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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » JUDGE JACKSON - 6 (2013) (Hard Rock)
JUDGE JACKSON - 6 (2013)
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JUDGE JACKSON - 6 (2013)

And indeed, Judge Jackson's music embodies the drive, determination and Rock 'n Roll lifestyle that many of their peers seems to have lost. The
band mention as influence Tesla, Guns 'N Roses and Stevie Ray Vaughan, but also Lynyrd Skynyrd. Listening "6", those comparisons are more than accurate.
Along with Lee Jackson's slashing power chords, Judge Jackson is fueled
by Canadian born Todd McTavish on vocals, J.J. Garcia’s tub-thumping
drums and Brian James’ bass rumble. Sure, they rock, but McTavish and
Jackson create indelible melodies, sing-along lyrics and extremely
catchy choruses.
McTavish holds much of the direction with his vocal prowess ranging from
powerful notes to sweet lines, and as a result, the Judge Jackson
soundscape shifts constantly. Most of the songs are pretty short,
hovering around the 2 and 3 minute mark.

From the opening mover "Top Of The World" to the Guns 'N Roses induced
swagger of follower "Done", just two songs in and it's quite clear what
these boys want to do. Give the listener a good old, classic rock and
roll time to remember.
Pulling back from the edge for the opening moments of "Keep On Truckin",
the power fades out to a laid back and almost emotional approach,
before once again picking up the pace to kick things in fully. What’s
striking here is how the guys have formed a mix out of the vocals and
drums during the verse section, accentuating the vocal line fully before
bolstering the mix back to full power for another seriously catchy
Even throwing in the compulsory ballad moment in the form of "Hold You
Tight", there doesn’t seem to be anything the band aren’t capable of
doing. Laid back and emotional yet catchy at the same time, the track
evokes images of swaying hands and lighters in the air.

There's other hard rockin' tracks in "#13" and the edgy "Suck It Up"
(one of my favorites) while "Dynamite" lives up to its name. But Judge
Jackson shows their eclecticism with the ZZ Top flavor of "My Word" and
the funky "January Blues", while the Southern flavored "Cool" with the
emotional and heartfelt "Laid to Rest" (which is quite simply an
unbelievably beautiful song) and the yearning narrative of "California",
the band continue to demonstrate their understanding and ability
through track after track, refusing to compromise and instead, sticking
to their guns.
The anthemic "Born Free" celebrates 'the power of dreaming/the right to
succeed' and the propulsive live crowd-pleaser "Rise" takes care of
business Bachman-Turner Overdrive style with a plea bound to get every
concert-goer to their feet.

Listening to "6", it’s easy to see how Judge Jackson have amassed 1.200
gigs under their belt as quite simply, this is music which is made for
the live scene, presenting you with music to dance to, sing to, and have
a damned good time to.
But the band has the skills to capture that 'lively vibe' on tape as
well, and there's no shortage of rocking with this album from beginning
to end. Take for sure Judge Jackson will have your undivided attention, I
know they had mine.
Self-produced by the band with engineer/mixer Billy Baker, "6" is packed
with fourteen 100% grade A Rock 'n Roll that is guaranteed to satisfy.
Judge Jackson are flying the flag and keepin' the R'N'R faith in this
age of computerized machine noise. All you have to do is get your hands
on "6" to hear and feel what I'm talking about.

01 - Top Of The World
02 - Done
03 - Keep On Truckin'
04 - Hold You Tight
05 - Dynamite
06 - My Word
07 - Born Free
08 - Cool
09 - Rise
10 - January Blues
11 - Laid To Rest
12 - #13
13 - Suck It Up
14 - California

Todd McTavish – Vocals
Lee Jackson – Guitar
Brian James – Bass, Backing Vocals
J.J. Garcia – Drums

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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » JUDGE JACKSON - 6 (2013) (Hard Rock)
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