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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker - Humbucker (2013) (Hard Rock / Classic Rock)
Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker - Humbucker (2013)
unica723Fecha: Miércoles, 2013-11-13, 11:24 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker - Humbucker (2013)

Artist: Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker
Album: Humbucker
Year: 2013
Genre: Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Country: Sweden
Format: mp3, CBR 320 kbps
Size: 102

1. Haunt My Mind
2. Serious
3. Keep Me In Your Heart
4. Can’t Change
5. Running For Shelter
6. Wasted Time
7. Mesmerizing Shadows
8. Who Else Is On Your Mind
9. Falling Into Darkness

Robert Pehrsson (Thunder Express, Death Breath, Imperial State Electric, Masticator, Runemagick) - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Stjarnvind (Nifelheim, Black Trip) - Drums
Joseph Tholl (Enforcer, Black Trip) - Guitar
Robert Eriksson (ex The Hellacopters) - Drums
Olle Dahlstedt (Entombed) - Drums
Johan Backman (Necrocurse) - Bass
Johannes Borgstr0m - Bass

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ojotigreFecha: Miércoles, 2013-11-13, 11:50 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Guitarrista poco conocido entre los seguidores del Hard Rock porque simpre ha estado mas metido en estilos como Heavy-Thrash-Death, pero al final todos, los que son buenos musicos, vuelven al verdadero Rock. Disco recomendado, sin inventar nada, pero muy agradeble para tus oidos.

Swedish guitarist, singer & songwriter ROBERT PEHRSSON is releasing
today his first solo album, a self-titled project entitled HUMBUCKER.
And who is this Robert Pehrsson? No idea. In the press release are many
names with which he has worked, but most of them does not ring a bell at
all. Occurs that Pehrsson has an extreme metal background, that's why.
But the Swede - who actually comes from the thrash and death metal -
presents on "Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker" a great traditional Hard Rock /
Classic Rock inspired album that is just awesome.

Robert Pehrsson started his career as a guitarist/vocalist around 88-89,
then concentrating mainly on playing extreme music like thrash and
early death metal, but soon branched out in different musical genres yet
always focused on rock music.
As most musicians, he pick up the guitar in his teens encouraged by the
greats and started playing classic rock, powerpop and regular hard rock,
so Robert has a pretty broad musical spectrum.
And seems he has learned the lessons quite well, as "Robert Pehrsson's
Humbucker" distills pure guitar-driven songs plenty of energy, flesh,
blood and soul like it used to be in the good old days.

The recording band features Robert's friends lending a hand: Nicke
Andersson, Dolf De Borst and Tomas Eriksson from Imperial State
Electric, Peter Stjärnvind (Nifelheim, Black Trip), Joseph Tholl
(Enforcer, Black Trip), Robert Eriksson (ex The Hellacopters), Olle
Dahlstedt (Entombed), Johan Bäckman (Necrocourse) and Johannes
All these musicians are from quite heavy acts, but honestly, you can't
guess it because their feeling & musicality are truly impressive.

This is pure late seventies Classic Rock, but made ​​so incredibly good.
Thin Lizzy, Michael Schenker, UFO, The Knack, even some Kiss come out
of the speakers, but it still does not sound a copy, that's called
influences and Pehrsson imprints his own, personal touch.
We have emotive six-string driven rockers like "Haunt My Mind",
"Serious" which has definitely some Thin Lizzy on it, "Mesmerizing
Shadows", the catchy "Falling Into Darkness" or "Who Else Is On Your
Mind" with its classic Michael Schenker-like licks.
"Running For Shelter" takes a look at classic American Classic Rock akin
The Knack, while there's a relaxing moment on "Can't Change", not a
ballad, just a groovy cool song with a bluesy vibe. A perfect track to
A favorite of mine is the pounding "Wasted Time" motorin' by a great
beat combined with pushing guitars. Pehrsson has a great feeling for
good melodies which are dominating the songs without leading them into
clichés. He sings very well too, from the heart.

I can't find a more proper title for this CD: "Humbucker" is a very
popular guitar pickup which has a very charismatic, timeless sound. Ans
this is what you will find here.
Vintage Les Paul riffs, thick, authentic drums, rolling bass, fantastic
solos and very good vocals, accompanied by a skilled hand in arranging
makes this one a pure delight. Production is like in the old good days
without sounding outdated. There isn't modern digital compression here,
all comes vivid and the music breathes.
That's what makes "Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker" so honest and refreshing; Classic Rock / Hard as it shoud be done.
Very Recommended.

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01 - Haunt My Mind
02 - Serious
03 - Keep Me In Your Heart
04 - Can't Change
05 - Running For Shelter
06 - Wasted Time
07 - Mesmerizing Shadows
08 - Who Else Is On Your Mind
09 - Falling Into Darkness

Robert Pehrsson: Guitar, Vocals
Dolph de Borst: Bass
Thomas Eriksson: Drums
Peter Stjärnvind: Drums
Robert Eriksson: Drums
Olle Dahlstedt: Drums
Nicke Andersson, Joseph Tholl: guest Guitar

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ojotigreFecha: Miércoles, 2013-11-13, 11:53 AM | Mensaje # 3
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metalmaniacFecha: Viernes, 2013-11-15, 1:53 AM | Mensaje # 4
Se engancha al metal
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Gracias Tigre!  pues entonces habrá que escucharlo

Y a Unica por el enlace

Un saludo
Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker - Humbucker (2013) (Hard Rock / Classic Rock)
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