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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » COMEDY OF ERRORS - Fanfare & Fantasy (2013) (Melodic Neo Prog)
COMEDY OF ERRORS - Fanfare & Fantasy (2013)
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COMEDY OF ERRORS - Fanfare & Fantasy (2013)

COMEDY OF ERRORS is a Glasgow-based progressive rock band formed in 1984 by Joe Cairney (vocals) and Jim Johnston (keyboards). They played regularly around Scotland and recorded some demos but disbanded at the end of the decade.
They returned three years ago with new a line-up and finally releasing their debut in 2011, an album that I got to investigate pronto, as judging the quality of their just released second offering "Fanfare & Fantasy", surely must be a great listening as is this new recording from the the Scottish combo.

"Fanfare & Fantasy" is awesome from start to finish. Simply like this.
This is a superb blend of melodic Neo Prog with a symphonic approach through nine magnificent compositions carefully crafted with nothing to envy from the masterpieces of the genre. Musically it is absolutely stunning, and beautifully arranged and performed.
While there is a familiarity in style, it is actually rather difficult to offer comparisons or to cite influences. There are echoes of early Marillion, Camel, Renaissance, at times a Pendragon and IQ feel in the lush keyboards, the superb lead guitar solos and indeed in the vocal style. At the same time though, one could mention bands such as Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, etc., but all the while there is something different and refreshing about what we hear that offers genuine excitement.

"Fanfare For The Broken Hearted" makes for the ideal opener, building from a fine a cappella introductory vocals through every more uplifting lead guitar and dazzling synth bursts.
Next, "Something She Said" is a delicious 7 minute piece that sets out with something of a Yes feel, including Wakeman / Emerson style keyboards and strong lead guitar. Joe Cairney's voice once again appears to be on top form, delivering a toneful performance. A truly fantastic composition.
"In A Lifetime" is pretty hard sounding in parts with the guitar giving it a crunching sound and the solo is a work of art. This one sounds like the first Marillion transported to the 2K Century sound.
"Going For a Song" contrasts a distinctly upbeat melody with some decidedly stark lyrics. Johnston's Tony Banks-like keyboard bursts punctuate the searing guitar and synth interludes and layers of chorale keyboards. Tons of neo prog melodies abound in this marching tune, which melodic rockers will like a lot.

"Merry Dance" is quite modern prog, but the classic keyboard riff arrangement bring in this song the best of the new and old traditional sounds. Pretty catchy, dynamic and accessible track.
"The Cause" is a tour de force of changing tempos and rhythms, from dramatic Marillion-esque parts both musically and vocally, to a more heavy middle part where strong and melodic guitars battle with zig-zag keyboard runs. Love it.
But Comedy Of Errors has strong vintage prog influences as well, and all beautifully emerge in the two-part masterpiece "Times Motet and Galliard".
The first part, "Times Motet" is a delightful instrumental, apparently dothing a cap to the 16th century composer Thomas Tallis. This is a pure 4 and half minutes delight full of sublime keyboards, and then the songs changes completely in the middle where the folk influenced "Galliard" starts. I'm sure Gentle Giant or Gryphon would have been proud to have written this track and it shows that the band can really change things around with class.
"The Answer" closes the album with a suitably anthemic atmosphere, cumulating in an early Genesis style mellotron finale.

"Fanfare & Fantasy" is a must have prog album. No, wait a minute, remove the 'prog' tag, this is a must have for any true rock music lover.
Comedy Of Errors have a style all of their own and the band should take a bow to what I'm sure will be one of the best releases in 2013 and will be hailed a classic in a few years time.
Independently released by the band, "Fanfare & Fantasy" is a little masterpiece, a great musical fest with memorable melodies, excellent lyrics, hallmark keyboards, guitar breaks to write home about, an immensely tight drum and bass work and a vocalist as individual and rare as they come.
Comedy Of Errors seems to be one of those diamonds in the rough who've been hidden for decades, but well was worth the wait to discover such immense talent.
A mandatory listening.

01 - Fanfare For The Broken Hearted
02 - Something She Said
03 - In A Lifetime
04 - Going For A Song
05 - Merry Dance
06 - The Cause
07 - Times Motet and Galliard
08 - Remembrance
09 - The Answer

Joe Cairney - vocals
Jim Johnston - keyboards, backing vocals
Bruce Levick - drums
Mark Spalding - guitars, bass, backing vocals
John Fitzgerald - backing vocals

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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » COMEDY OF ERRORS - Fanfare & Fantasy (2013) (Melodic Neo Prog)
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