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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » KRISTINE - Modern Love EP (2012) (AOR / Melodic Rock-Greek female singer)
KRISTINE - Modern Love EP (2012)
ojotigreFecha: Viernes, 2012-12-14, 1:01 PM | Mensaje # 1
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KRISTINE - Modern Love EP (2012)

Greek female singer Kristine Yay or simply 'KRISTINE' has been writing and recording some good quality demos with a style and sound stuck in the '80s.
With her own demo-videos getting enormous hits on YouTube a retro label signed the girl, and now is presenting Kristine's debut EP "Modern Love".

"Modern Love" is a fascinating journey down the '80s era where classic vocals meets the synth sounds over commercial catchy melodies.
Everything here smells eighties: tons of synths, compressed guitars, electronic drums and that lovable sequenced patterns.
These songs seems escaped from a 1984 movie or a 12'' inch LP. Even last track adds to the mix vinyl scratches, and on others the sound is processed as coming-from-a-cassette tape.

The EP opens up with title track "Modern Love" where the music symbiotically rises with the vocal performance; from a whisper to a roar, and the build is pure '80s majesty. The instrumentation is the absolute perfect blend of classic sounds, with rhythm guitars accenting the emotive synths and the drums pounding like an intense heart beat.
Kristine's singing is easily the absolute epitomy of the eighties sound and this opener gives her the chance to really bring the listener into an intimate setting that hints at that passion within, before soaring into a chorus of blazing triumph. This song grabs you tight and never lets go as you soar into the summer of Kristine's imagination.

"Summer Long Gone" is crisply clean delivered over a breezy poppy melody and increscendo synths, before the energised electricity in "The Danger" takes you back to the cinema.
Inspired by 'Top Gun' this track has everything a sucker for the '80s love: hitting processed electronic drums, sharp guitars, airy synths and 'that vocals'. Check the video below, but keep in mind that it's a home demo version, the album's one is a completely multitrack new take, and a killer one for sure.
The EP is completed with three remixes, Barretso and Power Glove remix of "Modern Love", while the engaging synth artist Mitch Murder takes his hand to "The Danger".
I don't like Barretso's work as he has moved the song away from the traditional '80s spirit, but the other two are great, being Murder's "The Danger" very Miami Vice-esque, as it would have been recorded in 1985.
The most interesting remix is the Power Glove remix of the title track. Here he has added those vinyl scratchs, and the atmosphere obtained is dark and mysterious reminding you cult soundtracks like 'Manhunter' or 'Savage Streets'. It's like an alternate ending to your favourite movie, adding something familar but twisted... I just love this stuff.

"Modern Love EP" is a very special release, a stupendous example of how to do '80s pop-rock synth movie-like music absolutely perfect.
Kristine is much more than an artist influenced by the 1980s movement - she is the 80s - . Her music is authentic, and call it cheesy if you want, but anyone who has been raised in the eighties will be transported to his teens listening this.
The "Modern Love EP" is a sublime mix of magical '80s sounds that are charged with poweful emotions and delivered like a number one with a bullet: straight to the heart.
Love It !

01. Modern Love
02. Summer Long Gone
03. The Danger
04. Modern Love (Barretso Remix)
05. The Danger (Mitch Murder Remix)
06. Modern Love (Power Glove Remix)

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rattandrollFecha: Sábado, 2013-01-05, 2:05 PM | Mensaje # 2
Se engancha al metal
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suena muy bien!!!! quien es kristine?..........alguna informacion.

heaven´s hung in black
ojotigreFecha: Sábado, 2013-01-05, 2:28 PM | Mensaje # 3
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uena muy bien!!!! quien es kristine?..........alguna informacion.

Pues creo que en el Post tienes toda la información que tenemos, esta en ingles, pero utilizas en traductor de Google, como hacemos los que no tenemos ni idea de ingles y te haces una idea.
Es un artista, que tras colgar en Youtube unos videos con su musica pues ha llamado la atención de los seguidores de rock mélodico y ha publicado este EP, esperando que una compañia le publique un disco entero

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Forum » Albumes » Novedades Internacionales » KRISTINE - Modern Love EP (2012) (AOR / Melodic Rock-Greek female singer)
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