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Forum » Albumes » Discografias » Therion - Discography (1991 - 2012)
Therion - Discography (1991 - 2012)
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Therion - Discography (1991 - 2012)


: : : From Death Metal to Progressive Gothic Symphonic Metal : : :

This is one of the best metal bands ever and also happen to originate from Sweden . In 1987 Christofer Johnsson formed a band called BLITZKRIEG. The band
later changed their name to MEGATHERION and finally THERION and managed
to get a record deal with the German metal label Nuclear Blast. Over the
years the band has released nine full-length albums and the members of
the band has changed several times. The true genius behind it all and
undoubtedly the most important member of the band is Christofer himself -
he writes all the music, plays guitar, hammond organ and keyboards as
well as used to do the vocals. There aren't many musicians with the
skill of this man in the world today but hopefully there will be more
bands like THERION to erupt from this planet in the future. The first
four albums are musically in death metal style but the band still
developed all the time, adding new elements to their music for each new
release - clean male vocals, arabic folk music, classic music and
industrial. Their fifth album called "Theli" was very different from
their first ones - Christofer finally had the budget to do the kind of
album he had been dreaming of doing for years but didn't have the
possibility to record it until now.

THERION had now become an operatic and symphonic metal band - mixing
melodic IRON MAIDEN influenced metal with classical music composed by
Christofer himself and with clear male and female choirs doing much of
the vocals together with Christofer Johnson. You can hear the beginning
of this development already on the "Lepaca Kliffoth" album but the
difference in quality if you compare this with "Theli" is unbelievable.
Since then they have continued in the same direction of opera metal. On
these later albums Christofer has hired world class session musicians to
play all kinds of orchestral instruments - violin, fluite, cello and so
on - as well as female and male choirs to do the opera-like vocals. In
1997 they released a 10-year aniversary album called "A'arab Zaraq Lucid
Dreaming", containing old non-released material, a few covers and a
sound-track (pure classic music) Christofer did for an art-movie.

Among the female choir members you can find the great Sarah Jezebel Deva
doing solo, duet, alto and soprano vocals. She has also helped out
other great bands like COVENANT and CRADLE OF FILTH with her strong
voice. On the "Vovin" album you can also hear Lorentz Aspen from THEATRE
OF TRAGEDY playing hammond organ. Other guest musicians on their album
have been Ralf Scheepers (GAMMA RAY, PRIMAL FEAR), Peter Tägtgren
(HYPOCRISY) and Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN). If you're a real metal
fan you will probably like all their albums, otherwise the latest ones,
beginning with "Theli", are of supremely best quality. This is a unique
metal band that you must hear because music doesn't get any better than
this! Perhaps they have become a little bit too soft with their latest
releases, letting the choirs and orchestra do to much of the music for
them but it's still great.


Current members:
1987-   Christofer Johnsson - guitar, keyboards, programming, vocals
2008-   Johan Koleberg - drums
2008-2010   Nalle "Grizzly" Påhlsson - bass
› 2011-   -//-
2009-   Thomas Vikström - vocals
2010-   Christian Vidal - guitars

Former musicians:

1987-1992   Oskar Forss - drums
1987-1992   Erik "Tyrant" Gustavsson - bass
1987-1993   Peter Hansson - guitars, keyboards, bass
1989   Matti Kärki - vocals
1993-1994   Magnus Barthelsson - guitar
1993-1997   Piotr Wawrzeniuk - vocals, drums
1994-1996   Lars Rosenberg - bass
1995   Tommy Eriksson - guitar, drums
› 1996-1998   -//-
1995-1996   Jonas Mellberg - guitars, keyboards
1998-2001   Sami Karppinen - drums
1999-2008   Kristian Niemann - guitars, mandolin (2004), keyboards (2007)
1999-2008   Johan Niemann - bass, mandolin (2004), guitar (2007)
2001-2004   Richard Evensand - drums
2004-2008   Petter Karlsson - drums, guitar, vocals, keyboards


1991 - Of Darkness
1992 - Beyond Sanctorum
1993 - Symphony Masses - Ho Drakon Ho Megas
1995 - Lepaca Kliffoth
1996 - Theli
1997 - A'Arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming
1998 - Vovin
1999 - Crowning Of Atlantis
2000 - Deggial
2001 - Secret Of The Runes
2004 - Sirius B
2004 - Lemuria
2007 - Gothic Kabbalah
2010 - Sitra Ahra
2012 - Les Fleurs Du Mal

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Forum » Albumes » Discografias » Therion - Discography (1991 - 2012)
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