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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » Massacra - Day of the Massacra (2013) (Death/Thrash Metal)
Massacra - Day of the Massacra (2013)
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Massacra demos re-issued on CD/LP as Day of the Massacra 2013

In the early days of death metal, a band from France vitalized the style by taking Slayer’s phrase-riff technique to a new
extreme, laying the groundwork for a type of death metal later developed
by a diverse cast including Incantation and Vader.

Massacra, the band that launched that stylistic vein, put out two
legendary albums — Final Holocaust and Enjoy the Violence — before
unfortunately suffering the loss of two of its most vital composers and
becoming a different band entirely. However, a series of three demos
were never pressed to wax or polycarbonate.

Twenty-five years later Century Media prepares to re-issue three classic
demos on one CD. “Nearer From Death,” “Final Holocaust” and “Legion of
Torture” demos from 1987-1989 will see realization on Day of the
Massacra, a compilation that is now in pre-order in Europe.

Composed of these early works, and assembled with the help of guitarist
Jean-Marc Tristani, the compilation was remastered at DMS by Ulf Horbelt
(Morbid, Asphyx, Grave, Necropsy) and comes with a 24-page booklet of
rare photos, an interview with Tristani, and other historical

Further, Century Media has stated its intent to release the first five
Massacra albums, including Final Holocaust and Enjoy the Violence.

According to Century Media’s Nikki Law, however, Day of the Massacra
will not be released in the USA, but some imports will make their way to
these shores for those diehards who want to celebrate this pillar of
early death metal.

Massacra picked up the mantle of Slayer and Morbid Angel and crafted
phrasal riffs into complex constructions which breathed pure energy but
yet managed to take your breath away with their vast inner contrasts.

Final Holocaust and Enjoy the Violence never seemed to receive the
acclaim that other death metal bands did, in part because for years they
were tied up in legal struggles or out of print, but the influences of
those two albums can be heard in death metal to this day.

Celebrating the influence of this foundational band, Century Media will
on November 4 release Day of the Massacra, a compilation of the
re-mastered “Nearer From Death”, “Final Holocaust” and “Legion Of
Torture” demos. The sound is surprisingly good, considering that the raw
material comes from tape and isn’t easy to work with, although “Legion
of Torture” sounds raw enough that no amount of modern technology can
save it.

Known mostly for their imaginative riffs, Massacra also knew how to make
songs that felt like subconscious patterns that most of us have
experienced in our day-to-day lives. There is something natural, second
nature and familiar about these songs and how their riffs fit together
like forest paths on the ascent of a mountain.

“Nearer From Death” of the three demos is the one that sounds most like
Massacra in its final death metal form, and resemble the tracks that
made it onto Final Holocaust. “Final Holocaust” reveals more of the
latent speed metal influences of the 1980s, but also shows Massacra at
some of their most experimental, with unorthodox riffing matching up to
rhythms borrowed from old Metallica and Slayer songs.

“Legion of Torture” on the other hand shows this band as it came into
form in 1987, and is amazingly advanced for that year. The experimental
influence reveals itself as well, but here it’s harder to separate from
the contortionist riffing that seems designed to be odd enough to invert
people’s thinking about the world around them. There is even more of a
speed metal influence here, but this compares reasonably with its
primary influences, which sound like Slayer, Sepultura, Merciless and

Having these formative demos on CD or LP will be a delight for any
metalhead, and Century Media suggests that it will re-release the early
albums as well. Although most people have focused on early the very
early stages of death metal, or its maturity, not many have caught on to
its fiery adolescence when speed and labyrinthine decoding ruled the
day. Day of the Massacra brings back those amazing days and shows us the
majesty of death metal in creation.


“Nearer From Death” demo 1989
1. Apocalyptic Warriors (Chapter Final) (06:04)
2. Sentenced For Life (05:15)
3. Nearer From Death (07:48)

“Final Holocaust” demo 1988
4. Intro (00:43)
5. Apocalyptic Warriors (03:36)
6. Final Holocaust (04:40)
7. Dream Of Violence (03:18)
8. Troop Of Death (04:24)
9. Outro (00:36)

“Legion Of Torture” demo 1987
10. Intro: March Off / Apocalyptic Warriors (05:59)
11. Toxic War (05:45)
12. Legion Of Torture (03:06)
13. The Day Of Massacra (04:15)

*Artist: Massacra
*Album: Day Of The Massacra [best of/compilation]
*Year: 2013
*Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
*Country: France
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 128MB

Genre:Death Subgenre:Death / Thrash Metal Bitrate:320 k Size:128.55 MB
Disponible sólo a los usuarios

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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » Massacra - Day of the Massacra (2013) (Death/Thrash Metal)
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