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Forum » Albumes » Agencia tributaria » V.A-Tales From The Edge-A Tribute To The Music Of Yes (2012)
V.A-Tales From The Edge-A Tribute To The Music Of Yes (2012)
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V.A-Tales From The Edge-A Tribute To The Music Of Yes (2012)

Tribute albums are all about the band being paid the tribute. Even if they themselves may never appear on the album, their compositions will be examined and executed from a different angle than what fans will have been familiar with.
"Tales From The Edge; A Tribute To The Music Of Yes" is a very interesting one
as there's not the usual covers done million times such as 'Roundabout' or 'Owner of a Lonely Heart'.
Instead, it really takes a deep look into Yes lesser know numbers like "To Be Over" or "White Car", and performed by groups relatively new to the Prog scene.

Acts like The Samurai Of Prog, 3RD Degree, and Italy's Conqueror are already stablished groups but the rest are pretty unaware for the proggy fans, and their performances impress you to the point of wanting to check out their own work.
Periplo offers a violin-rich rendition of "To Be Over" that develops upon the original. The vocals are a tad grating, but the music is a phenomenal rendition of one of Yes' greatest songs.
I had never heard Italians Vanilla Project before, but listening their brilliant classical arrangement of "Heart of the Sunrise" is something to behold. With the occasional heavy metal kick, and vocals that betray their progressive heritage, Vanilla Project's contribution is among the very best here.
While much of this tribute relies on intense, bombastic performance, Marco Mason's "Show Me" is subtle, acoustic and works wonderfully.

The Samurai Of Prog deliver "Starship Trooper" in a way that recreates the energy of the original, although they don't go much beyond the call with it. Brazilian cover band Yessongs do much the same with "Siberian Khatru", and it's often uncanny how close to the true Yes they're able to sound.
Greenwall's cover of the simple love song "Onward" even goes as far as to sound like smooth R&B, which - depending on where you stand with it - is either a good or bad thing.
TenMidnight do a version of "Tempus Fugit" from Yes' Trevor Horn 'Drama' era, and while they par the original with skill and arrangement, it lacks the intense energy that made the original so cool.
Yesterdays comes in with something completely different on "White Car," which is almost twice as long as the original and bears no resemblance to it. But it's good and enchanting.

"Run Through the Light" by Aquael, another frequently overlooked Yes song, is little different from the original except the sound is fuller toward the end and the vocalist appears to be female, which suits the song well.
"The Fish" gets a grittier rendering with various electric guitars, one of which is fed through a wah pedal. The huskier vocals on "Machine Messiah" gives the song a different vibe even though the instrumentation and arrangement are nearly identical to the original version.
On the other hand, The Opium Cartel gives a complete makeover on "Clear Days", taking on a symphonic electronica sound with low, hushed vocals. Very cool. The "Heart of the Sunrise" presented here has an orchestral introduction before sounding like a straightforward cover.
Truly, these and the rest of the performances on "Tales From The Edge; A Tribute To The Music Of Yes" are all worthy of a listen, although some artists here take more of a welcome risk than others.

YES are one of the Gods in the Prog Olympus, and "Tales From The Edge; A Tribute To The Music Of Yes" is an exciting prospect to hear some fellow fans of the almighty band paying homage in their own way.
This very well recorded Tribute also serves as a comfortable way to be introduced to the passion of many lesser-known prog acts.
Whether it's for Yes or a promising window-shop for talented prog artists, this double CD is worth checking out.

CD 1
1. The Samurai of Prog - Starship Trooper
2. Periplo - To Be Over
3. Aquael - Run Through the Light
4. zerothehero - The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
5. SETI - Machine Messiah
6. The Opium Cartel - Clear Days
7. Vanilla Project - Heart of the Sunrise
8. TenMidnight - Tempus Fugit
9. Yessongs - Siberian Kathru
10. B612 - Long Distance Runaround
11. Aurora Lunare - Don't Kill the Whale
12. Greenwall - Onward
13. Yesterdays - White Car

CD 2
1. Luca Scherani - Holy Lamb
2. Jay Tausig - Wonderous Stories
3. Raven Sad - Soon
4. Supernal Endgame - Parallels
5. Subterra - Shock to the System
6. Stefano Vicarelli - Mood for a Day
7. Conqueror - Lift Me Up
8. Armalite - Time and a Word
9. Spirits Burning - South Side of the Sky
10. 3rDegree - Going for the One
11. Alessandro Corvaglia featuring Matteo Nahum - And You And I
12. Marco Masoni - Show Me
13. Din Within - Changes

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Forum » Albumes » Agencia tributaria » V.A-Tales From The Edge-A Tribute To The Music Of Yes (2012)
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