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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » AIRBAG -The Greatest Show On Earth [Ltd. Ed. Digipak] (2013) (Progressive Rock)
AIRBAG -The Greatest Show On Earth [Ltd. Ed. Digipak] (2013)
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AIRBAG -The Greatest Show On Earth [Ltd. Ed. Digipak] (2013)

Norwegian progsters AIRBAG are releasing their 3rd release "The Greatest Show On Earth", continuing their journey through delicate sounds,
cinematic pictures and bringing out emotions pulling the listener into
their world.
Their previous album won 5 Progressive Album of the Year awards, but
although a polished and melodic piece of work there was something about
it that didn't quite gel together enough for me.
I think what it was lacking, something that their new release has in spades: atmosphere and a personal, distinctive style.

You really wonder how the band feel about being constantly compared to
Pink Floyd (I'd take it as a compliment, personally), but they
undeniably do sound like a more modern Floyd version, mostly because
Bjørn Riis' guitar tone and playing style is very, very similar to
Gilmour: lots of bending up, hitting a high note, then bending back
down, nothing super fast and technical yet plenty of emotion.
However, now that Airbag have mastered the sounds and stylings of their
ancestors, they have moved into new territory in "The Greatest Show On
Earth", creating fresh, new music.

There are beautiful, majestic instrumental sections, lots of nice
build-ups and truly inspired guitar solos, balanced by Asle Tostrup's
velvety vocals. Riis is a tremendously gifted player, as well as
composing energetic space prog arrangements that have a modern sheen on a
trusted and proven formula, with a lot of attention to detail.
I hear some classic British influences (not only from Prog) on the
"Redemption", a phenomenal track that also features a swirling guitar
solo amid tempestuous walls of resonating riffs, frantic drumming and
heartfelt vocals.
"Silence Grows" is sleek and more dynamic, organs trembling nicely with
wistful vocals and slashing Gilmourian guitar crescendos, supported by
solid beats and a rounding bass. It's a shorter ballad that has a
familiar sound and yet still displays interesting aspects, with lots of
bombast and grandiose wallop.
The 11+ minute "Call Me Back" is beautifully explorative, varied,
intelligent, settled in nicely with the otherwise brilliant chops, a
divine substance has been blended into the compositions with deft
detail, overt passion, disciplined direction and profound sensibilities.

Title track "The Greatest Show On Earth" is a classic prog song as close
to ear-friendly you can hope for, overpowering gusts of shimmering
sonic genius, rhythm guitar blasts that slashes with utter confidence,
brooding synthesized veils and depth-charge bass and drums. The lead
guitar shies away from being a technical monster, tight notes going up
and down the neck, just like it should be: emotional, graphic and raw.
As the prog cathedral that it is this record, it should close with an
epic number, exactly what we find on "Surveillance", divided into
several parts, drenched in earnest emotion as singer Asle Tostrup shows
off a scintillating voice.
On this composition Airbag has concocted a true epic jewel: the power is
intense, unrelenting, almost on the verge of hard (check out the 9
minute mark section), careening into sonic delirium. A mid-section
washes onto a splendiferous beach of echoing sounds, pools of aquatic
synth vie with bending guitar palm trees. A clanging guitar appears on
the horizon, a steady beat churns slowly towards the warm synthesized
winds and then, finally Riis lets loose a tremendous solo.

Exciting, powerful and intoxicating, Airbag has arrived with a pure Prog delight in "The Greatest Show On Earth".
Everyone has been debating the true definition of 'progressive rock'
since its inception back in the late sixties and regardless of the
multiplicity of opinions, truth is generally found in the word itself.
Airbag is now up to their third album and it's very close to the
definition of "pure Prog", polishing, refining, defining and focusing
their strong Pink Floyd vibe into something wholly theirs. This album
has lots of gleaming atmosphere, a deliberate mood creating sequence has
been structured to provide more than just a collection of songs, in
short, this is what Prog Rock is all about.
Very Recommended.

1. Surveillance part I
2. Redemption
3. Silence Grows
4. Call Me Back
5. The Greatest Show On Earth
6. Surveillance parts II & III

Bjørn Riis - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Backing Vocals
Asle Tostrup - Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Anders Hovdan - Bass
Henrik Fossum - Drums
Jørgen Hagen - Programming, Keyboards

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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » AIRBAG -The Greatest Show On Earth [Ltd. Ed. Digipak] (2013) (Progressive Rock)
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