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Forum » Albumes » Discografias » Omen - JD Kimball Discography (Heavy-Power Metal-FLAC-)
Omen - JD Kimball Discography
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Omen - J.D. Kimball discography FLAC pack (5 CD 1 DVD PAL Untouched)

RLSDATE: 2013/08/05              SOURCE: CD/DVD5 PAL
GENRE: Heavy Metal             FORMAT: FLAC 1.2.1
RiPPER: Exact Audio Copy 1.0b3    Size: 4.41 GB

This pack includes:


The box set incorporates the albums Battle Cry, Warning Of Danger and the
Nightmares EP plus a bonus live DVD.

Please read individual NFOs for further details

AMG Band Bio:

Although not a huge name in the metal world, Omen has enjoyed a small cult following
among headbangers since the early '80s. Omen is best-known for melodic yet aggressive
power metal/fantasy metal along the lines of King Diamond, Queensryche, Savatage,
Manowar, and Helloween; Omen is forceful and hard-driving, but they're always been
musical and melodic. The band was formed in Los Angeles in 1983 by lead guitarist
Kenny Powell, who had been a member of an L.A.-based band called Savage Grace. Powell's
early influences included Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, UFO, Ronnie James Dio, Black
Sabbath, and Rainbow (among others), and Omen's Metal Blade and Enigma recordings of
the '80s reflected the guitarist's appreciation of those headbangers. Omen has had
it's share of lineup changes over the years; in addition to Powell, the band's early
members included lead singer J.D. Kimball, bassist Jody Henry, and drummer Steve
Wittig. In 1984, Omen signed with the L.A.-based Metal Blade and recorded their debut
album, Battle Cry, which was followed by Warning of Danger in 1985, The Curse in 1986
and Nightmares in 1987. Throughout the '80s, glam metal, pop-metal and hair bands were
huge on the L.A./Hollywood rock scene -- the Sunset Strip was inundated with bands that
hoped to be the next Quiet Riot, Poison, or L.A. Guns. But when other L.A. bands were
heavily into the glam scene, Omen was a power metal band first and foremost.


RLSDATE: 2013/08/05             RTLDATE: 2003/09/22
GENRE: Heavy Metal             FORMAT: FLAC 1.2.1
RiPPER: Exact Audio Copy 1.0b3    Size: 3.51 GB
SOURCE: CD/DVD5-PAL            RUNTiME: 44:04/46:44/1:05:05
RELEASE: Metal Blade Records 14459
ORiGiN: Germany

with log/cue/nfo/m3u/sfv/cover art.


Disc 1 - Battle Cry (1984)

01) Death Rider
02) The Axeman
03) Last Rites
04) Dragon's Breath
05) Be My Wench
06) Torture Me ("Metal Massacre Vol. 5" Demo - Bonus Track)
07) Battle Cry
08) Die By The Blade
09) Prince Of Darkness
10) Bring Out The Beast
11) In The Arena
12) Battle Cry (Live Bonus Track - San Antonio, Tx 1986)

Many up-and-coming American metal bands of the early 1980s wished they were
Iron Maiden, but few came as close to achieving the feat as Los Angeles' Omen
with their debut album from 1984, Battle Cry. Although it was also obviously
fueled by the nascent acceleration of thrash (look no further than raging opener
"Death Rider" for that), the album's steel-bound heart was unquestionably pumped
by New Wave of British Heavy Metal blood: from the gritty staccato riffs and
pounding war-drums, to the predominant fantasy themes and anthemic choruses gracing
such enduring standouts as "Dragon's Breath," the title track, and the heartfelt
love song (well, not really) "Be My Wench." True, probably none of the songs on
Battle Cry stood out for true originality or groundbreaking invention; but it's
pretty nigh impossible to remain unmoved by the fist-pumping, head-banging passion
(not to mention red-hot fretwork from guitarist Kenny Powell) behind the likes of
"Die by the Blade" and "Bring out the Beast" -- and that must count for something.
Heck, even over-the-top closer "In the Arena" is still completely irresistible, no
matter a true-blue metal head's age or cynicism; suffice to say Ronnie James Dio
would kill to have written it! And yet, because their subsequent albums arguably
never matched this first one's consistency, time has not been as kind to Omen's
memory as that of, say, the overrated Metal Church, the often ludicrous Manowar,
or even well-deserving labelmates Armored Saint. But, for fans of classic American
heavy metal looking for a guaranteed mid-'80s delight, there's little chance of a
letdown from this release.

Disc 2 - DVD - Live at The Country Club, Los Angeles, September 1984

01) Death Rider
02) Dragon's Breath
03) Road Warrior
04) The Axeman
05) Be My Wench
06) Die By The Blade
07) In The Arena
08) Prince Of Darkness
09) Bring Out The Beast
10) Battle Cry
11) Torture Me

Disc 3 - Warning Of Danger (1985) & Nightmares (1987)

01) Warning Of Danger
02) March On
03) Ruby Eyes (Of The Serpent)
04) Don't Fear The Night
05) V.B.P.
06) Premonition
07) Termination
08) Make Me Your King
09) Red Horizon
10) Hell's Gates
11) Termination (Live Bonus Track - San Antonio, Tx 1986)

Like many of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands that inspired them, the appeal
of Omen's songwriting seemed to be inversely proportional to the quality of their
recordings. That is, as the band matured and produced ever more polished and
technically professional LPs, a certain something was mysteriously lost in some
bizarre kind of reverse Faustian bargain. Which is a long way of explaining just
why their second album, 1985's Warning of Danger, though clearly superior in scientific
terms, was simply not quite as good as its predecessor, 1984's minor classic Battle Cry.
Opinions may vary, of course, but the general consensus among critics and fans appears
to support this odd contradiction, no matter the presence of quite a few top-notch metal
anthems like "Ruby Eyes (Of the Serpent)," "Termination" and the stately "Hell's Gate,"
being found on Warning of Danger. Perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, most of these
highlights were also the ones bearing the most lingering hallmarks of the band's early
Iron Maiden influence: tightly played harmony guitars, galloping rhythms, and fantasy
yarns to cap them (see also the cryptically named "V.B.P.," in that regard). In any case,
the remaining material lacked the distinct spark of those earlier, rough-hewn gems --
dulling Omen's edges and initiating the process of decline that would see them get lost
amongst the endless stream of competent, but now forgotten, American metal bands putting
out records in the mid-'80s.

12) Nightmares
13) Shock Treatment
14) Dragon's Breath
15) Termination
16) Bounty Hunter
17) Whole Lotta Rosie (Live - San Antonio, Tx 1986)

Omen's second release of 1985 was this generous six-song EP, which, aside from introducing
a trio of brand new tracks ("Shock Treatment," "Bounty Hunter" and, most memorably, the
one that provides its name), reprised some of the band's best material to date ("Dragon's
Breath," the thrash-intensive "Termination", plus a live cover of AC/DC's "Whole Lotta
Rosie." All in all, nothing too exciting for first time listeners, but quite the
collectable nugget for more serious fans to seek out.


RLSDATE: 2013/08/05             RTLDATE: 1986/XX/XX
GENRE: Heavy Metal             FORMAT: FLAC 1.2.1
RiPPER: Exact Audio Copy 1.0b3    Size: 316 MB
SOURCE: CD                     RUNTiME: 45:30
RELEASE: Metal Blade Records 14216

with log/cue/nfo/m3u/sfv/cover art.


01) The Curse
02) Kill On Sight
03) Holy Martyr
04) Eye Of The Storm
05) S.R.B.
06) Teeth Of The Hydra
07) At All Cost
08) Destiny
09) Bounty Hunter
10) The Larch

The final album recorded by Omen's classic lineup, The Curse found the Los
Angeles group in a state of transition, relinquishing many of their original
New Wave of British Heavy Metal-inspired trademarks in a somewhat forced attempt
to play catch-up to the by-then dominant thrash metal movement. The ploy didn't
work, however, and, even when they could still count on solid songwriting instincts
and top-notch musicianship to carry them through, speed metal wannabes like the
opening title cut, "S.R.B.," and "At All Cost," were quite simply no match for the
innately thrashing likes of Metallica, Slayer, et. al. On the other hand, when Omen
remembered their roots, their abilities for fashioning multi-paced and melodic heavy
metal, bordering on the yet-to-be-conceived subgenre of power metal, were still as
good as it got within the 50 states. The Curse offers two formidable examples of
this talent: the near epic "Teeth of the Hydra" -- a veritable tour de force for
guitarist extraordinaire Kenny Powell; and the fan favorite "Holy Martyr" --
featuring an unforgettable chorus and introduced by what is almost surely Omen's
most recognizable riff ever. It could be argued that this pair alone more than
justifies The Curse's enduring position as a minor cult favorite among '80s metal
collectors, but rarely as lofty as that held by its two predecessors.


RLSDATE: 2013/03/13             RTLDATE: 2008/XX/XX
GENRE: Heavy Metal             FORMAT: FLAC 1.2.1
RiPPER: Exact Audio Copy 1.0b3    Size: 233 MB
SOURCE: CDr                    RUNTiME: 35:15
RELEASE: KRP Records             ORiGiN: USA

with log/cue/nfo/m3u/sfv/cover art.


01) Premonition/Death Rider
02) The Curse
03) Battle Cry
04) Bounty Hunter
05) Torture Me
06) Kings Rock
07) Escape From Hell
08) Voices Screaming


Produced and mixed by Kenny Powell
Tracks 1-5 Recorded live in San Antonio Texas 1986
Tracks 6-8 Recored at KRP Studio Dallas Texas 2008

Kenny Powell - All Guitars
J.D. Kimball (RIP) - Vocals Tracks 1-5

Jody Henry - Bass Tracks 1-7
Steve Wittig - Drums Tracks 1-7
Coburn Pharr - Vocals Track 7
Matt Story - Vocals Track 8
Andy Haas - Bass Track 8
Rick Murray - Drums Track 8

Self released in 2008 by Kenny Powell via his MySpace page.  Limited
to approximately 300 copies, fewer with full artwork.


RLSDATE: 2013/03/13             RTLDATE: 2012/03/XX
GENRE: Heavy Metal             FORMAT: FLAC 1.2.1
RiPPER: Exact Audio Copy 1.0b3    Size: 361 MB
SOURCE: CD                     RUNTiME: 51:18
RELEASE: No Remorse Records NRR023
ORiGiN: Greece

with log/cue/nfo/m3u/sfv/cover art.


01) Premonition
02) Death Rider
03) The Curse
04) Battle Cry
05) Bounty Hunter
06) Torture Me
07) Warning Of Danger (Demo)
08) Ruby Eyes (Of The Serpent) (Demo)
09) Don't Fear The Night (Demo)
10) March On (Demo)
11) Kings Rock
12) Escape To Nowhere (Re-recorded)
13) Voices Screaming


The live recordings are from 1985, at the Cameo Theater, San
Antono, Tx.  This was a shitty cassette tape from the monitor
mix, but due to the fact there are live recordings of the
original line up except the L.A. Country Club gig that was on
the box set that was released from Metal Blade Records (2003),
I felt it was important to release these songs, especially with
the passing of J.D. Kimball (R.I.P.).  I did my best to clean
up the recordings without compromising the original performance,
so I  will not apologize for the sound quality!

The Lost Demos, "Warning Of Danger," "Ruby Eyes, "Don't Fear
The Night" and "March On" were recorded in LA at our rehearsal
studio by owner James Sutton sometime in 1984.  I  had forgotten
all about these until now.  They are very raw versions of songs
written for the "Warning Of Danger"  record.

"Kings Rock" was actually a recording I stumbled across going
through old tapes.  It was just the rhythm tracks to "King Of
The Hill" from "Escape To Nowhere."  I thought it would make an
interesting instrumental.  It was originally recorded at my studio
in Dallas, TX, along with the remake of "Escape To Nowhere" which
I added some extra guitar parts.

"Voices Screaming" with current singer Matt Story, was recorded
sometime around 2000 before the "Eternal Black Dawn" CD.  I was
searching for a new singer and Matt was hanging out at our old
studio in Garland, TX and I knew he was a great singer so I asked
him to sing on the song.

-- Kenny Powell (December 2011)

Limited to 500 copies on CD worldwide and long sold out. As of
this writing, the vinyl pressing, limited to 250 pieces, is still
available via the No Remorse website.  Buy it!

That just about covers it!  Anyone still reading at this point?  First
one to PM me after reading this to show that they actually did read
this, I'll give $1000 dollars.  (For the sake of this release, $1000
dollars means my eternal respect, and thanks for respecting my time an
effort to do all this!)

Genre:Power Bitrate:Lossless Size:4.41 GB

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Forum » Albumes » Discografias » Omen - JD Kimball Discography (Heavy-Power Metal-FLAC-)
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