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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » Electronomicon — Unleashing The Shadows (2013) ([Melodic Heavy Metal])
Electronomicon — Unleashing The Shadows (2013)
unica723Fecha: Domingo, 2013-10-13, 9:18 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Electronomicon — Unleashing The Shadows (2013)

La agrupación está conformada por los estadounidenses Owen Bryant, bateria y David Jackson al bajo junto a los músicos argentinos Juan
Fornés en las guitarras y Diego Valdez en la voz.
Recomendada para seguidores de Rainbow, Dio, Savatage, Queensryche entre otras grandes influencias.

Electro_Nomicon is a band that has proven that great music knows no boundaries. This tight knit and diversely influenced group is comprised
of band members from the United States and Argentina that have traveled
extensively between countries to define and refine their unique sound.
The energy and drive in their music is second to none. They’re not
looking to meet standards, they’re setting new standards. Totally
original and completely dedicated to their craft, the members of E_N
each contribute a passion and dedication to excellent musicianship that
forges their unique sound.

Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: USA /Argentina
Size: 101 Mb

1. The Art of Destruction 03:56
2. I Believe 04:16
3. Waiting 06:05
4. Do You Remember 04:30
5. Take Me 03:50
6. Dark Flight 03:47
7. You Are in Shadows 03:43
8. New Beginning Day 03:35
9. Far Away 05:19
10. Pieces of a Dream 04:18

Juan Jose Fornes/Guitars,Bass—
Diego Valdez/Vox—
Owen Bryant/Drums
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unica723Fecha: Martes, 2013-10-15, 11:21 AM | Mensaje # 2
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me ha encantado éste disco.....el vocal diego valdez, tiene una voz que en alguna ocasion te recuerda muchísimo a Dio

mis felicitaciones a electronomicon por este discazo

mas info de Diego, para quienes no lo conozcan

Diego Valdez (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 26 de marzo de 1971) es un cantante argentino de heavy metal. Ha formado parte de numerosas bandas nacionales del género, como Skiltron, Eydillion y Azeroth, entre muchas otras, además de haber compartido actuaciones junto a artistas internacionales, como la excantante de Nightwish, Tarja Turunen, o el guitarrista de Stratovarius, Timo Tolkki. Es considerado uno de los mejores vocalistas del género en Argentina

ojotigreFecha: Martes, 2013-10-15, 2:46 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Bueno, ya que nos descargamos muchas cosas sin saber lo que nos vamos a encontrar, vamos con esta recomendación.

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unica723Fecha: Martes, 2013-10-15, 4:32 PM | Mensaje # 4
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ojotigreFecha: Viernes, 2013-10-25, 12:22 PM | Mensaje # 5
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Bueno el disco esta bien, el vocalista en la onda de Dio , Heavy Metal Clásico, pero bueno, hay muchas bandas que intentan recuperar o imitar el sonido de antes.

Electronomicon is a new melodic heavy metal band featuring the excellent Diego Valdez on vocals
(singer of Helker and Triddana). Valdez is one of the very best "new"
metal singers IMO, a kind of mix between Ripper Owens and the late great
Ronnie James Dio.

Over the years the conceptual influence of the intercontinental
connection, leading to a fruitful collaboration, between artists has
been growing stronger. Within the world of Metal and Rock, the global
scene had the pleasure of getting to know powerful supergroups and
various of projects. Several of those groups, first one that is probably
not the foremost famous but still great is OUTLOUD or even FIREWIND
coming to think of it, have been joining every now and then to present
their offerings with live performances and others keep it to the studio.
Checking out the second album of the cooperative Argentinian / North
American venture of ELECTRONOMICON, led to me to a possible studio
project than a live act, yet I didn’t seem to care. “Unleashing The
Shadows”, via No Remorse Records, is the basecamp of an interesting trio
involving Diego Valdez (HELKER) zealously maintaining the helm of the
vocals, Juan Jose Fornes (TRIDDANA) handling the guitars and bass and
the North American linking with Owen Bryant on the skins. Astonishingly
establishing a profound association of Hard Rock, Heavy and Power Metal,
this album is a cruise the seas of old legends and proficient bands

ELECTRONOMICON seems to possess the approaches, views and twists of the
old guard of Heavy Metal, keeping classic from top to bottom. Don’t be
fooled the modern engineering and sound production, there is a fresh
breath of the 80’s spirit and vintage vigor encircling the material like
files on you know what. The songs are a mixture of riff based tunes
along with mighty chorus driven displays. Not that multiplicity is out
of the question as it right there often, but following the traditional
emblem and representing it with finesse has always been a powerful trait
and advantage. Fornes portrays as a custodian of past accomplishments
including Hard Rock vibe soloing induced with bits of Metal injections,
yet he also attributed various of inspirational renewed melodic licks
and stomped on antiquated grooves that had quite an effect on the songs.
Bryant is your common energetic Heavy Metal drummer, however kicking it
hard and proud as skinmen of the new generation of Metal. Here and
there he displays a few infrequent passages that appeared practically
impressive. As for the Mr. Valdez, for the preaching of such songs, I
would have it any other way as his voice pattern is miraculous. I had
the chance to check out HELKER’s latest release, via AFM Records, and I
was totally amazed by his abilities. Such a striking influence of Ronnie
James Dio, resembling ASTRAL DOORS / CIVIL WAR / LION’S SHARE vocalist
Nils Patrik Johansson and I can’t forget Rob Rock from this short
equation. No doubt that Valdez is one of the passionate and wide ranged,
in terms of singing styles, of the new generation.

As I mentioned earlier, the songs on “Unleashing The Shadows” vary from
riff based to mere power monumental chorus, some of them undeniable
anthems. “Take Me” is what I consider this band’s calling card, an
atmospheric fusion of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, rendering powerful
riffs and great licks, only to be gladdened by the electrical surge of
the chorus. This one is partially commercialized, yet a classic on
display analogous to vintage Metal truthfulness. “The Art Of
Destruction” can easily be mistaken to songs by Rob Rock or ASTRAL
DOORS, a piercing Heavy Metal anthem with definitive riffing. “Do You
Remember” and “Far Away” are a picture of pure fervency and nostalgia,
proving the ardent nature of Valdez’s singing and the band’s overall
ability to composing heartfelt driven numbers smeared with drama and
riff easiness. Roughly, the entire tracklist speaks for itself, well
written material, with of course the power moments that I shared.
ELECTRONOMICON is one of the many doors for both new and old Metal /
Rock fans to discover and experience. This is an act that is a promise
crossing continents.

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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » Electronomicon — Unleashing The Shadows (2013) ([Melodic Heavy Metal])
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