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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » THE ANSWER-New Horizon[Limited Edition + iTunes bonus](2013) (Hard Rock)
THE ANSWER-New Horizon[Limited Edition + iTunes bonus](2013)
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THE ANSWER-New Horizon[Limited Edition + iTunes bonus](2013)

Northern Ireland classic hard rockers THE ANSWER have been around since 2000 but it took them until 2006 for their first album to be released.
Better late than ever, since they've gone from strength to strength with
each new recording.
And now with wax number four "New Horizon" to be released on September 30th, these guys really have set the bar high.

My ears were pleasantly delighted with the material from the previous
albums, but somehow there was something missing in the final delivery of
their songs. Now listening "New Horizon" I know what it was: sonic
spark. And it wasn't The Answer's fault.
Although all the tech aspects (production engineering, mix, etc.) were
first class and the output earthy and classy, what these guys needed was
someone capable to capture on tape these attributes plus the mislaid
factor: the 'live' feeling.
Toby Jepson (Fastway, Saxon's 'Call To Arms') is the magician, as his
superb job behind the desk has armed The Answer's music with a vivacious
crisp and clear sound.

Big riffs hit you straight in the face as title track "New Horizon"
opens up the proceedings. Guitarist Paul Mahon is on fire delivering a
short blistering solo in between all the razor sharp riffs while Micky
Waters and James Heatley keep the bulldozer rolling on bass and drums
respectively. And this is before Cormac Neeson has entered the fray with
his awesome raspy, classic bluesy voice.
Now we're talking, and you know from the start that "New Horizon" will be 'the album' (possibly the definitive) from The Answer.
An almost funky beginning to "Leave With Nothin´" suddenly explodes in
the chorus as the band decidedly tears it up. Heavy and directly to your
bones, it gives way to the first single "Spectacular". I just love this
A thick nice bass line permeates throughout this punchy track with Mahon
keeping the guitar soaring when he is not shredding it to bits. The
swirling lyrical refrain 'We Could Be Spectacular' rotates like
helicopter blades in the head and does not stop to thrill.

"Speak Now"' slows things down initially by letting us hear their tender
side before cranking the guitars briefly for the chorus where Cormac
shines brilliantly with some astonishing singing. It beats me that he
and this band aren't bigger than they are.
The ride continues until we are confronted by a stammering rock n' roll
style riff that launches "Somebody Else" which evolves into The
Quireboys territory mixed with Thunder at their very best and Marc Bolan
& T. Rex. In other words; a truly great song.
An earth-shattering bass, led-heavy drumming and a riff-fest galore is
what kickstarts "Concrete". Add Cormac on top of that and you have one
of the best classic hardrockers of 2013.

With a tone of melancholy reflection "Call Yourself A Friend" builds and
proves to be a triumphant moment within their output. Listen out for
that change in tempo as they head out of the gates; sublime.
Tasty, groovy and full of glam "Baby Kill Me" is a great party starter
and this is then topped by the following "Burn You Down", a stomping
anthemic rocker if there ever was one. You can't beat a sing-a-long
chorus, can you?
The regular CD edition ends on a real high note with "Scream A Louder
Love", and definitely showcase what The Answer is all about. This is
British classic hard rock of the highest order brought to life in a
modern take.
But we have more juicy tracks to enjoy as bonuses; the swaggering
come-n-go of "Road Less Travelled", the kick ass "Feel The Fear" (what a
groove!) and the bruising "Real As It Gets".
We have as well the iTunes exclusive "White Flag" (it's also included in
the double vinyl edition), another groovy monster driven by a pumping

Like I said at the beginning, The Answer have only gotten better by each
album. "New Horizon" definitely brings to the table how much talented
these guys are.
There's not a single weak song here, containing a familiar swagger and
treads on a path that is predictable and trusted, but it is done with a
sense of confidence truly enviable. The Answer are by no means a
throwback band but they know how to blend their influences with their
own inspiration to create some foocking bad ass hard rock music in the process.

01 - New Horizon
02 - Leave With Nothin'
03 - Spectacular
04 - Speak Now
05 - Somebody Else
06 - Concrete
07 - Call Yourself a Friend
08 - Baby Kill Me
09 - Burn You Down
10 - Scream a Louder Love
11 - Road Less Travelled (ltd. ed. Bonus Track)
12 - Feel the Fear (ltd. ed. Bonus Track)
13 - Real as It Gets (ltd. ed. Bonus Track)
14 - White Flag (iTunes exclusive Bonus Track)

Cormac Neeson - Vocals
Paul Mahon - Guitar
Michael Waters - Bass
James Heatley - Drums

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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » THE ANSWER-New Horizon[Limited Edition + iTunes bonus](2013) (Hard Rock)
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