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Forum » Albumes » Discografias » Tyrant - Full-Length Discography (1983-1991) (Heavy Metal)
Tyrant - Full-Length Discography (1983-1991)
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Tyrant - Full-Length Discography (1983-1991)

Heavy metal from Germany, almost complete discography of one single, one live
and five full-length albums released between 1983 and 1991. Misses only
the 1987 split.

This half-goofed quintet is but one of the double digit Tyrants vying for control of the place, is one
of the few of the bunch that actually released something more
experienced than an ep, and hail from a land where ‘conquer’ has been a
dirty word for around 50 years or so. Man, was Germany the guiding light
above the commercial ravine or what? Not that these guys are anywhere
near being grand wizards of kraut metal or anything; it’s just a
generalization, nudged by nostalgia, that should feel fresh air on its
face every so often.

Anyway, as if in compliance to the smirk-able back cover shot (see
archive page, and it’s worse in color), Tyrant’s somewhat gritty din
finds asylum in bands like Venom and Motorhead (vocally mostly), the
long line of nwo?hm groups that were laying down laws prior to ’84
(rhythmically and structurally), maybe more levelheaded Belgian Warhead
during hastier moments, and it’d be no surprise at all if it turned out
these guys played stickball as children with the Running Wild or Warrant
(Ger) crews. While their sound isn’t identical to either band, like
those guys Tyrant can indulge the proactive speed and six-pack metal
addiction, but just as often don the eye/ear-catching traditional garb
that came in trunks marked Raven, Accept, Trance, and pre-Stay Hungry
Twisted Sister.

Mean Machine, the band’s first, has the atmosphere of a biker bar where
you’re cool with the dudes sitting around you, but there’s an awareness
that it wouldn’t take much to get them swinging, and these ten boozy
tracks are formidable, strong, and amusing in the same dirty shot glass.
Kermit pushes through the door first with high hopes for a brawl,
‘cause his garbled, crunchy, and rust-pitted vocal style is the most
thuggish (and dire) of the band’s ingredients. Next in line is the lucid
and lively cocaine drive firing up side starters “Free For All” and
“Tyrant” as well as “Invaders”, “Killer Cat”, and muscled, yet
soft-around-the-middle “Blood Suckin’ Woman” - songs that’re looking for
a tussle all scraped up and freshly stitched. The rest walk in sized
and shaped differently. “I’m Ready”, Accept-ish “Wanna Make Love”,
tedious “Grapes of Wrath”, and “We Stay Free” are the momentum-calming
songs that keep peace among the bruisers without necessarily sitting
there sipping water. Rather, they throw back a few Lowenbrau at their
own I’ve-got-all-night-to-drink pace and are seldom rowdy or loud, but
add their own color to the scenery’s sweaty stench. Playfully serious
“Making Noise and Drinking Beer” just wants to put its arm around
everyone and hoot and holler ‘til the wee hours of the morning.

Like Running Wild’s debut and Anvil’s Metal on Metal, the album keeps
track of its heart rate as it sprints in energetic spurts followed by a
cool down phase, fluctuating moodily for that planned bi-polar, smoothly
erratic line of sight and works in the album’s best interests.

Mean Machine as a whole is a fun watering hole and Tyrant is a barkeep
who knows his customers prefer the counter liquor-smeared and sticky.
Unfortunately, the band’s follow-up, Fight for Your Life, empties the
bar of most of its entertaining barflies, leaving only the regulars no
one wanted to invite to the diner afterward.

Tyrant At MySpace

1983 I Wanna Make Love (Single)

1984 Mean Machine

1984 Mean Machine (2009 Remaster)

1985 Fight For Your Life (2009 Remaster)

1986 Running Hot

1988 Ruling The World

1990 Live And Crazy (Live)

1991 Metal Rules (1985)

Genre:Heavy Bitrate:320 k
Size:750.75 MBTORRENT

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Forum » Albumes » Discografias » Tyrant - Full-Length Discography (1983-1991) (Heavy Metal)
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