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Forum » Albumes » Discografias » Wuthering Heights(Nils Patrik Johansson)Discography(1999-201 (Melodic Metal)
Wuthering Heights(Nils Patrik Johansson)Discography(1999-201
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Wuthering Heights (Nils Patrik Johansson) - Full length discography (1999-2010)


Originally formed in the beginning of the nineties, the symphonic speed
metal band Wuthering Heights started to draw attention in the small
metal-scene of Copenhagen. Different musicians as well as names like
Minas Tirith and Vergelmir have come and gone in the history of the
band, and the only founding member in the band today is Erik Ravn. The
bands first studio-experience was in 1994/95, when they recorded the
Vergelmir demo-tape at the famous Sweet Silence Studio (Metallica, Blind
Guardian etc.) in Copenhagen. Although the demo-tape didn't quite get
the desired production, it accomplished it's task, as it circulated
through the European metal-underground where it was well received in
countries like Italy and Germany.The next major event in the history of
Wuthering Heights was in 1996/97 when they were one of the bands
featured on the compilation-CD "Extremity Rising Vol.2" made by Serious
Entertainment. The song used on that CD was "Sorrow In Memoriam", which
nicely sums up all that Wuthering Heights is about: Huge compositions,
great orchestral parts, folk-influences, intriguing lyrics, up-tempo
(speed) and progressive metal. In summer of 1997 the band finally got a
deal with a German record label, who (for some reason) were convinced
that the band played gothic/epic metal. This co-operation resulted in
the demo CD "Within", which saw the band heading in a more progressive
power/speed metal direction, leading to the break-up with this label.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS - the debut album

After only a couple of weeks the band were offered deals with different
record companies all over the World, and in the beginning of 1998
Wuthering Heights started up the co-operation with the American
progressive rock/metal label The Laser's Edge/Sensory. After having
signed an album-by-album deal with The Laser's Edge/Sensory, the
recording of the debut album "Within" - part one of an up-coming trilogy
- took place in August/September 1998 in the Aabenraa Studios with
producer Jacob Hansen. At that time Wuthering Heights featured guitarist
Erik Ravn, keyboarder Rune S. Brink, bassist Kasper Gram, drummer
Morten Nødgaard and well known Swedish vocalist Kristian "Krille" Andrén
(ex-Fifth Reason, Street Talk, Tad Morose and Memento Mori). Artwork
for "Within" was done by none other than the highly acclaimed Kristian
Wählin, (known for his work with Memory Garden, King Diamond,
Dissection, Bathory, Morgana Lefay a.o.).
After the release of "Within" in October 1999, Wuthering Heights
experienced tremendous response from media and fans all over the World. A
great deal of interviews were arranged, mainly with Erik Ravn, and the
name started to spread throughout the worldwide metal scene. In late
1999 and the first half of 2000 the band played several gigs in and
around their hometown of Copenhagen, using Peter Jensen (from Sinphonia,
ex-Lost Horizons) as stand-in / extra guitarist, and even though this
was not the band's proper element (after all, with one member living
2000 kilometres away, it is hard to practice all the time), the concerts
went great and the fans seemed to love it.

Current members:
1989-   Erik Ravn - guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, mandolin, voice
2001-   Morten Gade Sørensen - drums
2003-   Nils Patrik Johansson - vocals
2004-   Andreas Lindahl - keyboards
2004-   Martin Arendal - guitar
2004-   Teddy "Dr. Ted Killer Miller" Möller - bass, drums, guitar, vocals

Guest musicians:
1998   Henriette Cordes - violin
1998   Troels Liebgott - flute
2001   Finn Zierler - backing vocals
2001   Klaus Lindy - backing vocals
2001   Claus Jensen - backing vocals
2001-2002   Lorenzo Deho - bass
2002-2003   Henrik Svanekær - banjo
2002-2003   Ulrik Tofte Jespersen - flute
2002-2003   Jette Hansen - bagpipe
2002-2003   Tommy Hansen - backing vocals
› 2006   -//- hammond, keys, accordion, percussion, vocals
› 2009-2010   -//- hammond organ, accordion
2006   Niklas Kupper - backing vocals
2006   Tina Gunnarsson - backing vocals
2006   Lisbeth Sagen - violin

Within 1999
To Travel for Evermore 2002
Far from the Madding Crowd 2004
The Shadow Cabinet 2006
Salt 2010

1. Enter the Cave
2. Hunter in the Dark
3. Too Great Thy Gift
4. Sorrow in Memoriam
5. Dreamwalker
6. The Bird
7. The Wanderer's Farewell

1. Behind Tearstained Ice
2. The Nevershining Stones
3. Dancer in the Light
4. Lost Realms
5. Battle of the Seasons
6. A Sinner's Confessing I: Dawn/II: The Child in the Sun/III: The Man in the Moon/IV: Dusk
7. See Tomorrow Shine
8. Through Within to Beyond
9. River Oblivion

1. Gather Ye Wild
2. The Road Goes Ever On
3. Tree
4. Longing for the Woods Part I: The Wild Children
5. Highland Winds
6. Longing for the Woods Part II: The Ring of Fire
7. The Bollard
8. Bad Hobbits Die Hard
9. Longing for the Woods Part III: Herne's Prophecy
10. Land of Olden Glory
11. Lament for Lórien
12. The Tapdancer-Gather Ye Wild (Reprise)

1. Demon Desire
2. Beautifool
3. The Raven
4. Faith - Apathy Divine Part 1
5. Envy
6. Snow - Apathy Divine Part 2
7. Sleep
8. I Shall Not Yield
9. Reason ... ?
10. Carpe Noctem - Seize the Night

1. Away!
2. The Desperate Poet
3. The Mad Sailor
4. The Last Tribe (Mother Earth)
5. Tears
6. Weather the Storm
7. The Field
8. Water of Life
9. Lost at Sea

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Forum » Albumes » Discografias » Wuthering Heights(Nils Patrik Johansson)Discography(1999-201 (Melodic Metal)
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