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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT - ST (2013) (Hard Rock)
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British rockers THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT's raising popularity seems to have taken even hardened promoters by surprise, as their UK tour sold
out so quickly that they've already added a second leg at bigger venues
and were booked by some major festivals. That's not bad going for a band
with just one EP to their name silently released last year.
Praised as the English answer to Rival Sons or being the new Black
Crowes, the truth is that The Temperance Movement, in their self-titled
full length debut released today, take their own spin on classic bluesy
'70s rock with a very personal temperament.

This back-to-basics outfit are made up of Glasgow-born vocalist Phil
Campbell, guitarists Paul Sayer and Luke Potashnick, bassist Nick Fyffe
and drummer from Down Under, Damon Wilson. Together they’re a class act
that represent what rock 'n roll used to be about; right from the off
warming the soul with the rich and classic sound of "Only Friend" and
The first is a sexy, groovy bluesy number with a dirty strut that
immediately brought to mind British legends Free spiced with some very
early David Coverdale's Whitesnake. Campbell proves he is an absolute
natural with his croaky, southern-like drawl adding heaps of character
to the track.
The latter is a contrasting ballad of sorts with a beautifully laid-back
structure of mellow guitars, soft rhythms and swirly melodies.

These two tracks are the best representation of what The Temperance
Movement is all about: Classic Rock with an excellent feeling, delivered
with confidence and maturity.
Their songs have lots of space in them that creates that timeless feel,
they channel that vibe of classic artists from another era with plenty
of heart and soul and bundles of energy. They have it all off to a tee,
even their look, the facial hair, hats and retro gear everything about
them seems authentic. Both guitarists make their Telecasters sing
together in harmony, whether it's rhythm, slide guitar or solo.
What makes "The Temperance Movement" so strong is each track’s ability
to stand simply as a song in its own right. If you were to strip every
song down to nothing but a vocalist and an acoustic guitar, very little
would actually be lost. Listening to this record is not simply listening
to a collection of guitar jams – although there’s plenty of that, too.

"Be Lucky" shines with its simplistic and traditional blues form with
the frontman sporting a Rod Stewart swagger in the cool, carefree
choruses. This stripped, easy style is something they evidently know
inside and out and they continue to impress as the album progresses into
a more Lynyrd Skynyrd sound with "Chinese Lanterns", "Know for Sure"
and "Morning Riders".
The former is a ballad led by a beautiful slide guitar performance which
tugs at the heart-strings, whilst the other two drip with a
testosterone-filled sweaty, southern coating. The ballsy rhythm section
of Fyffe and Wilson in particular are on top form on "Morning Riders".

"Midnight Black" invites to a party with its racy, distorted riffs,
bubbling bass and fervent raspy vocals. The same can be said for the
fiery atmosphere created in "Take It Back" with its big, catchy
sing-along refrain.
The aptly-titled closing duo of "Smouldering" and "Serenity" are among
the highlights. The first indeed burns with a measured and effortless
charm; its dreamy acoustic guitar melody in absolute harmony with
Campbell’s wistful words are truly precious.
And the final track’s subtle beauty is lovely. Sayer and Potashnick's
guitars take cues from the vocals in a call-and-response type scenario
at first, with their notes echoing his tormented recital before it
eventually grows bigger and more elevated as drum fills erupt and the
band all chant over Campbell’s heated wails.
A stunning end to a stunning collection of tracks.

"The Temperance Movement" is one of the more uplifting, lustrous Classic
Rock albums I heard recently. Sure, they are retro (the album is being
released as well on vinyl and cassette!) with may evident influences
from the off, but these guys have some 'special' touch which set them
apart from the crowd.
The band as a unit sounds impressive, but the secret weapon here is
gangly vocalist Phil Campbell. Put Rod Stewart, Steve Marriott, Paul
Rodgers and Chris Robinson in a blender and garnish with a soupcon of
Don Henley and you'll get some idea of what this mightily awe-inspiring
alumnus of the classic school of rock songcraft sounds like. Combined
with a Mick Taylor / Free styled guitar work, The Temperance Movement
has an utterly explosive sound, a sound that demands attention even in
its quieter moments.
The Temperance Movement are a genuine rock 'n roll band that make
genuine seventies inspired rock 'n roll music. They're a revelation and
ironically a breath of fresh air, bringing the heart and soul back into
the genre with a solid and grounded debut album that's gritty, mature
and faithful.
Very Recommended.

01 - Only Friend
02 - Ain't No Telling
03 - Pride
04 - Be Lucky
05 - Midnight Black
06 - Chinese Lanterns
07 - Know For Sure
08 - Morning Riders
09 - Lovers And Fighters
10 - Take It Back
11 - Smouldering
12 - Serenity

Phil Campbell — vocals
Luke Potashnick — guitars
Paul Sayer — guitars
Nick Fyffe — bass
Damon Wilson — drums

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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT - ST (2013) (Hard Rock)
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