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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » Haken - The Mountain [Limited Edition] (2013) (Heavy / Progressive Metal)
Haken - The Mountain [Limited Edition] (2013)
unica723Fecha: Miércoles, 2013-08-28, 8:35 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Haken - The Mountain [Limited Edition] (2013)

: Haken
Title Of Album: The Mountain [Limited Edition]
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Inside Out Music
Country: UK (London, England)
Genre: Heavy Metal / Progressive Metal
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps
Total Time: 01:09:18
Total Size: 167 MB
WebSite: Haken


01. The Path (2:47)
02. Atlas Stone (7:34)
03. Cockroach King (8:15)
04. In Memoriam (4:17)
05. Because It's There (4:24)
06. Falling Back To Earth (11:51)
07. As Death Embraces (3:13)
08. Pareidolia (10:51)
09. Somebody (9:01)
10. The Path Unbeaten (Bonus track) (2:12)
11. Nobody (Bonus track) (4:53)

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ojotigreFecha: Jueves, 2013-09-12, 1:49 PM | Mensaje # 2
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British progsters HAKEN were featured here two years ago with their very good second album, where aside their technical approach the band
experimented a little with some haunting psychedelia.
This is one of the most interesting acts from the present progressive
scene, confirmed on their fresh album "The Mountain" finding the group
exploring new fascinating sounds avoiding repeating themselves in an
very adventurous and original delivery.

In Haken's musical world, the songs often centre on the vocals but the
instrumental passages are as lively and creative as ever. "The Mountain"
still offers the band's acrobatic riffing, the amazing and appropriate
drumming and the delicious bass that bounces all over the place, but the
focus is completely different this time around.
One thing that has noticeably changed is the keyboard style, very
ethereal, airy, and atmospheric. Yes, you can almost feel the cloudy
cliffs all around you. Sometimes, there is almost a neo-prog style to
the keys that takes an incredible track and lifts it to new heights.
Along the way, "The Mountain" gives us even more creativity with
elaborated jazzy-prog portions, choir arrangements that make you feel
like you are on a mountaintop and horn instruments wrapping the guys
inspired arrangements.

I think that one of Haken's original influences has been definitively
put on the table here: Gentle Giant. This is exactly one thing that sets
"The Mountain" apart from the previous Haken album and most of the prog
bands today: a Shulman brothers style of vocal harmonization that
Haken's vocalist/lyricist, Ross Jennings, pulls off by himself.
Thus, prog metal fans might be surprised to hear a cappella passages,
vocal portions that seem to answer and supplement each other, beautiful
vocal-sustain portions, and other surprising uses of Jennings' voice.
Is this a turn-off? Not in the least. Haken has always been notorious
for their quirk, and now they are becoming not notorious, but endearing
and impressive. Jennings has one of the best voices in music, and shines

This album does not fall into the structure of the previous album or
traditional prog / prog metal, and with good reason. "The Mountain"
doesn't need an epic track because it is highly personal, candid, warmly
progressive in the best definition of the genre.
It does, however, feature nine amazing tracks that range from quiet and
pensive ("The Path", "In Memoriam", "As Death Embraces") to heavy and
technical with jazzy-rock and quiet interludes ("Falling Back to Earth",
"Pareidolia", "Atlas Stone").
A couple tracks in between ("Because It's There", "Somebody") balance
the wonderful journey including horns and a touch of melodic rock, but
always around Jennings' voice and with a very, very personal and
original delivery.

So, as you view the solitary peak on the front of "The Mountain", know
that you are in for a journey lyrically, musically, emotionally, and
even spiritually. The music is a bit heavier than before, but the album
also features a few tracks that might be the softest that Haken has
crafted yet.
In other words, "The Mountain" has a stunning balance to it. There is
something for every progster here, but also for every music fan no
matter the genre. Haken could have gone in many different directions
here, but centring the focus around beautiful melodies and lush
soundscapes while still experimenting with new ideas and exploring new
territory truly seems like the right decision.

It would have been easy to create an album with the same structure and
dynamic as the previous or the present trends ; however, Haken took the
road less traveled and forged new ground. It stands that Haken have
refined their songwriting ability, improved in almost every capacity,
and shown the progressive realm that despite being relatively new to the
scene that they are a force to be reckoned with.
To me, only after a couple of listens, "The Mountain" is 'the' prog
album of the year, perhaps even the decade. This is an undeniable proof
that whilst the progressive metal genre appears to be in its twilight
years, it is still capable of producing an album of such stellar quality
that everything else seems moot.

Ross Jennings - Vocals
Richard Henshall - Guitar, Keyboards
Diego Tejeida - Keyboards
Charles Griffiths - Guitar
Thomas MacLean - Bass
Raymond Hearne - Drums

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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » Haken - The Mountain [Limited Edition] (2013) (Heavy / Progressive Metal)
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