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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » The Doors - Infinite Box Set (2013)
The Doors - Infinite Box Set (2013)
ojotigreFecha: Miércoles, 2013-11-06, 9:59 AM | Mensaje # 1
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From their beginnings during the summer of 1965 at Venice Beach,
California, The Doors were truly aband, a remarkable fusion of creative
energies, a lot of attention has been focused on Jim Morrison which his
looks and talents clearly justify. However, Jim was well aware that the
magic of The Doors could never havehappened without the fortunate
forging of John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison
into a single creative whole. It is no mystery why Jim Morrison never
went solo; so sympathetic were the three other musicians to Jim's
mission that such a consideration was out of the question. Robby
Krieger, or example, was able to write lyrics and music that sounded
more like Morrison than Morrison himself-- among them "Light My Fire,"
"Love Me Two Times,"and "Love Her Madly." Without Krieger, Manzarek and
Densmore there is a strong chance that Jim's songs would never have made
it off the page, into rehearsal, onto the stage, into the recording
studio and, in defiance of all odds, to successive g
enerations who have since discovered The Doors as a "new" group.

Ray Manzarek, a classically trained pianist, raised in Chicago with a
deep love for the blues, wrote the themes for many of the songs and
played not only the keyboard parts but simultaneously (with his left
hand) propelled the band with melodic driving bass lines. John Densmore,
a jazz drummer with an unbeatable knack for shamanic rhythm and
theatrical timing... the band's tireless engine. Robby Krieger, a
songwriting secret weapon who could play any guitar, from classic
flamenco to bottle-neck blues, to creating styles and sounds previously
unheard on this planet. And Jim Morrison, the baritone,
eclectic/electric poet with an innate compositional gift and the soul of
a mystic. Together these men brought The Doors' songs to life, they
were equal points of a musical diamond.

The band took its name from the poet-visionary-artist William Blake, who
had written, "When the doors of perception are cleansed, things will
appear to man as they truly are...infinite." English author Aldous
Huxley was sufficiently inspired by Blake's quote to title his book on
mescaline experiences The Doors of Perception. Morrison was so connected
to both works that he proposed, The Doors, to his bandmates. Everyone
agreed that the name, as well as the inspiration from which it sprang,
was perfect to convey who they were and clearly representive for what
they stood for. The group was signed to Elektra Records, then a small
folk-music record company, in July of 1966 by Jac Holzman, Elektra's

By April 1971, The Doors had recorded six landmark studio LP's and a two
-record set of live performances, the first seven discs with producer
Paul A. Rothchild and the last one co-produced by The Doors and their
career-long engineer Bruce Botnick... both The Doors and Elektra had
grown into world famed institutions. The band's unstated goal was to
accomplish musical alchemy, to fuse rock music with both existential
poetry and improvisational theater. Jim was greatly influenced by the
nineteenth century poet Arthur Rimbaud and he dutifully imparted
Rimbaud's philosophy to the group. Rimbaud advocated a systematic
"rational derangement of all the senses in order to achieve the

Morrison was a man who would not, could not, and did not know how to
compromise himself or his art. He was driven to go all the way or die
trying, the ultimate ecstatic risk taker. Manzarek, Krieger and
Densmore's contribution to this state of creative ecstasy cannot be
underestimated. In order for the musical spell to be successfully cast
they gave willingly and generously, the power of improvisation that
drove Morrison onstage required the other three Doors to not merely play
arrangements but to follow Jim's unplanned creative arc perfectly in
one of the music's classic and most difficult feats, the art of
intuitive accompaniment. Statement to the press, "For me, it was never
really an act, those so-called performances.

It was a life-and-death thing, an attempt to communicate, to involve
many people in a private world of thought." During the late 1960's bands
sang of love and peace while acid was passed out. But for The Doors it
was different. The nights belonged to Pan and Dionysus, the gods of
revelry and rebirth, and the songs invoked their potent passions, the
Oedipal nightmare of "The End," the breathless gallop of "Not to Touch
the Earth," the doom of "Hyacinth House," the ecstasy of "Light My
Fire," the dark uneasy undertones of "Can't See Your Face in My Mind,"
and the alluring loss of Consciousness in "Crystal Ship." And as with
Dionysus, The Doors willingly offered themselves as a sacrifice to be
torn apart, to bleed, to die, to be reborn for yet another night in
another town. To be a poet meant more to Morrison than writing poems. It
meant embracing the tragedy fate has chosen for you and fulfilling that
destiny with gusto and nobility.

In the end, after conquering America, after being shackled by the courts
and laws of the land that he loved, he escaped to Paris, traditional
home of so many expatriate artists, to pursue his life as a poet. But
his body was too worn down, his heart too weak; he had already seen and
done and drunk too much. He had lived life on his own terms, had reaped
the rewards, and now the bill was due. His spirit was tired. Death was
simply closer and easier than returning to America, to the endless
succession of stages it demanded. Jim Morrison passed away in Paris on
July 3, 1971. His dying wish was to be remembered as a poet.

Pamela Morrison used to tell a story from the very earliest day of The
Doors. They were playing their first club, The London Fog. It was their
last set of the night and there were only three people in the club, two
drunks and Pamela. The band was incandescent. Jim raged and exploded
with super-human passion, a transcendent performance. Pam was stunned.
In the car she could say nothing...long after arriving home she was
still speechless. Jim asked, "What's wrong baby?" Pam said, "There were
three people in the club during the last set. But you burned like you
were performing for thousands of people. Why did you go so far, risk so
much for a tiny audience that was barely aware of your presence?" Jim
looked at her and said slowly, "You never know when you're doing your
last set." Considering the force of energy generated by The Doors over
25 years ago, that "last set" could well be several generations away.

The Doors Infinite SACD Box Set on Numbered Limited Edition 6x Hybrid Multichannel SACD Box Set from Analogue Productions

All packaged in a textured, slipcase box

Includes Booklet featuring 19 Photographs and Essay by Doors Biographer
and Esteemed Rock Journalist/Former Rolling Stone Editor Ben Fong-Torres

The Band's Six Legendary Studio Albums Cut from the Original Analog Sources by Doug Sax and Original Engineer Bruce Botnick

The Doors in Multichannel for the First Time in the U.S.

Only 2,500 Numbered Limited Edition Copies Will Be Made

Also Available: 12 x 200g 45RPM LP Box Set

The Doors. Like you've never before experienced them. Six studio albums.
Each a bonafide classic.Now you can feel, not just hear, every
signature note and breath, and even sense the recording studio walls
contributing to the music's physicality and soulfulness. Remastered from
the original analog source tapes by Doug Sax and original Doors
engineer Bruce Botnick, and meticulously produced on hybrid multichannel
SACD: This is the definitive digital audiophile edition worthy of the
band's Hall of Fame career.

Jim Morrison's soul-awakening howls, Ray Manzarek's signature keyboard
riffs, Robby Krieger's raw guitar riffs, and John Densmore's
heart-starting drum beats erupt with tremendous realism, presence, and
dimensionality. High frequencies, low frequencies, and those in
between--they're all here, and make it seem as if the Doors are playing
feet away from you. Do not pass up these limited, numbered edition box
sets up. Only 2500 will be made. Go ahead. Light your fire. Do it now.
As aptly put by rock ‘n' roll journalist extraordinaire Ben Fong-Torres,
there's never been digital reissues of The Doors recordings that has
sounded quite like these hybrid multichannel gems from Analogue
Productions. Taking the original master analog sources, they have made
the ultimate digital editions. As Fong-Torres notes: "Bottom line, a
chronicle of The Doors in the studio, captured with the highest sonic
quality possible, they deserve no less!"

The Doors exploded onto the music scene in 1967 with their epic debut,
introducing the world to their unique blend of rock, blues, jazz and
flamenco styles arranged around Morrison's deep, resonate voice and
poetic lyrics. Their eponymous release is widely considered the band's
masterwork and contains some of their most beloved songs, including
"Break On Through (To The Other Side)," "Light My Fire," "Back Door Man"
and "The End."

Although most of the material for their 1967 sophomore album was written
around the same time as their debut which was released earlier in the
same year, the songs on the genre-bending Strange Days still manage to
possess their own distinct and foreboding character. The equally as
impressive follow-up yielded the touchstone hits "Love Me Two Times" and
"People Are Strange" as well as the the fan favorites "Moonlight
Drive," "Strange Days" and "When The Music's Over."

With their third album, 1968's Waiting For The Sun, The Doors took a
noticeably mellower turn, delivering some fine melodic ballad rock songs
like "Hello, I Love You," "Love Street" and "Wintertime Love" while
still retaining their former power with tracks like "The Unknown
Soldier," "Spanish Caravan" and the apocalyptic "Five To One." The
Doors' newfound sensibility not only helped the band produce one of
their most diverse releases, it also resulted in their first and only #1

The Doors mined new territory with their 1969 release, The Soft Parade,
incorporating brass, strings and even a full orchestra into the mix,
albeit with the same results as it became their fourth Top 10 album in a
row. The album climbed all the way to #6 on the strength of the huge
hit “Touch Me.”

Released in 1970 in the wake of Jim Morrison’s infamous indecency bust,
the Doors next-to-last album Morrison Hotel found the band reinventing
themselves as one of the greatest bar bands around with a thrilling
bluesy, no-frills approach and harder edged sound. The album shot up to
#4 on the charts on the strength of the now classics "Waiting For The
Sun," "Roadhouse Blues" "Peace Frog" and "Ship Of Fools."

1971's L.A. Woman was The Doors sixth and final studio album, released
just three months before Jim Morrison's death in Paris, France. It was
also the first Doors album to not feature production from longtime
collaborator Paul Rothchild. The rawer, more live feel marks a return to
the blues roots from which the band originally emerged, delivering the
signature songs “Love Her Madly,” “Riders On The Storm” and the title

- 6 Albums/6 Hybrid Multichannel SACDs
- Numbered limited edition of only 2,500 copies
- Mastered for SACD by Doug Sax and original engineer Bruce Botnick
- Hybrid SACDs are playable on all CD players

The Doors Infinite SACD Box Set Contents:

The Doors
1.  Break On Through (To The Other Side)
2.  Soul Kitchen
3.  The Crystal Ship
4.  Twentieth Century Fox
5.  Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
6.  Light My Fire
7.  Back Door Man
8.  I Looked At You
9.  End Of The Night
10. Take It As It Comes
11. The End

Strange Days
1.  Strange Days
2.  You're Lost Little Girl
3.  Love Me Two Times
4.  Unhappy Girl
5.  Horse Latitudes
6.  Moonlight Drive
7.  People Are Strange
8.  My Eyes Have Seen You
9.  I Can't See Your Face in My Mind
10. When the Music's Over

Waiting For The Sun
1.  Hello, I Love You
2.  Love Street
3.  Not To Touch The Earth
4.  Summer's Almost Gone
5.  Wintertime Love
6.  The Unknown Soldier
7.  Spanish Caravan
8.  My Wild Love
9.  We Could Be So Good Together
10. Yes, The River Knows
11. Five To One
The Soft Parade
1. Tell All the People
2. Touch Me
3. Shaman's Blues
4. Do It
5. Easy Ride
6. Wild Child
7. Runnin' Blue
8. Wishful Sinful
9. The Soft Parade

Morrison Hotel
1.  Roadhouse Blues
2.  Waiting For The Sun
3.  You Make Me Real
4.  Peace Frog
5.  Blue Sunday
6.  Ship Of Fools
7.  Land Ho!
8.  The Spy
9.  Queen Of The Highway
10. Indian Summer
11. Maggie M'Gill

L.A. Woman
1. The Changeling
2. Love Her Madly
3. Been Down So Long
4. Cars Hiss By My Window
5. L.A. Woman
6. L'America
7. Hyacinth House
8. Crawling King Snake
9. The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
10. Riders On The Storm
Genre:Rock Subgenre:Pszichedelikus rock - Acid Rock - Blues-rock - Har Bitrate:320 k Size:543.50 MB

Disponible sólo a los usuarios

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unica723Fecha: Miércoles, 2013-11-06, 11:33 AM | Mensaje # 2
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les adoro

ojotigreFecha: Miércoles, 2013-11-06, 11:43 AM | Mensaje # 3
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es adoro

Espero que a mi tambien........... biggrin que soy un trige sólo y muy amoroso.

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unica723Fecha: Miércoles, 2013-11-06, 12:30 PM | Mensaje # 4
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jajajajaj.......adorar, lo que se dice, adorar, pues va a ser que no.....

el día que adores a los zeppelin, lo mismo me caerás bien biggrin

será un día para celebrarlo

ojotigreFecha: Miércoles, 2013-11-06, 12:36 PM | Mensaje # 5
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el día que adores a los zeppelin, lo mismo me caerás bien

Pues por mal camino vamos, porque ya sabes que los Kingdom Come ......... tongue nunca prodré con ellos.......algun temina, cuando KISS tocan alguna estrofa en algun concierto y poco más.................... wink

MY NEW TRADE LIST-ABRIL 2016-DVDs-Blue RayS And more KISS!c0wGhKCK!PjmDCqhWUnBqyd6mZHezcg
Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » The Doors - Infinite Box Set (2013)
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