic as hell! “40 Days And 40 Nights” is first single of the new
album which greatly shows that THE POODLES are still in perfect form,
Pop / Rock at its best. “Leaving The Past To Pass” is beautiful ballad,
violin & piano with an amazing high climate, choir singing gently as
backup. Opener “Misery Loves Company” is another highlight with plenty
of power, nice guitars and cheerfulness (though the title), along with
fine melodies. “Viva Democracy” is a killer, with low tuned guitars
swinging its catchiness all around, love that track with a great build
up. Henrik Bergqvist is a master at work, playing tremendous guitar
solos and catchy riffs, Jakob Samuel has wonderful strapping voice,
force, sensitive, melody and clear. His voice is special no doubt,
always easy to recognise that it is Jakob's singing. “Happily Ever
After” is another cheery dose groovy bass, sing along for the fans and a
peak solo moment.

Worth to listen are also: “Now Is The Time” with much dynamism and
easiness, “Godspeed” with fantastic stronger riffs and notable solos,
melodic “Only Just Begun” with low tuned guitars, catchy “Miracle” with
heavier riffs & following last is “Going Down” with several other
crunchier slides of fun.

This album is a work of art with so many catchy melodies, power and the
experience dripping right out of it. The engineering done is so good, I
could notice every instrument and channel. Fans of matured Glam Metal
and Hard Rock with ounces of melodies will wish to apprehend this one

by Katarzyna Zakolska, metal-temple

1. Misery Loves Company - 4:04
2. Shut Up! - 3:23
3. Happily Ever After -3:33
4. Viva Democracy - 3:36
5. Going Down - 3:54
6. Leaving the Past to Pass - 5:05
7. 40 Days and 40 Nights - 3:20
8. Kings & Fools - 4:41
9. Miracle - 4:16
10. Godspeed - 4:08
11. Now Is the Time - 3:38
12. Only Just Begun - 4:45

Bonus Tracks:
13. En För Alla För En - 4:23
14. Leaveng The Past To Pass (Acoustic Version) - 3:55


· Jakob Samuel: Vocals
· Henrik Bergqvist: Guitars
· Christian Lunqvist: Drums
· Pontus Edberg: Bass


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