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Forum » LOSSLESS [APE-FLAC-WavPack...] » Extreme Metal » Flametal - Master Of The Aire (2008)(Japan XQAK-1010) (Speed Metal/Flamenco)
Flametal - Master Of The Aire (2008)(Japan XQAK-1010)
unica723Fecha: Martes, 2013-02-19, 6:20 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Flametal - Master Of The Aire (2008)(Japan XQAK-1010)

Year & Label: 2008, Powerslave Media Corporation, Japan | CD#: XQAK-1010
Flac (image) | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Artwork (JPG, 300 dpi) | File-hosts: FilePost
Speed Metal/Flamenco | FLAC: 430 MB | Artwork: 30 MB | MP3: 160 MB | 5% WinRAR Recovery

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Japanese Edition CD with 2 binus tracks

Someone on a forum posted a link to this album, describing it as "folkish metal, with flamenco guitars," which sounded appealing since I like Spanish guitar music, and I enjoy experimental metal styles. I've also heard a few other bands with acoustic guitar parts that border on the flamenco style, so I had a general idea of how good this fusion style could sound if done right. Naturally, I downloaded it right away, since I was curious to see how well this band that I've never heard of could fuse the two styles. I even made the typical newb mistake of assuming it must be a pretty good fusion band, since even their name combines both genres. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Honestly, this barely even sounded like metal. If anything, I would describe this as a mediocre hard rock / jam band with sporadic and mostly pointless acoustic interjections. They seem so heavily focused on creating a flamenco / metal fusion that they ended up just throwing elements of both together, without actually stopping to consider how the structure and composition of the pieces would be affected. And let me tell you, the results were less than desirable. The final product ends up sounding nothing like either metal (at least not good metal) or flamenco and many of the songs are a chore to listen to. The riffs and solos really follow no path, there are no catchy melodies and nothing about this album is even remotely memorable other than the frustration of waiting in vain for it to get better.

The production is sub-par as well, as the distortion guitar sounds like it was recorded in someone's garage. The vocals were even worse. They were going for something that falls in between the standard low growl of a death metal band, and the high shrieks most common in black metal. The result was a mid range groan that sounds more like a teenager trying (quite unsuccessfully) to imitate a band like Dark Tranquillity.

As for ability, the instrumentalists all seem proficient with their instruments. However, their technical prowess is no substitute for the music's lack of creative integrity, or compositional structure. Fortunately though, there is one saving grace. The two acoustic songs (Peteneras and M.O.T.A Reprise) are both enjoyable to listen to and the remaining metal instrumental (Istvan) is decent, with the exception of the solo.

Overall, Flametal is not the best example of a flamenco / metal fusion band that one could conceive of, primarily due to their current inability to combine the two genres TASTEFULLY. Hopefully though, the idea will inspire others who can pull it off better than they did and I would look forward to hearing more of this style in the future from a more tonally articulate band.



Vocals, guitars : Benjamin Woods
Guitars : Brian T.Spalding
Bass : Angeline Saris
Drums : Tomas Perry

Produced by Bob Kowalski and Benjamin Woods.
Engineered and mastered by Bob Kowalski.
Recorded at Soundwave Studios, Oakland, CA.

Track List:

01. Master Of The Aire [3:15]
02. Seguiriya [4:06]
03. Strange Rails [4:26]
04. Nightwalkers [6:37]
05. The Curse [4:26]
06. Istvan [4:21]
07. La Cuenta [4:21]
08. Left Hemisphere [3:50]
09. Peteneras [6:53]
10. The Swarm [5:11]
11. M.O.T.A. Reprise [6:49]
12. Yamato (Japanese Bonus Track) [2:25]
13. No Quarter (Japanese Bonus Track) [7:57]

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unica723Fecha: Martes, 2013-02-19, 11:37 PM | Mensaje # 2
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Volviendo a los sonidos que muy pocos querrían mezclar, y volviendo a Flametal. Después de la relativa aceptación que tuvo su primer disco, lanzan uno nuevo con mayor peso, mayor composición y mayor elaboración que el anterior. Un disco que simplemente hay que escuchar

os aconsejo enfebrecidamente que lo escuheis, ....es muy, muy curioso wink
yo he flipao

ojotigreFecha: Miércoles, 2013-02-20, 1:51 PM | Mensaje # 3
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No los conocia ,he estada investigando un poco y escuchando algo, esta curioso eso de mezclar el Metal con el Flamenco, pero aqui en España ya hay una banda llamada Taifa que hace esto, (hay un disco posteado por Antonio), pero evidentemente con menos recursos y produción que estos americanos. yo tengo una máqueta de esta banda que son de Mallorca. Espero que los americanos, no se crean que han creado algo nuevo ellos, ¿Qué opinará Don Paco de Lucia de esto?

unica723Fecha: Miércoles, 2013-02-20, 2:32 PM | Mensaje # 4
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hombre , a estas alturas , está claro que debe de haber bandas con éstas fusiones, y tratandose del flamenco, en españa alguna habrá ( digo yo ) biggrin , pero de lo que se trata es de que no estamos acostumbrados a escucharlas....a mí me ha gustado ésta en concreto....está muy bien mezclado....es la voz de "jabalí", como siempre digo yo, con la guitarra flamenca.....habrá fusiones de flamenco , con otros estilos de metal y de rock, pero, nunca había escuchado con speed metal.....

por otro lado,paco de lucía es paco de lucía......cita : ( ¿ no me digas ? biggrin ) , y supongo que piense lo que piense, no le parecerá mal que haya bandas que utilizen el flamenco y sus guitarras , para crear nuevas sensaciones con los sonidos que resulten de su fusión

AntonioSamhainFecha: Miércoles, 2013-02-20, 4:21 PM | Mensaje # 5
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Yo los conocía (je) y tengo los dos discos, pero a 192 Kbps, así que me tengo que bajar este. Si lalguien quiere el otro disco (2010 - Heavy Mellow) que lo pida y lo subo, pero para mí es mejor este.

Forum » LOSSLESS [APE-FLAC-WavPack...] » Extreme Metal » Flametal - Master Of The Aire (2008)(Japan XQAK-1010) (Speed Metal/Flamenco)
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